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Chapter 421: Removing Firewood

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Hearing this, Chen Chen’s figure paused. He was not surprised by this.

Just now, he had poked someone’s foot with grass. It would be strange if they did not notice, not to mention that this was an expert in the Unification stage.

After two seconds of silence, Chen Chen turned around and landed in front of Sect Master Jin and the weak Lian Yang.

“You are the new Guest Elder of our Golden Saint Sect, right?”Sect Master Jin looked at Chen Chen with a complicated expression.

“That’s right, I am.” Chen Chen was neither servile nor overbearing. He did not show any fear just because the other party was a Unification stage expert.

After all, his current identity was an “unworldly expert”.

“Fellow Daoist, it was all thanks to you just now. If you had not reminded me in time, my Junior Brother would have been in danger.”

Upon hearing Sect Master Jin’s words, Lian Yang also recalled something and immediately became abnormally excited. He forced himself to sit up and said, “Brother Zhang, in my daze just now, I felt that someone had patted me. That was also your doing, right?”

Chen Chen smiled faintly and did not comment, which once again caused Lian Yang to be touched.

As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Now, he could finally see what true friendship is.

Although Fellow Daoist Zhang was just reminding him in secret, he was after all doing it under the nose of the Evil Fiend Hall’s disciples. The risk he was taking was not small.

More importantly, a part of the reason that his senior brother saved him was for the sect. However, Fellow Daoist Zhang was doing it because of friendship!

“That Evil Fiend Hall’s disciple has left on a trip. He will definitely come back to take revenge one day. I don’t know much about the Evil Fiend Hall’s methods. May I ask, Sect Master, if he were to take revenge, what kind of methods would he use?”

Chen Chen looked at Sect Master Jin and his tone was quite serious.

Back then, a disciple of the evil dragon sect had shaken the jade tripod sect three times and scared the Crimson Fiend sect into fleeing. This time, he had offended a genuine disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall.

The corners of Sect Master Jin’s eyes twitched when he heard this. “The Evil Fiend Hall wouldn’t directly attack us, but… They might make things difficult for the Golden Saint Sect in other aspects, such as making us compensate with things that we can’t take out…”

“Senior Brother, this is my fault. If he really made that kind of request, I will help the sect recover its losses in the future even if I have to risk my life.”

Lian Yang’s face was full of guilt. To be honest, although he didn’t have any major problems, at this moment, his heart was as good as dead.

Only now did he understand that he didn’t live just for himself. Even if he wanted to die, there would be many people who would risk their lives to save him.

Reality proved that Sect Master Jin still had a chance.

Not long after, the Evil Fiend Hall disciple sent the news, asking the Golden Saint Sect to compensate for the loss of a total of 100 Spirit Crystals.

It was not supreme-grade Spirit Stones, but Spirit Crystals.

One had to know that there were not many Spirit Crystals in the entire mineral vein. Such things were the strategic resources of the sect. Usually, only the top experts in the sect were qualified to use them.

According to the market price, one Spirit Crystal could be exchanged for ten thousand supreme-grade Spirit Stones. One hundred Spirit Crystals would be equivalent to one million supreme-grade Spirit Stones. Moreover, there was greater demand than supply.

One million supreme-grade Spirit Stones. The Golden Saint sect might be able to take it out if they gritted their teeth, but one hundred Spirit Stones was a little difficult.

In Lian Yang’s small house.

Sect Master Jin was not as worried as he had imagined, instead, he smiled and said to Lian Yang, “Junior Brother, it’s only a hundred Spirit Crystals. Although our sect is short of them, I’ll just go out and refine a weapon for someone. I’ll discount the price and use Spirit Crystals to settle the account. I think I’ll be able to get it for you. Don’t tell me that we armament masters are short of Spirit Stones? You can rest assured and recover your body.”

Upon hearing this, Lian Yang gritted his teeth and nodded.

However, Sect Master Jin had only gone out for half a day before he returned to the Golden Saint sect with a gloomy face.

Compared to before, his current mood was several times more serious, and his eyes were full of worry.

This time, he did not go to Lian Yang’s Mountain Peak. Instead, he landed in front of the mountain gate and fell into deep thought as he looked at the huge rock with the words “Golden Saint sect” engraved on it.

“Sect Master, what’s wrong? Did the trip not go smoothly?”

At this moment, Mo Ying appeared beside him without a sound. Her voice was slightly perturbed.

Lian Yang was uncomfortable, and so was she. She looked even more haggard than Lian Yang.

Looking at this junior of his, Sect Master Jin shook his head and sighed. “Why isn’t my Junior Brother enlightened? If he had become your dao companion earlier, how could such a thing have happened?”

Mo Ying’s face did not show the joy of being praised. Instead, she asked nervously, “Sect Master, what exactly happened?”

She wanted to take out some Spirit Stones or something to help Lian Yang, but she had already exchanged all her Spirit Stones for refining materials for Chen Chen? Right now, she really could not help him.

Sect Master Jin looked at Mo Ying and said bitterly, “That person spread the news that our golden saint sect was greedy for refining materials and wanted to take advantage of it. In the end, he made a mistake and damaged his precious treasure, causing him to suffer great losses.

“During the half a day I’ve been out, there have been several waves of news from the shop in Gold Saint City. At least four sects have cut off their long-term cooperative relationship with us.”


Mo Ying turned pale with fright.

It should be known that refining artifacts was not like refining pills, which could be mass-produced. As long as it was refined, there would be no need to worry about sales.

Refining artifacts paid more attention to the appropriateness, and most of the business was custom-made.

In this case, credibility was particularly important.

Without credibility, which cultivator would be willing to hand over their hard-earned materials to a refiner?

Which cultivator would be willing to hand over their personal treasures to a refiner to refine again?

The reputation of the Golden Saint Sect was originally very good, but after that person spread the news, its reputation would probably plummet.

Without reputation, no matter how skilled you were, others would not hand over the business to you.

Moreover, the person who spread the news was a disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall.

He spread the news, which was equivalent to expressing an attitude.

Under such circumstances, which sect was willing to risk offending the Evil Fiend Hall and hand over the business to the Golden Saint Sect?

Although the Golden Saint Sect’s weapon refining level was not bad, it was not irreplaceable.

This move was simply a drastic measure to the Golden Saint Sect!

“Don’t tell Lian Yang about this matter first, and don’t tell anyone else in the sect, understand?”

Sect Master Jin said to Mo Ying in a serious tone.

Mo Ying nodded, her face slightly pale. If this news was spread out, the other people in the sect would know that Uncle Master Lian had ruined everyone’s jobs… The sect would soon fall out of favor.

Uncle-Master Lian was also a noble person. If he found out about this, he would probably do something stupid.

“Then Sect Master… What should we do about this?”

“I’ll first find a few familiar old friends and borrow some Spirit Crystals to compensate that person with. As for the sect’s reputation… we’ll think of another way.”

Sect Master Jin said helplessly. This was the only way they could do it now.

Upon hearing these words, Mo Ying was at a loss.

She could hide it for a while, but she couldn’t hide it forever. Under such circumstances, Uncle Master Lian would find out the truth sooner or later.

At the thought of this, she felt a slight headache. At this moment, a person suddenly appeared in her mind, causing her eyes to light up as if she had found a straw to clutch at.

“Sect Master, why don’t we ask the Guest Elder, Senior Tian Yun?”

“That person might have some tricks up his sleeves, but he’s too young. Regarding this matter…” Sect Master Jin was a little hesitant.

Although he had seen Tian Yun before, he wasn’t very familiar with this person’s methods.

“Senior Tian Yun’s appearance is just a facade. Actually, his true appearance is a white-haired old man. As for his abilities…”

At this point, Mo Ying’s eyes were filled with bitterness.. She muttered, “How can we have so many choices in our current situation? We can only try to ask him.”

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