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Chapter 451: True Spirit Heavenly Scorpion

Chen Chen had just flown 100 meters when the sandy ground where the giant scorpions had burrowed out suddenly collapsed. Immediately after, countless small blue scorpions emerged. They looked densely packed and endless. In the blink of an eye, they had already piled up like a mountain, there were probably no less than a million of them.

Among them, some mutated species had grown wings and were flying around in the sky. The scene was extremely terrifying.

Chen Chen did not even turn his head. He kept flying. His divine senses sensed that there were still a few small scorpions that could fly behind him, and they were still chasing after him relentlessly. He suddenly turned around and struck out a few palm strikes in a row. Only then did those few scorpions fall to the ground.

If an ordinary scorpion had taken a few of his palm strikes, they would have probably turned into ashes on the spot. However, this group of scorpions did not die immediately after they landed on the sand. Instead, they were still flailing about as if they could fly at any time.


After flying for thousands of miles, Chen Chen finally stopped. Then, he put down the Sandstorm City Lord who was completely in a daze.

Just as he was about to see if the Sandstorm City Lord was scared silly, the sky suddenly turned dark.

Chen Chen subconsciously raised his head and saw a scorpion-shaped shadow appearing in the sky. This shadow was continuously expanding, and in the blink of an eye, it had already blotted out the sky and covered the Sun.

‘This… I can’t be that unlucky, right? I’ve met the tyrant of the Boundless Sea Great Desert?’

Chen Chen cried out bitterly in his heart. At this moment, he could no longer move even if he wanted to.

As expected, the huge shadow in the sky was the True Spirit Sky Scorpion!

After wandering around the Boundless Sea great desert for a few days, he hadn’t found the great giant crab sea demon. Instead, he had been unlucky enough to meet the true spirit sky scorpion for eight lifetimes…

It was an adult true spirit, and its strength was comparable to that of a top-tier powerhouse!

It was over. This time, he was probably done for.

Chen Chen’s heart was almost filled with despair. At this moment, he subconsciously thought of Xia Xishuang and the others in the lower realm.

With these thoughts in mind, his desire to live suddenly became extremely strong.

“Lord Heavenly Scorpion, if you have something to say, say it properly. I might be useful to you!”

With a loud roar, the shadow in the sky stopped. Then, the sand in front of Chen Chen suddenly moved. A palm-sized, sparkling, and extremely beautiful scarlet scorpion emerged from the ground.


Chen Chen’s face twitched. If he did not sense wrongly, the intimidating aura that made him unable to move was emitted from this little red Scorpion.

This fellow was actually the true spirit Scorpion’s main body!

Who would have thought that a true spirit would actually be so small! It could be said to be the typical example of a short and vigorous person.

“It’s been a long time since such a powerful cultivator entered this desert. Cultivator, what are you doing here? Could it be that you’re here to spy on information for some powerful experts?”

The little red scorpion spoke in the human language. Its voice was quite neutral, and it was impossible to tell if it was male or female.

“No, no, I’m here to find my companion. My companion got lost in this desert.”

Chen Chen hurriedly explained.

“You just killed my subordinate.”

The scorpion faintly said.

Chen Chen’s heart thumped. He quickly opened his huge storage ring and began to ask the system.

“System, is there anything nearby that the scorpion needs?”

“Yes, the beef sauce in the corner of the storage ring.”

Chen Chen was speechless. Although his storage ring did not contain countless treasures, it was far richer than most cultivators of the same realm.

Who would have thought that what Scorpio needed was his food…

To be honest, this thing was bought in Golden Saint City. It had been in storage for a few months, and it was not ordinary beef sauce, but demon beast beef. Of course, the most important thing was that its culinary skills were not bad, otherwise, he would not have put it in his storage ring.

However, he rarely ate it. He would only satisfy his appetite when he thought of it. Therefore, after a few months, there were still more than ten kilograms of beef left.

Without hesitation, Chen Chen took out the beef, put on a very friendly smile and said, “Please forgive me, Master Scorpion. I did it because I had no choice but to protect myself. If you want any compensation, just say it. As long as it’s within my means, I will definitely not refuse.”

The scorpion seemed to have smelled the fragrance of the stewed beef. With a flash of inspiration, it actually transformed into a human form.

However, this human form was somewhat different from the humans. There was an extremely exquisite layer of red armor on its body. Its form was just like the superhero in the movies that Chen Chen had seen in his previous life. It was shining brightly under the sunlight. How cool was that?

The scorpion did not say anything. It gently scratched the stewed beef with its finger. A piece of meat was torn off by it and then it elegantly put it into its mouth.

Because its head was covered with a layer of red armor, Chen Chen could not see its expression. However, its mouth that was exposed to the outside was raised, and it was not small.

“Delicious, interesting.”

The scorpion said indifferently before raising its head to look at Chen Chen.

“I accept your apology.”

Chen Chen relaxed when he heard this. The requirements of this true spirit were different.

Fortunately, he had the system. Otherwise, he would have suffered today.

However, the scorpion’s next sentence made him freeze on the spot.

“Be my follower. You have an aura that I desire.”

“Huh?” Chen Chen’s mouth widened.

“What? You don’t want to?”

“Yes, yes! This is my honor!” How could Chen Chen not want to? He immediately nodded profusely.

“What does your friend look like?” the scorpion asked.

Chen Chen quickly described the appearance of the giant crab.

The scorpion did not say anything. Instead, he looked into the distance and said, “It will come in a while. Make some trees first.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen knew what this Scorpion longed for…

It was because he wanted him to become green.

He did not expect the scorpion to long for an oasis even though it was in the desert.

Chen Chen looked at his surroundings and could not help but smile bitterly. If he wanted to say pinpoint a place where his law of wood was most ineffective, the first place would definitely be this desert.

It was really difficult to make him become a tree.

Although the law of wood was powerful, it was not created out of thin air. At the very least, there had to be seeds and roots nearby.

There was nothing he could do. Chen Chen took out a few of the lowest-grade plants from the dragon swamp and used the law of wood to make these plants bigger. He covered the sand more than ten meters away and turned it into an oasis.

The scorpion leaned against one of the trees and stretched. Then, he slowly sat down and actually fell asleep.

Chen Chen stood where he was. He did not know whether to walk or not. For a moment, he was at a loss.

As for the Sandstorm City Lord, he stood there like a wooden statue, not moving at all.

After about two hours, Chen Chen had already given up on the idea of escaping.

Although the scorpion was sleeping, God knows how powerful its divine senses were. It was better to be obedient.

Just as Chen Chen stood where he was, thinking about how to deal with the scorpion after it woke up, a sandstorm suddenly appeared in the distance. Then, a scorpion that was dozens of meters in size flew out from the sandstorm before landing near Chen Chen.

Its momentum was extremely shocking. The momentum it raised directly destroyed the few trees that Chen Chen had worked hard to mature. Even the one that the Scorpion was sleeping on was no exception. It turned into dust on the spot.

The Scorpion was not paying attention and lay on the ground.

“Sir! Your subordinate did not fail you!”

The scorpion shouted in a low voice. Then, it swung its body and a giant crab was thrown out of its body.

Seeing the giant crab, Chen Chen was overjoyed and quickly went over to welcome it.

“Brother Crab, do you still remember me?”

The giant crab sea demon seemed to be still in a daze. Its eyes rolled around, and after a long time, it regained its focus and saw Chen Chen.

“I remember. You are the king’s friend. I have finally found you!” The giant crab said excitedly.

Chen Chen also laughed when he saw this. Although the situation was not optimistic, he had finally found the giant crab with the news from the lower realm.

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