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Chapter 419: Disciples of the Evil Fiend Hall

Apart from representing absolute control over a certain attribute, the power of laws also represented an inexhaustible supply.

Using the power of laws, one did not have to worry about accidentally using it up like using spiritual energy.

One also did not have to worry about being in an environment without spiritual energy and not being replenished.

It was rumored that some top mighty figures would pull their enemies into their own law domain and place themselves in an undefeatable position.

Chen Chen did not dare to dream of such a realm, but he knew that once he controlled the power of the laws, he would be considered a true expert in the Spirit Severing stage.

Even if he was only at the intermediate stage of the Spirit Severing stage, as long as the law was released, an ordinary late-stage Spirit Severing stage cultivator would be annihilated easily.

The law of wood seemed weak, but in reality, it could communicate with heavenly lightning.

And if they were in this mountain forest, perhaps even a peak-stage Spirit Severing stage expert could have a fight.

This kind of improvement could be said to be a complete transformation.

With his current strength, Chen Chen could be a little more high-profile in the Golden Saint Sect.

In the next half a month, Chen Chen traveled between some cities and mountains, regaining a lot of blood.

Several thousand top-grade Spirit Stones once again became several hundred thousand, and in addition, there were more than a hundred Spirit Crystals.

This was under the premise that he had bought quite a number of refining materials in some cities.

All in all, not only had his net worth increased quite a bit after this trip, but his cultivation had also undergone a qualitative change. Chen Chen was quite satisfied.

It would be even better if his natal dharma treasure could be reforged.

Perhaps he could really fight against a peak-stage Spirit Severing stage expert!

“I still need to brush up on my affinity with Lian Yang.”

Chen Chen sat in the top-grade flying boat and thought to himself. As he thought about it, he could not help but smile.

This time, he had purchased a large batch of precious refining materials. With these things to brush up on his affinity, he estimated that it would not be long before he could make Lian Yang his best friend.

Not to mention, other than refining materials, he had also bought medicinal pills that could increase his lifespan.

Where in the world could one find a friend like him who cared for others so much?

In any case, if he met someone like him, he would definitely confide in them and become sworn brothers on the spot, treating them as bosom friends.

With this thought in mind, Chen Chen returned to the Golden Saint Sect.

For some reason, the Golden Saint Sect today seemed to be somewhat different from the past. Chen Chen met quite a few Golden Saint Sect disciples along the way. Without exception, these disciples all became extremely cautious, as if they were not Golden Saint Sect disciples, instead, they were disciples of other sects who had come as guests.

Chen Chen realized that something was wrong. He subconsciously cast out his spiritual sense and soon found an acquaintance. Immediately, he flew directly toward that acquaintance.

“Hey, you scared me!”

Ren Qi saw Chen Chen who suddenly appeared in front of her and jumped up like a startled bird. She even let out a cry of surprise.

Chen Chen was even more curious when he saw that Ren Qi, who had a temperamental personality, had become like this.

“Young friend Ren, what’s wrong with the Golden Saint Sect? I see that everyone is very reserved.”

“So it’s you, Senior. You scared me to death. Speaking of which, Senior, don’t you know how to calculate?”

Ren Qi muttered softly. However, it was obvious that she did not think much about what she said, and she did not have any doubts, then, she explained, “Senior, the Golden Saint Sect has an honored guest. Even the sect leader has come out to welcome him!”

“Honored guest?”

Chen Chen’s eyes flashed.

For the Golden Saint Sect to call him an honored guest and treat him like this, could it be…

Chen Chen thought of a possibility. Could it be that the disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall who had entrusted Lian Yang to refine the dharma treasure had come?

“Is it someone from the Evil Fiend Hall?” Chen Chen asked.

A hint of admiration flashed across Ren Qi’s eyes when she heard this. She whispered, “Senior, you’re really amazing. You’re a disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall! You’re now in our Golden Saint Sect!”

Speaking up to this point, she looked around and used her spiritual sense to transmit her voice. “Senior, the people of the Evil Fiend Hall are acting strangely. It’s better for us to hide. Otherwise, it won’t be fun if we’re captured and refined by the Evil Fiend Hall!”

“They captured and refined souls? Is the Evil Fiend Hall overbearing?”

“We won’t capture them directly. After all, we have the backing of the Union of Immortals. But if they really want to target us, it will definitely be a troublesome matter. Sigh, the female disciples in the sect don’t dare to come out these few days. Only I have the guts!”

Before Ren Qi could finish her sentence, a female disciple in full dress, thick makeup, and flamboyant attire walked over from afar.

However, this female disciple was probably a weapon refiner. She was very muscular, and her height was close to two meters. Her body was like a brown bear. Coupled with her attire, it was somewhat unsightly.

“Ahem, ahem. Senior, I still have something to do. Goodbye!”

Upon seeing that female disciple, Ren Qi smiled awkwardly, turned around, and left. Not long after, she disappeared into the distance.

At this moment, Chen Chen noticed that the clothes that this young lady was wearing today were also somewhat bright.

Obviously, some of the female disciples, including Ren Qi, said that they were afraid of the disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall, but they did not feel this way in their hearts.

After all, the Evil Fiend Hall was one of the most powerful forces in this world. In the southern region, they were even considered overlords!

Even if the disciples of such a powerful sect were a little evil, they would still be able to attract the female cultivators of small sects.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen a beautiful woman before? You old fogy, you’re very evil. You’re always thinking about such things!”

The dissatisfied muttering of the tall female cultivator came from beside him. Chen Chen’s face darkened and he hurriedly left the place.

In a place like this where there were more men than women, it was very easy for some female cultivators to have the illusion that they felt good about themselves. It was better for them to stay away from such women.

However, not long after Chen Chen returned to his residence, Mo Ying came up to the door.

At this moment, Mo Ying’s face was haggard, and there was a faint trace of blood in her eyes. One look and one could tell that this woman had a lot on her mind.

“Senior, you’re back.”

“Why? Did something bad happen?” Chen Chen asked calmly.

In the past, when this woman called him ‘Senior’, he might have been a little embarrassed, but now he could accept it calmly.

Although they were both in the middle stage of the Spirit Severing stage, mastering laws and not mastering laws were two completely different concepts.

“Can you calculate how Uncle-Master Lian is doing? Ever since that disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall came to our Golden Saint Sect, Uncle-Master Lian has not sent any news.”

Mo Ying said in a hoarse voice.

Seeing this woman’s expression, Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

It was really difficult to like someone. Although Mo Ying didn’t refine a weapon, he probably put in as much effort as Lian Yang.

“Fellow Daoist Lian, are you with that disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall Now?”

“Yes, that disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall said that he would personally supervise Uncle-Master Lian to refine the evil weapon.”

“How many days has it been?”

“Three days.”

Three days..

Chen Chen frowned. Refining a weapon was the same as refining pills. Some high-level pills and dharma treasures required a long time to be refined, but only the pill furnace or the weapon furnace remained in working condition.

It was impossible for the alchemist and the weapon refining master to not be able to contact each other for a long time.

‘Could something have happened?’

Chen Chen was vaguely worried.

Lian Yang was the weapon refining master that he had set his eyes on. His weapon refining level was superb, and his character was not bad. If he was cheated to death by someone, who would he find to reason with?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen asked coldly, “Could it be that the disciples of the Evil Fiend Hall still dare to harm the weapon refining master of the Golden Saint Sect?”

“No, but if he is right, then the Golden Saint sect can’t do anything to him,” Mo Ying said helplessly.

Chen Chen nodded. After hesitating for a moment, he said directly, “Forget it. I’ll go to Fellow Daoist Lian’s residence and see how he is.”

“But at this time, no one is allowed to get close to that place!”

“Doesn’t matter. I have my own ways.”

Chen Chen waved his hand and flew towards the peak of Lian Yang.

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