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Chapter 415: Amazing Technique

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Seven days later, Chen Chen saw his formation disk again.

Although it was just a reforging of the original foundation, Chen Chen could sense through the system that the materials used for this formation disk were not cheap.

If the previous formation disk was equivalent to the wealth of an ordinary peak-stage refined void martial stage cultivator, then this formation disk was probably equivalent to the wealth of an intermediate stage split-soul stage cultivator.

This price was not a small one for Lian Yang. In terms of value, it was no less than the rice-sized exquisite divine gold.

After all, the exquisite divine gold was too small to be refined into a magic treasure. At most, it had some research value.

In short, Lian Yang had a good character and was a friend worth making.

“Fellow Daoist, why don’t you give it a try?”Lian Yang saw Chen Chen Chen holding the formation disk and said with a smile.

Chen Chen nodded in agreement and placed the nine magic treasures into the disk array. With a thought, the nine magic treasures instantly darted out and formed a formation.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen revealed a satisfied smile.

Not only did the power of the magic treasures activated by the disk array increase, but more importantly, the response speed was much faster.

Although the secret art of the ten thousand soldier technique was powerful, it was not without flaws. One of the biggest flaws was that the magic treasures had to be controlled through the disk array. Compared to direct control, there would be a certain delay.

Although the delay was very small, the battle was constantly changing. Perhaps a one-thousandth of a second delay would have a great impact on the battle situation.

And the newly refined formation plate of Lian Yang had obviously put all his efforts into reducing the delay. As for increasing its power, it was secondary.

From this, it could be seen that Lian Yang was not a kind of old-fashioned refiner. He was a refiner who had his own opinions and truly paid attention to actual combat.

Such a person could be called a master. He was far from being comparable to those masters in the uncivilized land.

“Fellow cultivator Lian, your skills are superb. I admire you!”

Chen Chen praised sincerely.

Lian Yang burst into laughter when he heard that. The pride in his eyes was beyond words. Chen Chen also did not expect that the middle-aged man would have such a childish scene and could not help but be a little absent-minded.

Lian Yang quickly realized that something was wrong. He retracted his smile and said, “Fellow Daoist Tianyun, your secret art of the art of ten thousand weapons is no trifling matter. Unfortunately, we refiners are not immune to it. We need to earn spiritual stones to buy better refining materials.

Otherwise, I would be willing to spend my entire life to create such a top-tier magical equipment and pass it down to the world.”

As he said that, Lian Yang revealed a look of yearning.

When Chen Chen heard this, he smiled and said, “The Magic Treasure that fellow Daoist Lian has spent his entire life to create will definitely follow that kind of indomitable mighty figure and use this to become famous throughout the world. What right do I have? “He’s just a carefree person. If such a treasure follows me, it’s destined to be unknown.”

Lian Yang shook his head and said, “Fellow Daoist, you’re too modest.”

Although he said so, it was the truth.

As the saying goes, a sword is given to a hero. Without a cultivator who is good at fighting, no matter how powerful a magic treasure is, it will not be famous.

“Unfortunately, with my current ability, I can not deduce the position of some divine gold. Otherwise, I would like to find some divine gold to refine into a magic treasure.”

Chen Chen mentioned this without leaving any trace.

His words were also fishing, or more accurately, drawing a cake.

There was another meaning that could not be understood right now, which was that it might be possible in the future.

As expected, Lian Yang’s heart was immediately moved when he heard that. He hurriedly asked, “Fellow cultivator, can you really reach that level as a person who cultivates destiny?”

Although he tried hard to suppress it, the envy in his eyes was still inadvertently revealed.

Deducing where the divine gold was, this was simply the ultimate dream skill of a refiner.

“Of course!”Chen Chen smiled confidently and began to calculate with his fingers.

A moment later, he pointed at the direction of the cottage and said, “Fellow cultivator Lian, if I’m not wrong, there is a piece of thousand-fold spiritual iron ore in the cottage, right?”


Lian Yang was so shocked that he couldn’t say anything.

Hearing it was one thing, but seeing it with his own eyes was another. There was actually a huge secret chamber under his cottage, in which a lot of refining materials were hidden.

And the direction that Tian Yunzi was pointing at was exactly where the thousand fold spirit iron mine was located.

Ordinary people didn’t even know about his secret chamber, let alone entering it! In other words, this Tian Yunzi really relied on his calculations!


“Amazing! Fellow Daoist’s ability is truly amazing!”

Lian Yang praised endlessly, and his eyes became somewhat respectful.

If such a person could calculate the position of the spirit iron, then it should be a piece of cake for a person.

Facing a person who could see through him, it was difficult not to be respectful.

Seeing Lian Yang’s expression, Chen Chen knew that he was overacting, he had scared the other party… so he quickly tried to remedy the situation. “Ahem, fellow Daoist, please forgive me. It’s mainly because fellow Daoist and I hit it off at first sight, and I couldn’t help but feel the desire to show off my skills. I forgot what master said about keeping a low profile.”

When Lian Yang heard this, he felt as if he was bathed in a spring breeze.

What did a person who could see through fate mean when he said that they hit it off at first sight?

This was the character that recognized you! Obtaining the recognition of such a person far surpassed the recognition of hundreds of others. Strictly speaking, it could be considered as the recognition of the heavens!

Seeing Lian Yang’s comfortable expression, Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Since he wanted to make use of others, he had to first make himself useful. He still understood this point.

To put it nicely, if he wanted to obtain a trustworthy friend, he had to treat others sincerely and make himself worthy of others’trust.

“Haha, fellow Daoist, didn’t I hit it off at first sight when I saw you? Sigh, to be honest, I used a lot of refining materials that I was reluctant to use to refine this array disk.”

As Lian Yang spoke, his tone became casual. After that, he felt that it wasn’t enough, so he took out two bottles of spirit wine from the small room and wanted to have a few drinks with Chen Chen.

In the following days, as long as Lian Yang was free, Chen Chen would run over to him. With Chen Chen’s social skills, he would naturally scare Lian Yang until he was stunned.

Two months later, the two of them were almost able to wear the same pair of pants. If they weren’t biological brothers, they were better than biological brothers.

On this day, Lian Yang took the initiative to look for Chen Chen. His face was full of joy.

“Brother Zhang, I received a big order from a city lord of the Cthulhu Hall in the Golden Sage City shop. He asked me to refine it for him by name!”

“Congratulations, Brother Lian. Could it be that brother Lian wants to celebrate such a happy occasion?”

Chen Chen smiled.

Lian Yang did not say anything. Instead, he waved his hand. A strange pitch-black longsword suddenly appeared in his hand. The longsword was covered with strange patterns. Even if he did not use his spiritual power, it gave people a feeling of dizziness.

Chen Chen’s pupils shrank. This longsword was indeed a shocking treasure, but it was also stained with a lot of vengeful souls. In short, this was an ominous treasure. Refining this treasure would probably be harmful to himself.

Thinking of this, he said directly, “Brother Lian, this spiritual stone is not easy to earn…”

“How could I not know? But the material of this longsword is the rare cold soul cold iron, and its value is only below divine gold. I Can’t refuse to refine such a material, not to mention that the other party has offered a price that I can’t refuse!”

“What price?”Chen Chen asked curiously.

“The supplementary materials that were given to me for re-refinement, if there is any surplus, they will all belong to me.”

Lian Yang’s eyes sparkled, and he looked very excited.

Hearing this, Chen Chen did not try to persuade him any further. Everyone had their own path to choose. Not everyone in this world valued their lives the most.

Lian Yang obviously valued refining artifacts more than their lives.. If he tried to persuade him, it would seem that he was meddling in other people’s business.

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