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Chapter 470: Slaughter

“You’re courting death! Do you think that by exterminating these people, our Evil Fiend Hall will give up on this world?”

You Ming roared furiously, and the spiritual energy on his body exploded.

Chen Chen was speechless.

Of course, he knew that the Evil Fiend Hall was not a sect that would give up so easily. If he killed these Void Refinement realm cultivators, he might anger the Evil Fiend Hall even more, and he might send even stronger ones to the lower realm next time.

But so what if he knew? If he did not destroy this group of people, the lower realm would not be able to withstand it anymore.

If the lower realm was destroyed by the Evil Fiend Hall one day, he would not be able to do anything about it.

He could only hope that he had a clear conscience. At the very least, he had once tried his best to save this realm.

Seeing the determination in Chen Chen’s eyes, You Ming felt a chill in his heart. He knew that a great battle was inevitable today.

As the disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall master, he was not an indecisive person. Since he had decided to fight with all his might, then he would fight!

With that thought, he pressed his palms together, and a pitch-black longsword whizzed out from behind him. The Longsword was imbued with the power of these two laws, and the moment it exerted its power, it had already reached the edge of the power of this world.

Chen Chen looked at the black longsword calmly. The strongest power of this world could only reach the peak of the Void Refinement realm.

And the peak of the Void Refinement realm would not be able to severely injure him no matter what. What he had to do was to delay this you Ming.

“Lord You Ming, save me!”

“This damned formation, why can’t I Break Out!”

“I’m not resigned!”

The cries for help, the angry cries, and the cries of dying rose and fell.

Chen Chen was unmoved, and you Ming was also incomparably calm.

In the next second, his long sword whistled out and shot toward Chen Chen.

An hour later.

Before Chen Chen and You Ming could come to a conclusion, more than half of the seven to eight hundred Void Refinement realm cultivators in the surroundings had already died. The vast majority of the remaining cultivators were at the peak of the Void Refinement realm.

However, at this moment, they were also on the verge of dying. Some cultivators began to beg for mercy from Chen Chen, and some wanted to self-detonate and perish together with Chen Chen.

However, no matter what they did, they could not move Chen Chen in the slightest.

You Ming’s expression was extremely unsightly. During this one hour, he had thought of all kinds of ways to save some disciples of the Evil Fiend Hall, but no matter what method he used, he was stopped by this person in front of him.

This made him unable to believe that this person in front of him was a cultivator from this world.

How could this world have so many tricks up its sleeve? It was practically on par with the elites of the upper realm!

Seeing that more and more cultivators were dying, he suddenly let out a low growl and extended his hand. A stream of devouring power spread out from his palm, and the spiritual force left behind by the fallen cultivators in the sky began to gather towards him,

this was the divine swallowing secret manual that only the personal disciples of the Evil Fiend Hall were qualified to cultivate!

When Chen Chen saw this scene, he frowned slightly. After hesitating for a moment, he extended his hand as well, and a stream of devouring power that was ten times stronger than You Ming’s spread out, all the divine senses power in the sky gathered toward him like a hundred rivers converging into a sea.

Even some that were about to be devoured by You Ming were no exception.

When You Ming saw this, he was greatly shocked. Who would have thought that this person in front of him could actually devour the mysterious codex, and that his cultivation was several times more profound than his!

“Who exactly are you?”

You Ming asked in shock.

Chen Chen remained silent, quietly absorbing the power of his divine senses. It did not take long for him to absorb all of the several hundred streams of Void Refinement realm divine senses.

However, now that his divine senses had reached the unity realm, the several hundred streams of Void Refinement realm divine senses were of limited help to him.

He did not speak, but you Ming had thought of other places, and he revealed a look of sudden realization.

“Did you obtain the inheritance of the previous hall master! ?”

Chen Chen was surprised when he heard that, but strictly speaking, he had indeed obtained the dark emperor’s inheritance.

It must be known that his grand dominance holy light mantra had not been learned through slow cultivation, but had instead been learned by directly absorbing the Dark Emperor’s memories. That was why he had been extremely skilled in using the grand dominance holy light mantra from the very beginning.

“No wonder you have so many tricks up your sleeve… . . I See! I See! Strictly speaking, you are also considered to be a member of our Evil Fiend Hall, why do you have to go against our Evil Fiend Hall! ?”

The Nether Lord asked again.

Chen Chen heard that and said indifferently, “I have no choice either. This realm is where I was born and raised. I only want to protect this realm.”

The Nether Lord did not say anything else when he heard that.

Although in his heart, this world would sooner or later belong to the Evil Fiend Hall, he could understand the actions of the person in front of him.

The Evil Fiend Hall controlled a large number of small worlds. Almost every world would have a riot at intervals, and a few cultivators similar to the person in front of him would appear.

The only difference was that the person in front of him was much stronger than those people. Moreover, he was related to the previous hall master.

“Senior Brother, save me!”

Another scream came from the side. Then, the cultivator who asked for help was hit by the spiritual energy of the formation and died on the spot.

You Ming glanced at his junior brother who had died and then looked around.

At this moment, only a few scattered experts were still resisting.

Seeing this scene, he took a deep breath. The remains of the hall master had already been obtained. He couldn’t do anything to the person in front of him and couldn’t save the other cultivators. In that case, why did he stay here?

Thinking of this, he shouted at Chen Chen, “Do you dare to tell me your name?”

Chen Chen smiled indifferently and replied in a loud voice, “Hehe, I will never change my name. My surname is Yuan, and my name is Qingtian!”

“Okay, Yuan Qingtian. One day, we will meet again.”

After saying that, he slashed out with his sword. He used all his strength in this strike, and a huge crack appeared in the space.

A loud boom suddenly rang out in the world. A large amount of lightning struck down, piercing through the formation and striking You Ming’s body.

You Ming’s expression did not change. He just stared at Chen Chen. In just a few breaths’time, he had flown up on the spot.

Although the killing formation was powerful, it was ultimately unable to stop the laws of the world.

Chen Chen did not stop it when he saw this scene. He had long known that the disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall master was not that easy to kill.

Even if You Ming did not ascend, there were probably seven or eight other ways to escape from this killing array.

After You Ming ascended, the other cultivators from the upper realm completely despaired and began to frantically beg for mercy.

Chen Chen swept a glance at them. After a few flashes, the world became quiet. Only Xie Lingzi, who was lying on the ground trembling, and Zhang Ji, who had a complicated expression on his face, were left.

Chen Chen landed beside Zhang Ji and removed the formation. He said, “There are still some cultivators from the upper realm who escaped from the lower realm. We have to find them and destroy them as soon as possible. Otherwise, a large number of creatures will inevitably die.”

“Big Brother, I understand. I will contact someone to pay attention to these.”

Zhang Ji took out his communication token and began to transmit the message.

“Zhang Ji, you are about to step into the Void Refinement realm, right?”

Chen Chen patted Zhang Ji’s shoulder and asked with a smile.

“Yes… but compared to Big Brother, I’m still far behind.”

Zhang Ji’s smile was a little forced. After seeing his big brother’s actions just now, he knew that he would probably never be able to catch up to his big brother in this lifetime.

This made him somewhat disheartened.

One had to know that he had found many opportunities to reach this realm, but what about his big brother? He had not heard of any great opportunities, but he had forcefully achieved his current achievements.

This reminded him of a saying.

One could not go far by relying on luck… only by working hard could one reach the peak of life.

Big Brother was a good example.

“After the matters in the lower realm are settled, follow me to the upper realm. There are more opportunities in the upper realm, and when the time comes, you and I brothers will still have the opportunity to fight together.”

Chen Chen encouraged.

He had already asked the gold saint sect to prepare a large number of magical treasures in the upper realm. In addition, he also had a lot of spirit stones. As long as he was willing to spend spirit stones, he would be able to obtain a large number of resources in a short period of time.

With these resources, he believed that it would not take long for him to train his little companions into experts.

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