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Chapter 417: All In One Go

He looked at the introduction next to him.

“It’s a special stone wall. There is some kind of shocking secret technique hidden within. Those who are fated to face the wall can get it. The starting price is 50,000 top-grade Spirit Stones.”

50,000 top-grade Spirit Stones… This was definitely not the price of a shocking secret technique. Obviously, it would be very difficult to become that fated person.

“What secret technique do I urgently need?”

Chen Chen stared at the hazy stone wall and thought hard. A moment later, he looked at a broken wall in the depths of his storage ring, and a look of enlightenment appeared on his face.

That was the Soul-Searching Wall that he had found in the ruins of a sect in the wild. He had never known what it was used for.

However, the system said that it was extremely valuable. Looking at the faintly discernible stone wall in the jade slip, no wonder he felt that it was familiar, because the material looked exactly the same!

Could it be… that the stone wall in the auction was the one that was taken away from the wall of inquiry?

Chen Chen’s heart thumped, and he instantly decided to bid for the stone wall no matter what.

“Senior, is there anything you like?” The young female cultivator asked with a smile.

“Hehe, I don’t really like anything, but I do have a few things that I need. I’ll come tomorrow.”

Chen Chen put away the jade slip and said with a smile.

The Yi Xing Hall often held auctions, and tomorrow’s auction was only a small-scale one that happened once a month. If he showed too much joy, people would look down on him.

“That’s great, Senior. You can enter the hall with that jade slip tomorrow.”

After that, the young female cultivator started promoting to him and explained the various preferential policies of the Yi Xing Hall. It was not until Chen Chen’s eyes flashed with impatience that she waved goodbye.

After Chen Chen turned around and left, he quickly changed his appearance. This time, he looked a little like a hot-headed young man.

To be honest, although the appearance of a Saint-like person could earn him respect, there were also disadvantages, especially when participating in the auction.

When people see a senior expert desperately fighting for an item, they would definitely think that it was a treasure. At that time, it would only attract many competitors for no reason.

After turning into a hot-headed young man, the gazes of the pedestrians on the road instantly changed. Respect, reverence, and fear gradually turned into contempt and disregard.

It had to be said that no matter which world it is, people are judged by their appearance.

In Yi City, Chen Chen strolled around for a while and bought some refining materials and cultivation pills. Only then did he casually find a place to rest.

The next day, Chen Chen went to Yi Xing Hall again and saw the young female cultivator who gave him the jade slip yesterday.

After showing the jade slip, the young female cultivator said with a smile, “Sir, since there are only 100 private rooms in Yi Xing Hall, we want to make sure that every customer has a certain purchasing power…”

“Be more direct,” Chen Chen said indifferently.

“Uh, you need to prove that you have at least 50,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones.”

As soon as the young woman finished speaking, a storage ring fell into her hand. After carefully sensing it, she found that there were about 70,000 to 80,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones inside.

“Dear guest, please follow me.”

The young female cultivator’s smile became more and more gentle. Then, she led the way and soon led Chen Chen to a private room.

The private room was rather simple and crude. There was only a chair and a table. From the window, one could see the auction stage not far below. As for the other private rooms, they were all blocked by divine sense, and could not be checked at all.

Seeing this arrangement, Chen Chen could not help but praise, “You guys have done a good job in protecting your privacy. Even if you manage to get something, you aren’t afraid of others coveting it.”

The young female cultivator smiled proudly when she heard this. “Of course. If we can’t even guarantee this, how can the Yi Xing Hall become the largest auction house within a radius of a million miles?

“When I say ‘largest’, I’m not saying that it’s the largest. I’m saying that the items being auctioned are the best and the number of Spirit Stones being traded is the highest! In order to attract more good items to be sent to us for auction, we also protect the seller’s privacy very well.”

Following that, the young female cultivator began to introduce the other protective measures of Yi Xing Hall. After a long while, she concluded, “It has been a hundred years since a buyer of the Yi Xing Hall was robbed and killed after leaving the city.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen could not help but feel admiration in his heart.

However, he did not know if the auction house would be able to withstand the Divine Gold auction.

It must be known that the auction house that auctioned the exquisite Divine Gold had not only been destroyed, but even the city was exterminated.

“After the auction begins, if the honored guest wishes to bid, you can write it on the Spirit Stone tablet in front of the table. If you have any other requests, you can also write them on it. The service staff of the Yi Xing Hall will soon appear.”

After saying these words, the young female cultivator left the private room.

After about fifteen minutes, a middle-aged cultivator appeared next to the auction table below the window.

The middle-aged cultivator didn’t say anything. He directly took out the first auction item, the top-grade flying boat, from his storage ring and placed it in the hall.

“Top-grade flying boat, the starting price is 50,000 Spirit Stones. Esteemed guests, please start bidding.”

As soon as he said this, he quickly said, “Esteemed guests bid 50,000 top-grade Spirit Stones.”

“60,000… 70,000.”

When Chen Chen saw this scene in the private room, the corners of his eyes could not help but twitch. He had finally experienced what it meant to return to the basics.

This auctioneer’s job was also very simple. He did not know how to say anything to encourage the purchase. As for the introduction of the auction item, it had already been written in the jade slip, so he did not need to describe it too much.

Actually, Chen Chen could also understand.

How many people who could participate in the auction here would be easily persuaded?

As for the exaggerated introduction, there was no need for the Yi Xing Hall to do such a thing. That would only affect the Yi Xing Hall’s reputation. It would be better to be straightforward with the auction.

After all, everyone was very busy and did not have the time to waste here.

From the looks of it, it was unnecessary to change his appearance previously.

Looking at the small flying boat that was 20 meters long and seven to eight meters wide in the hall outside the window, Chen Chen frowned and wrote the figure of ‘100,000’ on the Spirit Stone tablet in front of him.

Strictly speaking, 100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones was a little excessive for a flying boat that could travel at the speed of an avatar, but Chen Chen did not care.

‘Rich people are always so willful.’

As soon as he finished writing, the auctioneer shouted, “A distinguished guest bid 100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones.”

After waiting for a moment, no one raised the price again.

“100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones going once, 100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones going twice. Alright, sold. Next item for auction…”

Before Chen Chen could react, the auctioneer had already taken out the second item from his storage ring.

“This pill is known to all esteemed guests. The starting price is 40,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the calm expression in his eyes changed slightly. He said in surprise, “A esteemed guest bid 100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones.”

After that, there was silence on the side.

The auctioneer repeated the price several times before taking out the third item.

“The starting bid for this item is 60,000 top-grade Spirit Stones!”

“A distinguished guest bid 80,000…100,000…”

“Sold for 120,000.”

“Sold for 180,000.”

“Sold for 70,000.”

Not long after, they arrived at the stone wall.

“This item is quite unique. The Yi Xing Hall is unable to set a price for it. 50,000 top-grade Spirit Stones is the price set by the seller himself. If you want to buy it, please make your own bid. However, our auction house does not guarantee its quality.”

Chen Chen, who was sitting in the private room, took a sip of tea and silently looked at the stone wall.

At this moment, there were already eight storage rings lying in front of him. All of them were the items of this auction.

More accurately speaking, all of the items from before had been auctioned off by him.

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