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Chapter 416: Urgent Need

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“Uncle-Master Lian, I knew you were here!”

At this moment, Mo Ying flew over from the distant horizon, her face filled with rage.

When she saw the long sword, her expression immediately became much uglier.

“Uncle-Master Lian, don’t refine this thing!”

At this moment, the smile on Lian Yang’s face had long disappeared, replaced by a cold indifference that kept others at a thousand miles away.

Chen Chen felt helpless when he saw this. He really deserved that Mo Ying could not win Lian Yang’s heart.

“Disciple-Niece Mo, this is my own business. Since when is it up to a junior like you to meddle with my business?” Lian Yang said coldly.

Mo Ying’s face turned slightly pale when she heard the word ‘junior’. He bit his lips and said, “Uncle-Master Lian, I’ve asked Uncle-Master Zhou. To refine this thing, you have to lose at least a thousand years of your life!”

Lian Yang was indifferent when he heard that.

Chen Chen, who was at the side, was shocked. Losing a thousand years of his life! It seemed that he had underestimated the extent to which Lian Yang did not care about his life.

At the same time, the contempt he had for Mo Ying also disappeared without a trace.

This woman really liked Lian Yang. If an ordinary pretentious person encountered such a thing, they would definitely raise their hands to support her. They would even pretend that they supported her no matter what she did.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen also said, “Brother Lian, a thousand years of life is not worth it. If this was your dharma treasure, it would be fine, but it is not yours. Why bother?”

“Brother Zhang, I know that you are doing this for my own good, but you are not a refiner after all. You do not understand the thoughts of a refiner. As a refiner, obtaining the recognition of a strong person is the greatest success. If it was my own dharma treasure, I would not be willing to pay such a huge price.”

Lian Yang looked at Chen Chen, a gentle smile appearing on his face.

Mo Ying was so angry that she almost cried. When she tried to persuade him, why didn’t he know that it was for his own good?

‘Could it be that our thousand-year-old friendship can’t be compared to the relationship between him and Chen Chen, which was established just a few months ago?’

However, before she could say anything to persuade him, Lian Yang had already turned around and flown away.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, after I finish refining, I’ll treat you to a drink!”

“Uncle-Master Lian, wait!”

Mo Ying shouted and chased after him.

Looking at the two figures in the sky, Chen Chen shook his head with a bitter smile.

Since Lian Yang was going to refine an important treasure, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to increase his favorability in the short term.

Taking advantage of this period of time, Chen Chen prepared to leave the Golden Saint sect and go out to truly experience the southern region’s splendor. At the same time, he would also expand his family fortune.

“System, are there any Spirit Stone mines within a radius of 10,000 meters? Or cave ruins?”

“No,” the system answered honestly.

Traveling through a mountain range, Chen Chen would ask the system this question from time to time.


“Yes, it’s located in the host’s…”

Upon hearing the system’s different answer, Chen Chen immediately descended. Four hours later, he flew into the sky once more.

After about three days, the system suddenly changed.

“Congratulations to the host for using the system 50,000 times. You have obtained an automatic tracking opportunity. Begin tracking…”

Chen Chen was a little confused when he heard that. After a moment, the system said, “Tracking completed. The item that the host needs is located 60,000 kilometers west of here.”

The corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched slightly when he heard this answer.

The system was the real fortune-teller. Even he knew what he needed. To be honest… he himself was not sure what he needed the most right now.

If the system was really upgraded to the point of being able to read his fortune one day, that would be great.

Since the system had automatically tracked him, Chen Chen did not have anything to delay his journey for. He directly flew toward the west.

He had originally planned to go to Golden Saint City to take a look, but now he could only change his mind.

On the way, he did not look for anything else. Previously, he found a Spirit Stone mine, and he had obtained 300,000 to 400,000 pieces of supreme-grade Spirit Stones alone.

Apart from that, he also found more than 100 pieces of Spirit Crystals.

Most of the mineral veins in the upper realm produced Spirit Crystals, and the value of these Spirit Crystals far exceeded that of supreme-grade Spirit Stones. However, ordinary cultivators did not have the chance to obtain them, and most of them fell into the hands of large sects.

Chen Chen was now fortunate enough to obtain over a hundred pieces.

Recalling the scene of the Wuxin Clan being destroyed after absorbing the earth Spirit Crystals in the past, Chen Chen sighed a little. He did not expect that the number of Spirit Crystals in his hands now counted in the hundreds.

After more than half a day, Chen Chen arrived at the location designated by the system.

He looked at the map. This place was called Yi City, and it belonged to the Danxia sect that was nearby.

The Danxia sect was the same as the Jade Tripod sect. They were famous for alchemy, but they were much stronger than the Jade Tripod sect.

Yi City was famous for its flourishing commerce in the southern region. Not only did it have a large number of medicinal pills to buy, it also had a wide variety of dharma treasures. It was even comparable to Golden Saint City, which specialized in selling dharma treasures.

It was also because of the flourishing commerce that there were often some powerful experts appearing here.

There was also a difference between cities. The danxia sect had such a city, so the benefits it could generate would not be less than three or four ordinary cities.

After entering the city, Chen Chen changed his appearance. According to the system’s guidance, he arrived in front of a huge building.

When he saw this building, Chen Chen could not help but shake his head and smile bitterly.

This was actually Yi City, the largest auction house within a radius of a million kilometers. It was called Yi Xing Hall.

At this moment, on the notice board at the entrance, there was a notice saying that the next auction would be held tomorrow.

Initially, he thought that he would be able to directly pick up treasures here. However, it seemed that he was overthinking things. It seemed that he would need to use Spirit Stones to do so.

Chen Chen thought for a moment and started to use the system to track down the items. He did manage to track down quite a number of treasures, but none of them were the items that he really needed.

Not only was he not angry about this, but he also felt that the system was even more amazing.

Based on his experience using the system, the system could not track down the items in the storage ring.

However, the automatic tracking was probably an exception. The items that he really needed now should lie in one of the storage rings in the auction house.

This meant that the system actually had the ability to track down the items in the storage ring. It was just that it had not been open to him all this while.

In fact, it was good that it was not open to him. Otherwise, he would always be able to track the contents of other people’s storage rings. If it was useless, then so be it. However, if it was useful, what should he do?

Should he snatch it or not?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen shivered. As he walked on the road, whenever he saw someone, he would want to rob them. If this continued, it would not be good for his physical and mental health.

Just as Chen Chen’s thoughts were running wild, a young and beautiful female cultivator walked over from afar and handed a jade slip to Chen Chen.

“Senior, this jade slip is an item that will be auctioned at our auction tomorrow. You can take a look at it. If you are interested, you can participate in the auction tomorrow.”

Chen Chen currently has the appearance of an immortal. In the upper realm, the appearance of an immortal represents a person with “strong spending power.” It was no wonder that this female cultivator would come over to hand out “flyers”.

As for the jade slip, it was a unique item in the upper realm that recorded information. It was made from a projection stone. One could use one’s spiritual sense to sense the information and even the images within. It was extremely valuable.

Only a large auction house like this would use such an item to make a flyer.

Chen Chen took the jade slip and used his spiritual sense to probe inside. Very quickly, images flashed through his mind like a passing lantern.

“Top-grade flying ship. Its speed is no less than the speed of a Spirit Severing stage cultivator. The starting price is 50,000 top-grade Spirit Stones.”

“Ten Spirit concentration pills. Top-grade specifications. The starting price is 40,000 top-grade Spirit Stones.”

After looking at it for a while, Chen Chen was tempted by quite a few things, but it was not to the point where he urgently needed them.

In the end, a special object came into his sight.

It was a strange stone wall.. Although Chen Chen was sure that he had never seen it before, for some reason, he vaguely felt that it was very familiar.

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