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Chapter 464: Meeting On A Narrow Road

Although the distance of hundreds of thousands of miles was far, Chen Chen’s speed was not slow either. After flying for three days, he arrived at the original eastern border of the demi-human race.

He still remembered the place where he ascended, but at this time, the place had completely changed. The Endless Plain disappeared and was replaced by Endless Mountains, he did not know what had happened to make this place change.

Chen Chen closed his eyes and carefully felt it. A smile gradually appeared on his face.

One by one, familiar people entered his spiritual sense. Xishuang, Yuqiong, Yuan Qingtian, Zhang Ji, Xiao Hua, Xiao Huang, his parents, and so on.

“Everyone is quite safe. Xishuang’s belly has become a lot bigger… I didn’t expect that in the past two years, her belly had only become a little bigger.”

Chen Chen sighed and opened his eyes. Just as he was about to enter the base of the Grand Alliance, his expression suddenly changed, and then became extremely gloomy.

Looking behind him, dozens of flowing lights flew over from the distant sky. The leader of them was You Ming, and Bai Dongsheng was also among them.

“The envoy from the upper realm has descended! The cultivators below quickly come out to welcome him!”

Before the group of people had reached the sky above the Grand Alliance, Bai Dongsheng’s loud and clear voice had already spread across a radius of a hundred miles.

As soon as this voice was heard, the few mountains below suddenly flickered with the light of the formation. Following that, a few figures flew out from the formation. The leader was Yu Qiong, and the others were also cultivators in the Void Refinement realm.

When the few of them saw the more than twenty Void Refinement realm powerhouses flying over at an extremely fast speed, their expressions changed drastically. Their expressions changed from curiosity to nervousness.

A moment later, the twenty over Void Refinement realm martial experts led by You Ming arrived in front of Yu Qiong.

When Yu Qiong saw Bai Dongsheng, she frowned slightly.

She naturally recognized this old scoundrel. If it wasn’t for the twenty over Void Refinement realm martial experts standing beside Bai Dongsheng, she would definitely have cursed out loud. However, at this moment, she still had to endure it. She even had to pretend that she didn’t know Bai Dongsheng.

“Who are you? What is the situation in the lower realm now? Where are the sect masters of the four great sects? Where are the emperors of the four great empires?”

Bai Dongsheng kept asking questions. When he ascended, the human and demon races were still in a great war, so he had no idea about the situation after that.

Although he had asked some cultivators on the way, those cultivators only knew about the Great Alliance. They had no idea what had happened back then.

Hearing this, Yu Qiong slowly began to explain. Of course, the explanation was very rough. It only said that in the great war between the human and demon races, Void training cultivators either ascended or perished. In the end, in order to not perish together, the two sides chose to join forces.

“You mean there are only small fish and shrimps like you left in the lower realm?”

Bai Dongsheng was very direct.

Yu Qiong’s expression was calm as she nodded.

“Who is the Alliance Leader of Your Big Alliance? This lord has something to ask him.”

Bai Dongsheng pointed at the Silent You Ming in front of him, his tone carrying a sense of command.

Jade Jade’s expression changed slightly when she heard this. She did not know the true purpose of this group of people coming here.

Right now, the matters within the Big Alliance were decided by the few elders together. However, if she said this, what would happen if the other party asked them to gather all the elders?

If she were to gather all the elders and get rid of them in one fell swoop, then the alliance would be finished.

Thinking of this, she wanted to shoulder this risk alone.

“Right now, the Acting Alliance leader of the Grand Alliance is me…”

“It’s me.”

Before Jade Jade could finish her words, a voice sounded from behind her.

Hearing this voice, Jade Jade’s calm expression suddenly changed drastically. She immediately turned around swiftly and looked in the direction of the voice.

A handsome young man slowly rose into the air from below and gradually flew to her side.

“You, you, you…”

Yu Qiong covered her mouth in shock. She was not someone who had never seen the world. Even when she was facing more than twenty Void Refinement realm cultivators, she could still remain calm. However, when she saw this person in front of her, she could not remain calm.

Wasn’t this her disciple Chen Chen?

Although there were some slight changes in his appearance, she knew that this person was Chen Chen!

“Master, What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

Chen Chen looked at Yu Qiong and said with a faint smile.

When he joined the expedition army, he had done some disguises. Now that he had returned to his original appearance, regardless of whether it was You Ming or Bai Dongsheng, they did not realize that he was someone who had followed them to the lower realm.

Of course, strictly speaking, this clone of his could not be considered to have an original appearance. After all, his face had been pinched.

Yu Qiong quickly adjusted her emotions and lowered her head. “No problem, Alliance leader. I didn’t expect you to actually return.”

Seeing that his master was still so good at acting, Chen Chen smiled in satisfaction and looked at Bai Dongsheng.

Bai Dongsheng naturally recognized Chen Chen at the first moment. He gritted his teeth and said, “I didn’t expect it to Be You, Kid! How ridiculous. When the tiger is not on the mountain, the monkey calls himself the King!”

He still remembered that when he ascended, this kid had scolded him a lot. He had even scolded all eighteen generations of his ancestors. He had also sworn that if he met this kid again, he would definitely pull out his tendons and skin him alive.

However, he did not expect to meet him here again!

“So it’s you, old thief. Are the dharma treasures that you stole from this world useful?”

Chen Chen’s tone was very gentle, as if he was talking to an old friend. However, the word ‘old thief’sounded very harsh.

Bai Dongsheng was so angry that he almost vomited blood, he hurriedly explained to the nether world in front of him, “Sir, don’t listen to his nonsense. This person is extremely crafty. Not many of his words are true. If you want to quickly understand some things, it’s better to use the soul-searching technique on him.”

Youming reached out his hand and interrupted Bai Dongsheng’s words. Then, he looked straight at Chen Chen, he said, “I came to this world only for one thing, and that is to find the remains of the previous Hall Master of our Evil Fiend Hall. If you have any information, you can inform me.”

Chen Chen did not avoid his gaze. He smiled and said, “Many of you have come. Let me ask you, if you find the remains of the previous hall master, will all of you leave this world immediately?”

“You brat, it’s fine if you don’t answer, but you actually dare to ask back!”Bai Dongsheng flew into a rage. However, neither Chen Chen nor You Ming looked at him.

The atmosphere in the air suddenly became much more solemn. Immediately after, You Ming began to laugh softly.

The hall master had spent so much effort to open up the spatial passage. Finding the remains of the previous hall master was indeed the most important thing.

But to leave after searching?

Did they think that the Evil Fiend Hall was doing charity?

There were so many living beings in this world. If there was a planned massacre, it would be enough for a large number of Evil Fiend Hall cultivators to cultivate and refine dharma treasures.

Although he did not lack these things, the other cultivators in the Evil Fiend Hall did.

With such a big benefit, the Evil Fiend Hall would not give it up no matter what.

With that thought, he felt sorry for the naivety of the young man in front of him.

Perhaps this person did not know the upper realm and did not know what the Evil Fiend Hall was, which was why he dared to make conditions with him?

However, this person did have some courage. Ordinary people would not dare to look him in the eye.

“I’m sorry, I can’t agree to your terms.”

After saying that, you Ming reached out his hand to Chen Chen’s head.

Chen Chen was already prepared. He raised his hand and grabbed his wrist, preventing his hand from landing on his head.

The two of them stretched out their hands and froze on the spot. An invisible force began to spread in all directions. Whether it was Bai Dongsheng or the other Void Refinement realm cultivators from the upper realm, they were all forced back a few steps.

On the other hand, Yu Qiong and the others behind Chen Chen were safe and sound.

Chen Chen smiled and slowly put down You Ming’s hand. He said with a regretful tone, “I knew you wouldn’t agree… what a pity.”

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