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Chapter 460: Return To The Lower Realm

“Everyone, don’t worry. Although there are many experts in that world, as long as they don’t act alone, there will definitely be no danger.”

Bai Dongsheng was talking loudly above, and as he spoke, his face was already glowing red.

After ascending, his status in the upper realm was really average, and the few treasures he brought to the upper realm were not of much use. Thus, until now, he was still at the peak of the Void Refinement realm.

However, he did not expect to encounter such a good thing.

If he did well this time, the elder of the Evil Fiend Hall beside him would agree to let him join the Evil Fiend Hall and become a cultivator of the Evil Fiend Hall from then on.

To him, this was like ascending to the heavens in one step. Just thinking about it made him extremely excited.

Who would have thought that the lower realm where he used to be had such a history?

This was really letting him off easy!

However, his impression of the lower realm was still stuck at the time when he ascended. He had no idea what kind of major events had happened in the lower realm after that. He also did not know that the kid who had broken the mark of woe that he had chased back then had also ascended, moreover, he had blended in with the expedition army this time.

“It’s actually You Ming leading the team! I never thought that he would actually be willing to go to the lower realm!”

Xie Lingzi, who was standing beside Chen Chen, looked at You Ming from afar. His eyes were filled with admiration. As for Bai Dongsheng, he had never paid any attention to him.

When Chen Chen saw this, he asked curiously, “Who is this You Ming? Is there anything special about him?”

“You don’t even know him. He is the hall master’s personal disciple. He has the aptitude of an innate Dao body! He is very famous in the entire upper realm. There are even people who call him the strongest Void Refinement realm cultivator!”

Innate Dao body!

Hearing this word, Chen Chen was slightly moved.

This was the same physique as his child, and that was indeed extraordinary.

“He may only be at the peak of the Void Refinement realm now but he has killed a Unification Stage cultivator before. More importantly, he is only a hundred years old this year! Many Evil Fiend Hall cultivators think that he has a chance to compete for the position of Hall Master in the future.”

Xie Lingzi continued to introduce. When Chen Chen heard that he had killed a Unification Stage cultivator, he was really shocked.

A Void Refinement realm cultivator killing a Unification Stage cultivator did sound a little too exaggerated? In the middle, he had crossed the great stage of the Spirit Severing Stage!

It was impossible for him to do it when he was in the Void Refinement realm!

It was as if he could see Chen Chen’s shock, Xie Lingzi said with great respect, “Fellow Daoist, you may not know this, but although You Ming is at the peak of the Void Refinement realm, he has already grasped two laws. In this entire world, he is considered a monster. Don’t be fooled by how there are so few Void Refinement realm cultivators in our square, but if we really fight, we might not be his match. If we don’t run away, I think he won’t need a day to kill us all.”

Chen Chen fell silent when he heard this, and in his heart, he listed You Ming as a formidable opponent.

To grasp two laws, this strength could no longer be calculated with cultivation base. After all, he could rely only on the law of wood, and he could almost dominate those below the Unification stage.

However, his clone’s strength was not bad either. If he really fought with You Ming, he might not lose.

“Remember, your first task is to find the remains of the previous hall master! If you can’t find the remains of the previous hall master this time, all the spoils of war of all the cultivators present will belong to the Evil Fiend Hall! Do you understand? !”

At last, the elder of the Evil Fiend Hall emphasized again.

The Void Refinement realm cultivators below were in an uproar when they heard this, but they soon accepted the reality.

“Let’s go!”

Seeing that no one had any objections, the elder of the Evil Fiend Hall shouted loudly and moved aside, revealing the space passage behind him that was the size of a person.

As the leader, You Ming was the first to enter, followed by Bai Dongsheng. Later on, the cultivators on the square flew into the space passage one after another.

After flying for about an hour, it was finally Chen Chen’s turn. However, he stopped.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, what’s wrong?”

Xie Lingzi saw that Chen Chen was faintly trembling, so he asked casually.

“Nothing, I’m just too excited. I used to be an itinerant cultivator. This is my first time participating in such a large-scale operation,” Chen Chen explained.

He was indeed excited, but it was a kind of excitement that was closer to home and timider.

Not long ago, he had just received news of the lower realm from the giant crab sea demon. Who would have thought that not long after this, he would be able to directly return to the lower realm?

Although it was only a clone, he was already very satisfied to be able to return to the lower realm, see the situation in the lower realm, and meet his acquaintances in the lower realm.

Moreover… he still had the chance to bring them to the upper realm this time.

When he thought of this, the gaze in his eyes became very determined.

“I must think of a way to bring Xishuang and the others to the upper realm. The lower realm… is really too restless.”

After making up his mind, Chen Chen no longer hesitated. He flew straight into the sky and flew toward the spatial tunnel. Xie Lingzi followed closely behind him.

After passing through the space passage, the dizziness appeared again. Not long after, the sound of wind and waves mixed together came into his ears.

When he opened his eyes again, an endless sea appeared in front of him.

“This is… the Endless Sea?”

Chen Chen looked at the surrounding environment and thought to himself.

Although the territory of the human and demon races in the lower realm was big, it was far from the size of the Boundless Sea. It was not surprising that this space passage led to the sky above the Boundless Sea.

“Sir, this is a sea area in the lower realm. It is called the Boundless Sea and is incomparably huge. However, there are also a lot of treasures hidden under the sea. If you are interested, I will go down and help you look for them.”

Bai Dongsheng pointed at the sea below and introduced it to You Ming very attentively.

You Ming was wearing a black veil and no expression could be seen. He asked indifferently, “Where is the land here?”

Bai Dongsheng’s expression became rather awkward.

Although he knew that this was the Boundless Sea, who knew where the Boundless Sea was?

“Sir, you don’t know. This sea is really huge. It stretches for tens of millions of miles and takes up most of the area of this realm. Just by looking at the surface of the sea, it’s difficult for me to determine which direction the land is.”

You Ming glanced at Bai Dongsheng and ordered the thousands of cultivators gathered behind him, “Fly east with me. After we find the land, we’ll think of a way to find the remains of the previous hall master.”

As soon as he finished his words, a huge sea beast suddenly jumped up from the sea and pounced on him.

The Nether Lord didn’t even look at the sea beast. With a light snort, the sea beast collapsed and turned into a bloody mist.

However, before the bloody mist fell into the water, two more sea beasts broke out of the water.

This time, before he could make a move, Bai Dongsheng took out a sword-type dharma treasure and cut the two sea beasts in half.

“There are so many creatures in this world!”

“I’ve never seen such a huge sea before!”

Many cultivators looked at the two sea beasts’ corpses and discussed incessantly. Some of them even had bloodthirsty gazes in their eyes, wishing they could immediately slaughter them.

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