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Chapter 461: Slaughter Along The Way

Chen Chen blended in with the team, silently watching everything.

The feeling of being in this lower realm was completely different from the previous lower realm. He could clearly feel an extremely strong suppressive force.

Although he could use his physical body to launch an attack that surpassed that of the Void Refinement realm, if he really launched that kind of attack, he would probably immediately ascend.

However, his power of law was unexpectedly useful. With just slight sensing, he received a response from a large number of plants in the sea.

“Let’s go.”

You Ming said indifferently and began to fly eastward. More than a thousand cultivators followed closely behind, vast and mighty, blotting out the sky and covering the sun.

Under the endless sea, all the sea demons with some intelligence dived into the deep sea. As for those sea beasts without intelligence, as long as they emerged from the surface of the water, they would be easily killed by the cultivators above.

The group of people flew for about a day before they saw the first island.

However, the Void Refinement realm cultivators were not discouraged. Instead, they became more and more excited. It was rare to see such a big world. The bigger the world was, the more resources it had, and the more living beings there would be.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, do you have any magical treasures or cultivation techniques you want to refine?”

While flying, Xie Lingzi looked at Chen Chen with excitement.

Chen Chen shook his head slightly, his expression neither happy nor sad.

Xie Lingzi felt somewhat regretful when he heard this and said, “That’s too bad. I do have a dharma treasure that needs to be refined, and it needs to absorb millions of living souls. If Fellow Daoist is willing to help me, I’m willing to pay some compensation.”

“Sure.” Chen Chen grinned harmlessly.

Besides Chen Chen and Xie Lingzi, the other Void Refinement realm cultivators were also making some agreements.

Since they wanted to find the hall master’s remains, they would have to split up sooner or later.

Although the strongest in this world was only the Void Refinement realm, no one knew exactly how many Void Refinement realm cultivators there were.

Under such circumstances, it was better to team up and move together.

Chen Chen released his spiritual sense, and all he heard were such words.

One wanted to slaughter a million people, and the other wanted to kill over a hundred Essence Soul realm cultivators. Roughly estimating, these over a thousand Void Refinement realm beings wished they could slaughter hundreds of millions of creatures.

“This group of people really don’t care about their lives… Hehe.”

Chen Chen laughed coldly in his heart, and a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes.

After flying for another three days, the group of people finally saw the continent.

The edge of the continent was filled with forests. Chen Chen recalled for a while and confirmed that he had never been here before. He used his divine sense to the maximum, and some foreign tribes appeared in his divine sense.

In the lower realm, other than the territory of the human and demon tribes, there were also some remote lands similar to the State of Zhou and the State of Jin. These remote lands were occupied by foreign tribes.

It was very obvious that the land they saw now belonged to the foreign tribes.

“Where is this place?”

You Ming, who was at the front of the group, looked at Bai Dongsheng.

Bai Dongsheng glanced at it and said with disdain, “This is a small place in this realm. There is nothing precious here. The orthodox cultivators of this realm are not willing to come here.”

“Then can the corpse of the hall master appear here?”

“This… is hard to say.” Bai Dongsheng shook his head.

“Then let’s search once.”

You Ming looked into the distance and said indifferently.

Hearing this, Bai Dongsheng hurriedly ordered the group of cultivators, “Everyone, spread out and search for three days. After three days, report the situation to me. As for when we will gather next time, we will inform you through the transmission token.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Void Refinement realm cultivators let out a cheer and scattered. Chen Chen took a look at the back and saw that the thousand Void Refinement realm cultivators were roughly divided into more than three hundred groups.

Apart from that, there were about twenty refined Void Refinement realm cultivators following You Ming. They did not have any intention of leaving.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, let’s go.”

Xie Lingzi’s hurried voice came from the side. Chen Chen responded and followed behind Xie Lingzi.

After fifteen minutes, Chen Chen and Xie Lingzi saw a tribe. However, this tribe had already been massacred. Dried corpses were everywhere. There was not a single trace of blood in the air. There was only a faint murderous aura.

In just this short amount of time, those evil cultivators from the upper realm had already done everything and were heading to the next place.

Such efficiency was truly astonishing.

Looking at the corpses that had died with their eyes wide open, Chen Chen sighed softly in his heart. He turned his head and said to Xie Lingzi, “They acted too quickly. Let’s just fly into the distance.”

“Hmm, these guys are really inhumane. They acted so quickly.”

Xie Lingzi grumbled and continued to fly forward.

This time, the two of them flew for more than 5,000 kilometers in a row. Within these 5,000 kilometers, they encountered nothing but ruins. It was rare to see any living beings. Xie Lingzi’s face turned increasingly sullen. It was not until they were 5,000 kilometers away that they encountered a city with living beings.

“Haha, Fellow Daoist Zhang, the strongest cultivator in this city is only in the nascent soul stage. He is no different from an ant. I will make my move.”

Xie Lingzi glanced at the city and laughed loudly. Then, he took out a long black saber.

The long black saber expanded with the wind and instantly turned into the size of a city.


Xie Lingzi shouted at the long black saber and the long saber fell straight down.


With a loud sound, the city instantly collapsed. The alien creatures inside didn’t have any reaction at all. They were all turned into ashes, and the Soul Phantoms visible to the naked eye rose up uncontrollably, soon, they were all absorbed by the Long Black Saber.

The edge of the long black saber lit up with a trace of red light, and its power seemed to be a bit stronger.

Xie Lingzi closed his eyes, and his face was full of comfort.

“It’s too depressing in the true spirit world. It’s more comfortable in a small world… Well, Fellow Daoist Zhang, my magical treasure absorbed more than eight thousand living souls just now. If it were in the true spirit world, I wouldn’t dare to imagine it!”

“Then I congratulate Fellow Daoist.”

Chen Chen said with a pretentious smile.

“Hehe, this is just so-so. Fellow Daoist Zhang, let’s continue.”

Xie Lingzi didn’t notice Chen Chen’s expression. He chuckled twice and continued to fly forward.

Just like that, the two flew east. Wherever they passed by, all living creatures were killed by the long black saber. In just half a day, Xie Lingzi had killed tens of thousands of living creatures, but Chen Chen didn’t make a single move.

Xie Lingzi was excited about the slaughter. Just as he was about to continue flying forward, an extremely intense fluctuation suddenly erupted from afar, causing his expression to change slightly.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, there seems to be a Void Refinement realm expert fighting over there!”

Chen Chen looked in that direction and said indifferently, “It’s our own people fighting.”

Hearing that, Xie Lingzi frowned, and then looked at Chen Chen in astonishment.

The place where the battle took place was extremely far away from here. Not only could his divine senses not detect the situation there, but it was also quite far away.

He didn’t expect Fellow Daoist Zhang to know the situation there so easily. It seemed that Fellow Daoist Zhang was much stronger than he had imagined.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, can you sense which sect the two parties fighting are from?”

Xie Lingzi asked.

“I don’t know. They’re all sects I’ve never seen before. They’re probably itinerant cultivators who joined the expedition army at the last minute. Hehe, these guys are all mobs. How long have they been in this world? They’re actually fighting among themselves first.”

Chen Chen said disdainfully.

“Why are they fighting?”

“What do you think?”Chen Chen said with a meaningful smile.

What other reason could cause people who came to this world to fight besides fighting for treasures?

The thousands of Void Refinement realm cultivators looked mighty, but they were divided into dozens or hundreds of forces. There was no Unification Stage cultivator at all.

Even the cultivators from the same sect might not be united. Otherwise, Xie Lingzi would not have asked him to form a team.

Xie Lingzi came to a realization. A hint of greed flashed in his eyes, but he did not say it out loud.

Chen Chen evil smiled and asked, “How about we go there to take a look?”

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