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Chapter 469: Formation Was Activated

“Senior, I did everything you said!”

Xie Lingzi put away the transmission token and said bitterly.

He didn’t know what fellow Daoist Zhang was going to do, but it was definitely not a good thing. After all, fellow Daoist Zhang also had a transmission token, but Xie Lingzi still wanted him to send this message.

It was obvious that he was the scapegoat.

“Well, you did a good job.”

Chen Chen praised and then began to carefully check the array formation.

This place was located in the western border of the human race. If one wanted to rush to the eastern border of the demon race from the edge of the Endless Sea of the eastern border of the human race, they had to pass through this place.

When the time came, the Netherworld would gather thousands of void refining cultivators to come here, so they couldn’t afford to be careless.

“Big Brother, don’t you need to gather some cultivators to help?”

Zhang Ji asked from the side.

Although he did not know how powerful the person his big brother was going to deal with was, just by looking at the formation, he knew that it was definitely a powerful enemy.

“There’s no need. A large number of people will only be a burden.”

Chen Chen shook his head and refused, his expression quite grave.

Three days had passed without anyone noticing, but there was no sign of the refined void realm from the upper realm.

It was very obvious that the Netherworld was dreaming when he said that he would gather all the cultivators of the upper realm within half a day.

There were so many living beings in the lower realm, how many of them were willing to rush to their destination as soon as they heard the message?

Chen Chen looked at the communication token. In the past three days, the Netherworld had sent out a few more summoning messages. The last time, the wording was quite harsh, declaring that if they could not reach the designated location within a day, they would not return to the upper realm.

And this message was sent a day ago.

“They should have finished gathering by now, right? Perhaps they are all rushing here.”

Chen Chen looked to the east and muttered to himself. Xie Lingzi was constantly wiping away the cold sweat on his forehead.

After another half a day, a shadow that was neither big nor small suddenly appeared in the distant horizon. Then, the shadow grew closer from the distance and finally became densely packed with cultivators.

“Big Brother, this… I’m afraid there are seven to eight hundred people?”

Zhang Ji was shocked and subconsciously took a few steps back.

Chen Chen said indifferently, “Strictly speaking, there are seven to eight hundred void refining cultivators from the upper realm.”

When they were in the lower realm, there were around one thousand. After some mutual killing, there were still more than nine hundred. It was already considered pretty good that the netherworld could gather so many.

“Seven to eight hundred void refining cultivators? !”

Zhang Ji’s pupils kept contracting. He had never been to the upper realm, so he did not know how powerful the upper realm was. In his eyes, a void refining cultivator was an expert of a realm. Ten void refining cultivators wished that they could destroy the world.

Back then, when the battle between the human and demon races was so intense, the void refining cultivators who participated in the battle were only a few dozen people.

Now, seven to eight hundred of them came directly. were the void refining cultivators in the upper realm so worthless?

He looked at his big brother again, but his expression did not change. He did not know what his big brother had experienced in the past two years?

Chen Chen changed his face without a change of expression and quietly waited for the shadow to descend from the horizon.

After a few dozen breaths, youming was the first to land. He came in front of Xie Lingzi. Seeing that there were no large sects nearby, he subconsciously frowned.

“You’re Xie Lingzi who claimed to have found the hall master’s remains, right? Where are the large sects here? Where are the Hall Master’s remains?”

Xie Lingzi had already been taught a lesson by Chen Chen a long time ago, he hurriedly said, “Sir, the people from the lower realm haven’t seen the world. I casually took out some supreme-grade spirit stones and they sold the Hall Master’s remains to me. As for that sect… it’s still quite far from here. I didn’t dare to let you go too far, so I came here to welcome you in advance.”

Hearing this, the expression on youming’s face softened a lot, and he asked, “Where are the remains?”

Xie Lingzi took a deep breath and took out the remains of the hall master that Chen Chen had found from his storage ring.

Seeing the ordinary corpse that was about to decay, the group of cultivators behind youming cursed loudly!

“Are you blind? Would the remains of the hall master look like this?”

“Wasting my time!”

Youming raised his hand and made a gesture of silence. The voices of the cultivators stopped abruptly.

They were still rather respectful towards youming because on the way here, all the cultivators from the upper realm who did not gather were killed by youming.

“These are the remains of the previous Hall Master.”

Youming said with disappointment.

When he said this, the people behind him became even quieter.

“The previous Hall Master was born with three eyes, and his spiritual sense is extremely powerful. The number of his race in the upper realm is extremely rare, so it is impossible to have them in this realm. Moreover, he carries the hall master’s token with him.”

As he spoke, you Ming took the token off the body of the corpse.

At this time, the cultivators behind him realized that the third hole on the forehead of the corpse was not made, but was born.

“Xie Lingzi, you’ve made a great contribution. When you return to the upper realm, you can directly join the evil God Hall.”

Youming looked at Xie Lingzi and said with a smile.


Xie Lingzi’s eyes widened, and his eyes were full of disbelief.

Until now, he still didn’t quite understand what fellow Daoist Zhang was trying to do.

Silently finding the remains of the hall master and giving the credit to him, could there really be such a good person in the world?

“Hehe, which direction is the sect that collects these remains? I want to see if the hall master’s Sea of consciousness is still there.”

You Ming continued.

When he had descended to the lower realm, his master had once mentioned the sea of consciousness of the previous hall master.

And that was also his reward. Otherwise, he would not have been able to come to this world.

When Xie Lingzi heard this, he subconsciously looked at Chen Chen. Chen Chen had not told him in advance how to answer him.

Chen Chen glanced at him and then looked behind you Ming.

Seven to eight hundred refined void stage cultivators were already within the range of the array formation. There was no need for him to continue waiting.

Thinking of this, he secretly activated his spiritual power. In an instant, the sky and Earth changed color. An array formation that covered a radius of tens of miles suddenly appeared and enveloped everyone present.

As soon as this formation appeared, killing intent filled the sky and earth. All kinds of spiritual power vortexes were wantonly like sword qi. Some of the refinement void tier cultivators in the outer world were hit by the spiritual power vortexes and their bodies were shattered on the spot.

Faced with this sudden change, you Ming’s expression suddenly changed drastically. he shouted loudly, “There’s an ambush!”

After saying that, he directly took out a shield-shaped magic treasure and prepared to protect all the cultivators around him.

However, he had just reached out his hand, and before he could activate it, his wrist was grabbed.

For some reason, that feeling was very familiar to him.

“It’s You!”

Although the person in front of him had changed his appearance, the terrifying force did not change at all, so he immediately recognized Chen Chen Chen.

It was a pity that his wrist had almost recovered after consuming a medicinal pill, and now he was about to suffer again.

“Sigh, if only you could take this corpse and leave. There’s no need for me to do this.”

Chen Chen sighed faintly. His eyes were filled with helplessness.

Only then did you Ming remember what Chen Chen had said that day. His expression became extremely unsightly. Then, he simply pulled forcefully and took the initiative to break his wrist.


At the same time, his other hand pointed at the barrier-shaped magic treasure.

In an instant, the shield-shaped magic treasure soared into the sky and expanded rapidly.

“Up Your Head!”

How could Chen Chen let him protect all the cultivators?

The ten thousand transformations Divine Blade flew out. It did not activate its spiritual power. Instead, it swung out with the peak power that this world could withstand. The moment it came into contact with the shield-shaped magic treasure, the special effect of the exquisite divine gold was activated. In an instant, it became heavier than ever!


An earth-shaking explosion sounded out. The shield-shaped magic treasure fell to the ground like a shooting star, and it plunged thousands of meters into the ground. When it came to a stop, it was already covered with dense cracks.

In this short period of time, the Great Formation had already slaughtered dozens of void training cultivators. Xie Lingzi, who was watching from the side, was dumbstruck. He did not dare to move at all.

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