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Chapter 453: Spiritual Treasure Dharma body

The corpse in front of him was as white as jade, shining with a treasure light. With just a glance, one could tell that it was extremely tough.

This was clearly an extremely powerful body refining cultivator. However, he still died here and became the Heavenly Scorpion’s collection.

Chen Chen carefully took out the storage ring on the skeleton’s finger.

Since the Heavenly Scorpion wanted him to cultivate the clone technique, then he should do it.

It had already said that if the original body died, the clone could still live outside. This kind of powerful secret technique was something that cultivators in the outside world could only wish for. Of course, he would not reject it.

In his heart, he was eager to become stronger.

Without hesitation, he opened the storage ring and used his divine senses to probe inside. He gasped on the spot.

There was not a single Spirit Stone inside, but there were tens of thousands of Spirit Crystals. Moreover, these Spirit Crystals were colorful. He really wanted to have each attribute.

Chen Chen knew that he also had a few Spirit Crystals of this attribute. If the attributes matched, these Spirit Crystals would be able to play a far greater role than those without attributes.

For example, if he could, he would rather use three or four unattributed Spirit Crystals to exchange for a wood attribute Spirit Crystal.

Of course, although Spirit Crystals were precious, they only took up a small portion of this storage ring.

Putting aside Spirit Crystals, there were still a large number of secret manuals inside. At a glance, there were no less than a hundred books.

There were not many medicinal pills. There were only a few dozen bottles. However, looking at the names on the medicinal pills, all of them were precious. Some of them were even things that Chen Chen had only read about in books.

In addition, there were all sorts of bottles and jars that were filled with dense fluctuations of blood qi. No one knew what kind of blood was contained inside.

Chen Chen roughly estimated the value of the items in the storage ring. It should be more than ten times his wealth.

This was definitely a powerhouse who had at least fused with the body. As for whether it was transcending the tribulation or Mahayana, he did not know. That was beyond his imagination.

However, it was this kind of powerhouse’s storage ring that the Heavenly Scorpion did not even bother to look at. It just casually threw it to him.

Wasn’t this a little too boring…


Returning to the main topic, Chen Chen picked up a few things from the storage ring and finally found a secret manual about clones.

This secret technique was called “Spiritual Treasure Dharma Body”. Only cultivators whose divine senses had reached the level of Unification were qualified to cultivate it.

The principle was very simple. It was to refine a powerful corpse into a Dharma treasure, and then use the special method described in the secret manual to divide a part of his divine senses into the artifact spirit of the Dharma Treasure, and then walk around the world.

In short, there were two major difficulties in mastering this secret technique. First, finding a powerful corpse.

Second, dividing one’s divine senses.

According to the introduction in the secret manual, this process would weaken the power of one’s divine senses by a lot. Moreover, this weakness was permanent, and it was impossible to recover by oneself. One could only rely on slow cultivation to recover to the previous level.

In fact, this was also a matter of course. If it were not for the backlash, some cultivators would not have been able to refine eight or ten clones?

“This… Senior Scorpion, to refine this secret technique, you need an extremely powerful corpse.”

After Chen Chen finished reading the secret technique, he raised his head and said somewhat embarrassedly.

“You can use this one. This person is a body refinement cultivator, and his skeleton is very powerful.”

The Heavenly Scorpion said indifferently. Then, he waved his hand, and a red hard shell suddenly appeared behind him.

He looked at the skeleton, then at the hard shell, and pointed with his finger.


With a muffled sound, the hard shell shattered. Then, it perfectly covered the skeleton, turning it into a human-shaped object wearing armor.

“As for the flesh and blood, you can fill it yourself. You can regenerate anyway, and you can use your own flesh and blood. In the future, you can control it more freely.”

After saying that, the Heavenly Scorpion ignored Chen Chen and directly laid down on the spiritual wood bed, leaving Chen Chen standing there in a daze.

Fill the flesh and blood yourself?

This was not like making dumplings, chopping them up and stuffing them in!

Instead, it required the entire organ, the entire arm to be filled in!

Just thinking about it made Chen Chen’s teeth ache.

But what could he do? If he wanted to leave this place, he could only learn this cloning technique.

And learning the cloning technique, he had to do this!

Thinking of this, he took out a pill from his storage ring that could make people not feel pain and swallowed it. Then, he cast an illusion on himself.

It turned him into the most annoying person to chop.

In the blink of an eye, half a month later.

Chen Chen had long returned to normal. He had selectively forgotten that painful memory.

At this moment, there was a person who looked exactly like him standing in front of him.

This person’s eyes were tightly shut. He was slightly taller than Chen Chen, and he was wearing red armor.

“This clone of mine is really handsome.”

Chen Chen praised softly, feeling extremely satisfied.

What he needed to do next was to split his divine senses according to the secret technique’s instructions.

This was another extremely painful process.

However, in order to make the clone look more realistic, Chen Chen had cut every part of his body. What was there to be afraid of?

Without any hesitation, he began to act according to the secret technique’s description.

A few heart-wrenching screams came from the underground palace. Two hours later, the spiritual treasure’s dharma body slowly opened its eyes.

Chen Chen looked at his pale face in front of him and felt very strange.

This feeling was as if he had grown an extra body. It was very natural.

Of course, if an ordinary person had such an experience, it would not take long for them to become a schizophrenic.

Only cultivators whose divine senses had reached the fusion level or above could control such a sudden change.

“Brother, you are really handsome and extraordinary. I admire you!”

The Spiritual Treasure Dharma body coughed twice and said with a faint smile.

Chen Chen thought of something and said, “We are the same.”

After saying that, the two looked at each other and smiled. Their eyes were full of sympathy.

“Since you’ve succeeded, go do what you need to do.”

At this moment, Sky Scorpion’s voice sounded in his ears.

Chen Chen quivered and said respectfully, “Senior Sky Scorpion, I’ll take my leave then. Can I take my two friends with me?”

“As you wish.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief. After taking a few steps, he went to a certain place in the underground palace and brought out the giant crab sea monster and the Sandstorm City Lord.

Then, he greeted the Heavenly Scorpion.

“My main body will cultivate here properly. Senior, don’t worry. I will come back to take a look when I have time!”

After saying that, he pulled the two of them along as they walked. After leaving the underground palace, they ran for several hundred miles before stopping.

“System! Who is the most handsome within a hundred-meter radius?”



Upon hearing this answer, Chen Chen was overjoyed!

It seemed that this system was bound to the soul. As long as the soul was still that soul, it could be used.

Chen Chen raised his hand again, and the mark of the law of wood was flashing.

Obviously, the power of law could also be used. After all, the power of law was something comprehended, and it did not have much to do with the body.

The power of divine senses was much weaker than before, but he had the Haoran holy light mantra, so it would not take long for him to cultivate it back.

The only thing that was affected was his spiritual Qi level, which was probably only on par with ordinary void refining cultivators.

There was nothing he could do about it. This cultivation level had a lot to do with the body, so it was already very good that he could maintain his cultivation level of the void refining stage.

In fact, if he really wanted to fight, he could defeat most of the split God realm cultivators by relying on the law of wood. If his cultivation level was lower, then so be it. Anyway, this clone’s body was extremely powerful, so ordinary cultivators could not do anything to him.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen smiled and subconsciously waved the storage ring in his hand.

He also brought out the storage ring of the original owner of the skeleton..

It was unknown if Sky Scorpion had noticed, but since it did not care, it meant that this thing would belong to him in the future!

Chapter 453, One World Tracking

“So many good things…”

Chen Chen was in an extremely good mood. He did not care about Spirit Stones or crystals, but those treasures, secret arts, pills, and the like were things that could not be tracked.

These things were his true wealth.

He took out a flying boat from his storage ring, and it was actually powered by Spirit Crystals. Chen Chen did not stand on ceremony, and directly brought the Sandstorm City Lord and the giant crab sea monster to sit on it.

After the Spirit Crystal was placed into the power formation, the flying boat flashed with a spiritual light and then flew out with a swoosh.

Its speed was even faster than Ao Yu’s. If it were a cultivator, they would probably have to be at the peak of the Unification stage to achieve such speed.

It must be known that Ao Yu was the fastest before this, followed by Chen Chen flying by himself, and finally using the flying boat. After all, the flying boat relied on the activation of spiritual stones. How could it compare to flying by himself?

However, the current situation had changed.

Under the driving of the powerful flying boat, the group of three quickly arrived at Sandstorm City. Chen Chen sent the Sandstorm City Lord into the City Lord’s mansion and left him five hundred supreme-grade Spirit Stones, fulfilling his promise to him.

After that, he brought the giant crab sea demon and rushed toward the southern mountain range at full speed.

The journey was quite smooth.

In fact, in the land of desolation, flying at such a speed was very difficult to be detected by cultivators. Even if there were exceptions, they would stay as far away as possible.

Three days later, Chen Chen sent the giant crab sea demon to the Li Xian Sect.

“Brother, you can cultivate here in the future. Although I don’t have the Boundless Sea here, I still have a small lake. You can make do with it first. When you find the sea in the future, you can think of a way to change the environment.”

The giant crab sea monster shook its head repeatedly. It knew a little about what happened in the desert this time. It already felt bad that Chen Chen had encountered that kind of danger. How could it have the nerve to ask for more?

Chen Chen smiled when he saw this and didn’t say anything more.

“Who are you?”

At this time, the alert voice of the Li Xian came from behind.

Chen Chen turned his head and saw the Li Xian who had a very dangerous look in her eyes.

“I am Chen Chen’s clone.”

Chen Chen had nothing to hide from Li Xian and said directly.

“Clone?”Li Xian walked over and pinched Chen Chen’s face, looking very surprised.

Chen Chen did not resist and said indifferently, “I still have to leave for a while. In the future, you should cultivate well in the Li Xian Sect and strive to improve your cultivation.”

“You’re not bringing me along?” A trace of disappointment flashed in Li Xian’s eyes.

“Your strength is a little weak, so you can’t help me too much.”Chen Chen spoke bluntly, so angry that Li Xian fiercely patted his chest.

In the end, he was bounced back and almost hurt his own body.

“The most important thing is that my body is not very sensitive. Even if you bring me tea and water, hammering my back and kneading my legs, I won’t be able to feel much!”

Chen Chen said with a bitter smile.

Although his body was astonishingly hard, and an ordinary Unification stage cultivator would not be able to move it at all, there was also a weakness, which was that his perception was very weak.

He would not feel any pain after being hit twice. If he could feel it, then it would definitely be the other party’s pain.

After all, this body was hiding the skeleton of an expert whose cultivation had reached at least the crossing calamity stage.

Li Xian was hurt by these blunt words, and her expression was somewhat dejected.

Seeing that he was already prepared, Chen Chen took out a stele. It was the truth-seeking stele that had helped him comprehend the law of wood.

“This stele is mysterious and unfathomable. It can allow people to comprehend many things, and can even allow people to comprehend the law. In the future, it will be our Li Xian Sect’s sect-guarding treasure.

“However, this treasure is no trifling matter. You must not spread it out. Do you understand?”

Upon hearing this, Li Xian’s attention was quickly drawn to the truth-seeking monument. When she saw the truth-seeking monument, she actually fell into a trance for a moment. Only after a moment did she regain her senses.

At this time, how could she not realize that this was an important treasure? She hurriedly put it away carefully.

“Young master, don’t worry. I will place this treasure in the safest place in the sect!”

Chen Chen nodded slightly. Then, he took out a few bottles of medicinal pills and a few types of magic treasures from his new storage ring.

“These things can allow your cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds in a short period of time. Don’t say that I won’t care about you after I leave. With these things, when my main body returns, you might be able to follow me again.”

“This… This Is…”

Seeing the legendary medicinal pills’names one after another, Li Xian was stunned. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

She couldn’t see the quality of the magic treasures for the time being, but the medicinal pills were like thunder, they were all famous spirit pills of laws.

For example, the Blue Water Divine Pill contained the soul of a true spirit descendant who had mastered the laws of water. After consuming it, it could help a cultivator comprehend the laws of water.

Such a pill represented the death of a true spirit descendant who had fused with the body. Its value was so high that it wasn’t something that an ordinary fused body cultivator could withstand.

In any case, she was a new fused body cultivator, so she was probably not as valuable as this medicinal pill.

“Many thanks… Young Master!”Li Xian received the item and her tone was slightly choked with sobs.

Chen Chen gently patted her shoulder and said gently, “This sect is my blood and sweat, so there must be a fused body cultivator guarding it. Right now, I don’t trust many fused body cultivators, and you can be considered one. Therefore, this sect will be handed over to you first.”

“I will definitely not let you down!”Li Xian nodded solemnly and said resolutely.

Chen Chen gave her a look of approval, then left some Spirit Crystals behind and flew out of Li Xian Sect.

When he arrived in the outside world, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

When he ascended, he had a chance to track her in one world, but it was useless.

Originally, he had hoped to use this opportunity stage to find a huge opportunity stage, but now he had changed his mind.

There was already a spatial rift in the lower realm, which meant that there was also a high possibility of it in the upper realm.

He had to use this precious opportunity stage to find that spatial rift and then contact the lower realm.

With this thought, his heart became more determined. He said directly, “System, use an opportunity stage to track one realm.”

“What does the host want to track?”

“In this realm, look for the spatial rift that leads to the place where I ascend.”

Chen Chen gritted his teeth and said.

Just as he finished speaking, the system did not reply.

A moment later, the system gave an answer.

“I’ve tracked it to this place, located 467,500 miles north of the host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen became extremely excited.

There was indeed a spatial rift that led to the lower realm!

Regardless of whether this spatial rift was big or not, at least he had the chance to send something to the lower realm!

“230,000 kilometers, and it’s still within the southern domain! It’s in the southern domain! This is great!”

Chen Chen shouted in a low voice. Then, he took out a map made of jade slips from his storage ring and sent his divine senses into it.

“230,000 kilometers due north…”

Chen Chen followed the system’s description and moved his divine senses north. Soon, he saw his destination.

Forty-six thousand miles to the north of this place was the territory of the Evil Fiend Hall.

The place the system specifically pointed out was called the earth brake sect. It was a subsidiary sect of the Evil Fiend Hall and also an important selection sect for the disciples of the Evil Fiend Hall.

Many disciples of the Evil Fiend Hall were disciples of the Earth Brake sect before they officially entered the Evil Fiend Hall.

“The Earth Brake sect… Evil Fiend Hall, this is really…”

Chen Chen sighed softly and looked towards the north.

It seemed like he had some sort of grudge with the Evil Fiend Hall in his past life, and they were destined to clash in this life.

He knew what kind of attitude the Evil Fiend Hall had towards the Small World. How could he let the spatial rift that led to the lower realm be located on the Evil Fiend Hall’s territory?

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