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Chapter 43: Arriving in Ji Zhou

As Chen Chen watched the convoy leave the city, he slowly ate breakfast, then led everyone to the parking lot.

It was empty at this time, with only three carriages in the corner. Attentive guards were feeding the horses, looking extremely diligent.

“Not bad, we should tip them!” Chen Chen offered praise from a distance.

Zhang Ji reminded him with some embarrassment, “Brother, we have already spent ten thousand taels in Spring Breeze Pavilion. We are now out of money.”

“Is that so?” Chen Chen’s expression stiffened, but he waved his hand after a moment. “If we spent it, it’s alright. Money is a cumbersome thing for us cultivators.”

After saying this, Chen Chen got into the carriage, fumbled around for a while, and took out something like ginger, tossing it to the guard.

“Looking at your complexion, it seems that you have a kidney deficiency. This Western Region Fire Dragon Ginger is my gift to you.

“I spent a lot of energy trying to get it, but it is useless for a great man like me, who is full of masculinity.”

Chen Chen made up a name on the spot, but the guard was very grateful regardless.

He did have some kidney deficiency and he was not strong in that aspect. Now, he was suddenly rewarded by a nobleman, so he was even happier than he would have been if he had received money as a tip.

Half an hour later, the three horse-drawn carriages drove out of Blue Wind City. Instead of taking the wider, official road, they took a smaller path.

This path passed through many deep mountains and forests and was usually full of bandits.

Most people would never take this path, but Chen Chen and his group didn’t mind it at all.

Along the way, Chen Chen dismounted from time to time and picked up some items.

“Millennium fleece flower root +1.”

“Demon spirit fruit +10.”

“Rock ore with spirit iron +1.”

Zhang Ji and the others had become used to seeing this, but the demon fox was shocked.

Was this kid really a demon dog? Or was he the legendary treasure hunter turned into a human form?

Seeing Chen Chen holding a demon spirit fruit that it was coveting, the demon fox couldn’t help but say, “Kid, if your talent was known to a master cultivator, I’m afraid you would be caught as a treasure hunter.”

Chen Chen squeezed the fruit with one hand, pouring the juice on a small trumpet flower as he replied, “Well, I have you.”

Hearing this, the demon fox was at a loss. It couldn’t care less.

“At that time, I will say that you have a good nose. Then I will give you up and it will be fine. No matter what, you are more like a demon dog than me, right?

“If they don’t believe me, I’ll say it takes you a while to adapt to an owner and you need plenty of training. See? It makes total sense.”

The demon fox was utterly baffled.

Did this kid really want to exploit all of its value?! How dare he even say this?

“System, is there anything valuable within a radius of 20 meters?”

“There is a piece of gold ore 19 meters underground.”

“I am too lazy to dig for things like gold.”

As they traveled in the mountains and forests, Chen Chen gathered a lot of great finds. When night came, the three carriages were fully loaded.

Chen Chen had no choice but to use some of the lower-valued finds to make random dishes.

Although these dishes were not very delicious, their effects were so powerful that the people in the convoy became over-supplemented after eating them, not needing sleep at all.

The people kept traveling all night.

After a few days, a huge city entered everyone’s field of vision.

The city wall was 50 meters high and nearly 1000 meters long, its end hard to see. It was difficult to build such a huge city without immortals.

“This is Ji Zhou. There must be a lot of master cultivators here. I’d better hide you.”

While talking, Chen Chen wrapped up the demon fox tightly and threw it into the carriage.

The demon fox was completely used to this kind of life. Not only was it silent, it also became very cooperative.

After a moment, the three carriages slowly entered Ji Zhou’s city gates.

As the capital of a prefecture, Ji Zhou was far more prosperous than Blue Wind City. In addition, today was July 31st, and tomorrow was the day when the Tianyun Clan recruited disciples, so there were people everywhere in the city.

When he listened carefully, everyone, without exception, was discussing the matter of the Tianyun Clan accepting disciples.

The Tianyun Clan was the ruling clan of Ji Zhou and its influence in the city was apparent.

This time, Chen Chen did not pick the most expensive restaurant in Ji Zhou, but randomly found an inn. After settling matters, Chen Chen and Zhang Ji sat down in a place with a great deal of people.

Although Zhang Ji had gotten the token of the Tianyun Clan, he still didn’t know how the Tianyun Clan chose their disciples.

So the two of them had to find information at a busy place.

“There seems to be more out-of-towners in Ji Zhou this year than before!”

The people at the nearby tables happened to be discussing the matter.

“No, it’s mainly because two small Ji Zhou clans were destroyed last year. Everyone has fewer choices, so it stands to reason that there would be more people. However, it seems that many people died on the road this year.”

“That’s true. Murong Yunlan was ambushed on the road just a few days ago. If it weren’t for the immortal cultivators who were accompanying her, she wouldn’t have been able to reach Ji Zhou at all. They protected her life.”

Chen Chen was moved slightly after hearing this.

It seemed that Miss Murong had been attacked, as expected, but had ultimately arrived in Ji Zhou safely.

But if the cultivators who accompanied them had fought to the death, what about the huge caravan that followed?

“I heard that when they came to Ji Zhou, a large group of noblemen and ladies followed Miss Murong. After the attack, this group of people either died or were injured, and the ones with better qualifications were abducted by the Demon Clan.”

“So that’s why we say beauty brings trouble. If they didn’t follow Miss Murong, maybe they wouldn’t have found trouble.”

Chen Chen showed no expression after hearing this.

Those who were kissing up to her still ended up with nothing? How pathetic!

“Brothers, do you know how the Tianyun Clan will recruit disciples tomorrow?”

Zhang Ji didn’t want to hear news about Miss Murong. He was more concerned about how the Tianyun Clan recruited their disciples.

While he had a token of the Tianyun Clan and could directly enter the clan, Chen Chen did not. He believed that Chen Chen’s qualifications were good enough to enter the clan, but he still felt a little worried about it.

“Oh, when the time comes, the elders of the Tianyun Clan will personally check your cultivating aptitudes. If you meet the requirements, they will directly accept you as disciples.

“If you don’t meet the requirements but still have some qualifications, you will be recommended to an affiliated smaller clan.

“If you don’t have anything, then it’s goodbye.”

Zhang Ji released a sigh of relief when he heard those words. These kinds of rules were simple and clear. As long as the elders of the Tianyun Clan were not blind, they should be able to see that his elder brother had amazing talent.

As for what exactly was amazing, Zhang Ji didn’t quite understand. Regardless, he was indeed amazing.

“Brother, tomorrow you may be famous in Ji Zhou.”

Thinking of this, Zhang Ji looked at Chen Chen expectantly. His expression was happier than if he was about to become famous himself.

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