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Chapter 406: Soul-Searching Wall, Rainbow Blade

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For a cultivator at Chen Chen’s level, going deep underground was not difficult at all.

The pressure of the soil was similar to air in his eyes. As long as he released a little spiritual energy, he would be able to bounce the surrounding soil away. Therefore, it did not take long for Chen Chen to reach 2,000 meters underground.

The land in the upper realm was completely different from the lower realm. In the lower realm, there would be a water layer two kilometers underground. However, in the upper realm, there was no difference between two kilometers underground and a hundred meters underground. It was all thick soil.

Chen Chen released a little spiritual energy to bounce the surrounding soil away. He let his spiritual sense spread out and soon discovered the abnormalities in the surroundings.

Nearby, there were some broken stone tablets and half-rotten wood that emitted a strange smell.

Upon seeing these items, Chen Chen felt a little motivated and began to ask the system.

“System, is there anything valuable within a radius of ten thousand meters?”

“There are five high-tier Spirit Stones two meters ahead of the host.”

“There’s an immortal wood thirty meters ahead of the host.”

“There’s a Soul-Suppressing stone lion forty meters behind the host.”

“9,000 meters ahead of the host, there’s a spiritual futon.”

“9,900 meters to the left of the host, there’s a broken 10,000-year-old Black Gold lock.”

Hearing the name 10,000-year-old Black Gold, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up.

This was one of the precious materials used to refine artifacts, second only to Divine Gold. Many experts used this material to refine their natal magic treasures.

In addition, some sects’ treasury locks would also use this material. It was said that this 10,000-year-old Black Gold was incomparably tough, second only to the immortal Divine Gold of the ten great Divine Gold.

However, since this 10,000-year-old Black Gold lock had already broken, the treasury must have been opened by someone.

Chen Chen was not disappointed about this. When he had just heard the answers given by the system, he had already mentally prepared himself. This was because the treasures found by the system were all inconspicuous and easily overlooked by others.

It was obvious that these were leftovers that others had not noticed during the tribulation.

However, since this sect could use 10,000-year-old Black Gold as a lock, it must not be a small sect. Chen Chen would not mind picking up some leftovers.

After a moment, he found the broken 10,000-year-old Black Gold lock.

This lock was about the same size as the others. Its appearance was quite ordinary. It was cut in the middle by a sword, and the cut was very neat.

He did not know how powerful that sword was, but he was sure that the sword was at least made of materials of the same level. Moreover, it was refined extremely well, unlike the 10,000-year-old Black Gold lock, which was coarsely polished.

Chen Chen put away the 10,000-year-old Black Gold lock, and a smile appeared on his face. In his eyes, this thing was the rations of the 10,000-year-old Divine Gold.

As for the futons and stone lions that he picked up along the way, he also put them away, especially the futons. They were much better than the one he used himself. It was obvious that they were used by some important figures in the sect.

“System, what is the most valuable thing within a ten-thousand-meter radius?”

Chen Chen asked again in his mind.

The ruins of the sect were huge, far beyond a 10,000-meter radius. However, most of the items that he had just tracked down were of little value. Chen Chen did not want to waste any more time, so he simply went straight to the most valuable item.

If even the most valuable item could not pique his interest, then there was no need for him to search within this 10,000-meter radius.

“The most valuable item is the Soul-Searching Wall 800 meters in front of the host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was slightly shocked. What kind of treasure was this? How come he had never heard of it before?

Without any delay, Chen Chen walked straight ahead. Not long after, he arrived in front of a dilapidated wall.

There were some faint words on the dilapidated wall, but due to the passage of time, they could not be seen clearly.

“This broken stone wall is called the Soul-Searching Wall? What is it used for?”

Chen Chen was speechless. He originally thought that there was some secret technique recorded on the stone wall, but when he looked at it, it was almost broken to the root. It seemed that the original body had already been taken away.

Such a stone wall was basically no different from a broken stone.

“System, what is the most valuable thing within a radius of 10,000 meters?”

“The Soul-Searching Wall in front of the host.”

The system gave the answers.

Chen Chen thought for a moment and changed the question.

“What is the second valuable item?”

“The secret treasure three thousand meters to the left of the host, the Rainbow Blade.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen hurriedly walked to the left. It didn’t take long before he found the so-called Rainbow Blade in a concave pool.

Strictly speaking, this was a red short sword that was directly inserted into the concave pool.

There were traces of a large number of seals around it. Looking at the broken chains around it, Chen Chen could imagine that before the sect was intact, this place should have been a pool, and the Rainbow Blade had been inserted very low-key into the pool.

As for its function, it was either used as the eye of the array or used to suppress some evil thing.

When the sect was destroyed, this short sword was ignored, and only today did it have the chance to see the light of day again.

Chen Chen used his spiritual power to activate it, and a shocking sharpness and bloody smell emanated from the Rainbow Blade. Just getting close to it gave people an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

“Among all my treasures, this magic treasure is probably second only to my exquisite Divine Golden brick…”

Chen Chen was secretly shocked. After hesitating for a moment, he took out the sword from the formation plate of the ten thousand weapons art and replaced it with this red blade.

Although the nine treasures of the golden man were not bad, they were still far inferior to the exquisite brick and the Rainbow Blade.

According to Chen Chen’s thoughts, he would have to replace the rest of them sooner or later.

If one day, he could exchange them for nine treasures made of Divine Gold, then he would be invincible in the upper realm.

After putting the shocking red blade into the formation plate, Chen Chen frowned slightly. After thinking for a moment, he returned to the Soul-Searching Wall.

Since the system said that the wall of truth was the most precious item, there must be a reason behind it. He did not see how precious this broken wall was. That was his reason.

With that thought in mind, he bent down and cleaned up the soil around the wall of truth. Soon, a five-meter-long, crooked, broken stone wall appeared in front of Chen Chen.

Chen Chen could not tell what material this stone wall was made of. He touched it, but other than feeling a little prickly, he did not feel anything else.

Just like that, Chen Chen stood in front of the wall of Truth for an hour.

However, during this one hour, he still only saw a bit of the wall’s base. He did not gain anything else.

“No matter what, I’ll take it away first. I don’t believe that I can’t tell anything from this thing.”

In order to prevent missing out on the good stuff, Chen Chen dug up the surrounding soil and directly put the heart-questioning wall and the surrounding ten meters of land into his storage ring.

Who knows how many years ago, a certain powerhouse took away most of the top of the heart-questioning wall. Today, he could be considered to have completely broken the root of the heart-questioning wall.

“Guilty, guilty, guilty!”

After putting away the things, Chen Chen searched underground for a while again.. He directly searched the surrounding dozens of miles before leaving and flying out of the underground.

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