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Chapter 405: Leaving The Jade Tripod sect

The first thing Chen Chen saw was the symbol on the young cultivator’s chest.

Having been in the upper realm for so long, he had only seen the symbol of the Evil Fiend Temple in books. He did not expect to see it with his own eyes today.

However, there was one thing that surprised him. He had thought that this person was a disciple of the Evil Fiend Temple since he had such a high profile and exaggerated appearance.

He didn’t expect that he was only a disciple of the Evil Fiend Temple’s affiliated sect, the Evil Dragon Sect.

A disciple of an affiliated sect had scared the cultivators of the Crimson Fiend sect so much that they peed their pants and fled. How intimidating would a real disciple of the Evil Fiend Temple be?

Chen Chen cowered… He didn’t dare to think about it at all.

After “seeing” the cultivators of the Crimson Fiend sect off, Perfected Yu Ding let out a long sigh of relief. Since he had made up his mind, he had to accept reality.

At the thought of this, his eyes quickly became firm, then, he turned to look at the people of the Jade Tripod Sect and said, “From now on, my disciple, Perfected Jin Huo, will be in charge of the sect’s affairs. Everyone, focus on cultivating your alchemy skills. Don’t slack off just because you have protection!”

When the cultivators of the Jade Tripod Sect heard this, they looked at an old man in the crowd.

That old man was Perfected Jin Huo. He looked older than Perfected Yu Ding, but in fact, he was about a thousand years younger than Perfected Yu Ding.

Upon hearing his master’s instructions, Perfected Jin Huo suddenly burst into tears.

He was a native cultivator from the upper realm. Usually, in order to fight for some status with ascending cultivators, he had often hindered his master. He did not expect his master to hand over the sect to him before he left.

Although strictly speaking, the Jade Tripod Sect was no longer there, this trust made him extremely touched and ashamed.

“Jin Huo, why are you crying? It’s not like I’m not coming back. If I come back in the future and see that the sect is not as good as it is now, I’ll hold you responsible!”

On the other side, when Perfected Yu Ding saw that Perfected Jin Huo had suddenly burst into tears, he cursed in a somewhat resentful manner.

“Master, I’ll definitely do my best to develop the sect well!”

Perfected Jin Ding bowed, and his expression suddenly became extremely serious.

Perfected Yu Ding nodded with satisfaction when he saw this. Then, he turned his head and looked at the young Evil Dragon Sect cultivator who had been watching from the side, the gaze in his eyes gradually becoming impatient.

“Let’s go now.”

“Elder Yu Ding, please. This black dragon doesn’t recognize strangers.”

The young cultivator smiled proudly and pointed at the black flood dragon that stopped in the sky.

Perfected Yu Ding didn’t hesitate, nor did he turn his head. He directly flew onto the back of the black dragon, and the young cultivator followed closely behind.


The black flood dragon let out a dragon’s roar, then soared into the sky and flew into the distance.

Seeing that the sect master had already left the plaque on the sect’s stone tablet, in addition to having experienced a fierce battle just now, many cultivators suddenly lost control of their emotions and burst into tears.

Looking at the gloomy cloud over the Jade Tripod Sect, Chen Chen sighed softly.

Three days later.

The Jade Tripod Sect gradually resumed its normal operation. The news of the Jade Tripod Sect becoming a branch of the Evil Dragon Sect had also spread out. Many sects in the vicinity had brought a large number of gifts to congratulate them in an attempt to climb up to this new backer.

However, Chen Chen was currently packing his luggage.

Beside him, Huang Li had a reluctant look on her face. Qing Mu’s gaze was a little troubled, and he wanted to say something but hesitated.

“Now that I’ve stepped into the Spirit Severing stage, I have the ability to take care of myself. You can rest assured.”

Chen Chen finished packing up his things and put them into his storage ring. Then, he said to the people around him with a smile.

“Master, will you come back?” Huang Li muttered softly, tears rolling in her eyes.

“I will definitely come back. After all, I still occupy a mountain peak in the Jade Tripod Sect.” Chen Chen said seriously.

In fact, he had already planned to leave the Jade Tripod Sect. When he was at the peak of the Void Refinement realm, he had to consider the matter of transcending the tribulation. And to break through the Spirit Severing stage, he needed a quiet place to comprehend, so he stayed in the Jade Tripod Sect.

And once he stepped into the Spirit Severing stage, the road to the Unification stage would be too long. He had to go out and look for opportunities to advance by leaps and bounds.

If he stayed in the Jade Tripod Sect and cultivated slowly, who knew how long he would have to cultivate?

Of course, it was true that he said he would return.

Although he had not stayed in the Jade Tripod Sect for long, he had already regarded this place as his root.

The feeling of a rootless duckweed wandering around and a person with roots going out to explore was completely different.

Therefore, even if he left the Jade Tripod Sect today, he would not feel as lost as when he first came to the upper realm.

Because in the upper realm, there was also a place that belonged solely to him. There was a group of people waiting for his return.

“Master…” Huang Li was still reluctant to part with him. She hugged Chen Chen Chen’s arm.

Chen Chen thought for a moment and left some spirit stones and resources for this disciple.

When he took Huang Li as his disciple on a whim, he rarely fulfilled the responsibility of being a master. This was the only thing he felt guilty about when he went to the upper realm.

After taking out a storage ring and handing it to Huang Li, Chen Chen looked at Grandmaster Qing Mu Mu.

“Grandmaster, while I’m away, please help me take care of my disciple and two followers. As for the spirit nurturing lotus that senior Wu Nian needs, I will also take care of it when I’m outside.”

Qing Mu agreed repeatedly when he heard this. If it wasn’t for Chen Chen, he would have lost his life, and his master, Fairy Wu Nian, would have also been refined by someone. How could there have been a turning point now?

It was only right for him to take care of Chen Chen’s disciple for him. Strictly speaking, Huang Li was also his disciple.

“Chen Chen, don’t worry. As long as I’m here, your disciple will not suffer any grievances in the sect.”

“Thank you, Grandmaster!”

Chen Chen cupped his hands to express his gratitude. Then, he patted Huang Li’s head, turned around, and flew out of the Jade Tripod Sect.

After leaving the Jade Tripod Sect, Chen Chen roughly sorted out the things he wanted to do.

First, of course, it was to find an opportunity and take big strides forward in the Spirit Severing stage.

Second, he wanted to inquire about the news of the spatial rift and see if there was a chance to connect to the lower realm.

Third, he wanted to repair his natal magic treasure. It would be best if he could refine it again.

Fourth, he wanted to go to Heavenly Devil City to take a look.

Because he wanted to go to the Heavenly Devil City, Chen Chen had a clear route for this trip.

“System, are there any immortal ruins or immortal cultivators’ graves within a radius of 10,000 meters?”


“Is there one now?”

“There is an Essence Soul cultivator’s grave.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen automatically chose to ignore it.

After all, digging someone’s grave was immoral. It was better to forget about an Essence Soul cultivator. It was not worth it for him to do something immoral.

Just like that, Chen Chen sat in the flying boat and unknowingly flew for three days.

During these three days, he asked once every 10,000 meters. Along the way, he encountered quite a number of tombs. He even found the corpses of cultivators who had been dead for an unknown period of time and picked up a few storage rings.

However, most of them were cultivators whose cultivation levels were not as high as his. Their actual gains were very little. They were more interested in the fun of picking up things in the upper realm.

“System, is there anything within a radius of 10,000 meters…”

That morning, Chen Chen asked the system as usual. At this moment, the system suddenly gave a different answer.

“There’s a sect relic 5,000 meters below the host’s left.”

Upon hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s eyebrows twitched, and he quickly controlled the flying boat to land.

After leaving the flying boat and standing on the ground, a trace of curiosity flashed through Chen Chen’s eyes.

The height he flew was about three thousand meters. In other words, the ruins of the sect were about two thousand meters underground.

‘A sect was buried two thousand meters underground. How many years ago was that sect established?’

‘Even if there’s something inside, it’s probably rotten, right?’

However, this was, after all, the first ruins of a sect he had encountered, so Chen Chen decided to go down and take a look.

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