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Chapter 418: Gratitude

Seeing the stone wall on the stage, Chen Chen first wrote 80,000 to calm himself down. He had to get his hands on this stone wall no matter what, so he was ready for a big fight.

However, once the price of 80,000 was out, there was a dead silence. There was no one to compete with him.

This made him feel very awkward.

Not long after, the price was settled. The stone wall was put into a storage ring and sent off the stage. After another 15 minutes, a cultivator from the auction house walked into the private room and respectfully handed the storage ring to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen took the storage ring and inspected it. The stone wall was lying flat in it, which made his heart burn. He quickly moved the stone wall to another storage ring.

There was only the Soul-Searching Wall in the storage ring. After the two stone walls were put into one storage ring, they lit up at the same time. Then, there were faint signs that they were about to merge.

“I wonder what the Soul-Searching wall will do after merging.”

Chen Chen’s heart was filled with anticipation. Since the system said that he urgently needed this item, then he definitely needed it.

He just didn’t know how the Soul-Searching wall would help him.

This auction went especially smoothly with Chen Chen’s help. All the items in the auction were bought by him alone, including a female-only hairpin-type dharma treasure.

Since he had already bought the others, he didn’t mind taking this one too.

It was useless now, but it might be useful in the future. Of course, this wasn’t for his own use, but to give away.

As for the Spirit Stones, Chen Chen looked at his storage ring. There were less than ten thousand supreme-grade Spirit Stones left.

Although it wasn’t a lot, it was enough to drive the flying boat.

“System, are there any nearby people following me?”


Hearing this answer, Chen Chen happily left the Yi Xing Hall.

He had to admit that this auction house was really not bad.

It was rumored that there was a small auction every month and a big auction every year. There was a super auction once every hundred years. If he had time in the future, he would definitely come to participate in a few big auctions.

What was the meaning of such a small auction? He could just bid with his eyes closed. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to bid for all of them.

After leaving Yi Xing Hall, Chen Chen was in no hurry to leave Yi City. The two stone walls in his storage ring were already tightly connected together, but they had yet to merge into one. It seemed like he still needed some time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chen Chen strolled around the various magical equipment stores in the city and saw quite a number of valuable refining materials.

However, he did not encounter anything that could be considered abnormally precious. Of course, it was also possible that his standards had become higher after spending so much time with Lian Yang.

After that, Chen Chen left Yi City and hid alone in a dense forest deep in the mountains. He decided to see just what the complete Soul-Searching Wall could do here!

Taking out the Soul-Searching Wall from his storage ring, Chen Chen’s eyes subconsciously lit up.

The previously shabby stone wall had been completely destroyed, and there was even some spiritual light on it. Moreover, when he looked at the Soul-Searching Wall, he actually had a strange feeling that he was about to be sucked into it.

Before Chen Chen could see the secret of the Soul-Searching Wall, a feeling of dizziness suddenly surged up in his heart. When he regained his senses, he was already in an extremely unfamiliar place.

This place was very hazy, and he could not see the distance clearly. He could only see a huge mountain in front of him, and there were four big words written on the cliff of the mountain.

“Soul-searching in the secular world.”

These four words looked extremely upright, and every tick and stroke had a vibe of being able to support the heavens and the earth.

Chen Chen’s gaze gradually blurred. For some reason, the sun and moon in the sky suddenly became dim. The rivers under the mountain began to dry up, and the Earth seemed to be collapsing. Only the huge trees in the distant mountain suddenly began to grow rapidly, they turned into countless towering trees, lush and green.

An unknown amount of time had passed.

Chen Chen’s consciousness gradually became clear. At this moment, he was still sitting on the spot. He looked at the sky. Perhaps only a moment had passed, but the light of the wall of truth had already dissipated and turned into an extremely ordinary-looking stone wall, only the word ‘truth’ were still engraved on it.

Chen Chen shook his head. He did not know when he had fallen into the illusion.

He also did not know if the Soul-Searching Wall had always been like this, and there had never been any changes.

He raised his head and looked around. The world seemed to have become somewhat different. An inexplicable feeling of control appeared in his heart.

Chen Chen sensed his cultivation level again. He had actually reached the middle stage of the distraction realm unknowingly!

It was just a moment of carelessness, but his cultivation base had increased by a small realm. One could imagine how he felt. Chen Chen could not help but burst into laughter.

To him, increasing his cultivation base could be considered an urgent need. Before he obtained the stone wall, he had also thought that the stone wall might increase his cultivation base.

Now that he had tried it, it was indeed so!

However, in the next second, a strange thing happened.

In the mountain, tens of thousands of trees suddenly began to rustle. It was as if they were laughing along with Chen Chen. A relaxed and joyful feeling appeared in the tens of thousands of trees.


Chen Chen’s smile suddenly stopped, and the rustling around him also stopped.


Chen Chen was a little surprised. He chuckled twice, but the trees around him did not react at all.

But when he remembered that his cultivation had increased, he laughed from the bottom of his heart, and the surrounding trees began to ring again.

“Did I… become a vegetable? Can I affect the mood of the big tree?”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, a little surprised and uncertain.

Then, he carefully checked his body again, and finally found that something was wrong.

It turned out that at some point, a strange leaf mark had appeared on his right palm.

This mark was flickering with green light. Once the spiritual power was activated, it would appear, and when the spiritual power disappeared, it would disappear again.

Looking at this mark, Chen Chen’s expression changed again and again. A moment later, his eyes revealed an ecstatic expression.

If he hadn’t guessed wrongly… This was actually the power of Laws! This was the highest level of power in this world! At the same time, it was also the biggest bottleneck to enter the Unification stage!

“I didn’t expect that this Soul-Searching Wall… could actually help someone control the laws! It really is a unique treasure of the world!”

Chen Chen looked at the Soul-Searching Wall in front of him and sincerely praised it.

However, after a moment, he seemed to have recalled something and his eyes suddenly dimmed.

‘The law of wood… what I had cultivated should be the law of wood.’

This law power wasn’t formed out of thin air by the Soul-Searching Wall. The Soul-Searching Wall should only have a guiding effect.

If the Soul-Searching Wall could generate nomological force out of thin air, what would happen? It would have been snatched away by a mighty figure long ago.

In other words, if he did not have the Soul-Searching Wall, he would cultivate normally. If he could step into the form synthesis stage, the first law he would cultivate would definitely be the wood law.

As for why it was the wood law…

One reason could be that he had cultivated the lightning technique in the past, and it had something to do with wood energy.

More importantly, it could be because of Yao Qing.

Yao Qing was the flower of the Demon God, a powerful plant demon. Before he ascended to the upper realm, she had injected some special power into his body.

Perhaps from that moment on, he was destined to master the law of wood in the future.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly. The mark of the law of wood in his hand flickered, and the trees around him began to grow crazily. Before long, they turned into a large number of towering trees, enveloping him within them.

This scene was very similar to how Yao Qing had manipulated thousands of flowers to bloom back then!

“I didn’t expect that I would still owe you a favor in the upper realm.”

Chen Chen sighed softly. For some reason, the joy in his heart was greatly reduced.

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