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Chapter 402: You Will Regret It

In the Jade Tripod Sect, Perfected Yu Ding returned triumphantly, and the disciples cheered.

Perfected Yu Ding, on the other hand, was full of regret. It was truly a pity that he hadn’t been able to kill the Second Demon Venerable this time.

Fortunately, he had brought back the other party’s body. The Second Demon Venerable was half a body refinement cultivator, and his body was extremely sturdy. If he refined it properly, he might be able to refine something special.

After he dragged the Second Demon Venerable’s body away, Chen Chen hesitated for a moment and returned to his own mountain peak. He took out the secret manual of artifact refinement that he had gotten from the golden alien race that day.

Perfected Yu Ding was right. He had to learn this artifact refinement method himself. Otherwise, with this exquisite Divine Gold in his hand, he wouldn’t be able to convert it into battle strength. How indignant would he be?

In fact, he had roughly read the artifact refinement manual a few times. However, he didn’t find anything special about it. He didn’t read it again afterwards.

Now that he read it with a serious attitude, he really learned a lot of things.

However, the things he learned were very limited. After all, artifact refinement wasn’t like pill refinement, where the best match could be found through the system.

Refining a weapon requires skill. Only with skilled and superb techniques can one refine a truly powerful magical treasure.

However, there was a benefit to refining a weapon. When he encountered precious materials, he did not have to worry about damaging them like he would when refining pills. This was especially so for items of the Divine Gold level. They were almost impossible to destroy. Therefore, Chen Chen could confidently and boldly try.

The first step of refining artifacts was purification.

The so-called purification was to extract the materials from the ores and expel the impurities. The simplest method of purification was forging.

Dang dang dang!

Chen Chen began his first step of refining artifacts. As for the tools, the golden man had a complete set, and the quality was quite good. He didn’t mind directly taking them out and using them.

He placed the Linglong Divine Gold on the forging table, burned it with spirit fire, and then forged it with the forging hammer.

The impurities in the exquisite Divine Gold could not withstand forging. Not long after, the exquisite Divine Gold ore shrank and turned into a lump of gray metal.

Chen Chen did not stop. The Divine Gold should enjoy the treatment that it deserves.

The forging lasted for more than half a day. As a body cultivator, Chen Chen did not feel tired. He maintained the strength that he should have with each strike until sunset.

At this time, the exquisite Divine Gold had turned completely gray. Its surface was irregular, and it looked as ugly as it could be.

Chen Chen decided not to give up. He decided to directly “refine” this piece of exquisite Divine Gold into a magic treasure.

Dang dang dang dang!

The next morning, Chen Chen looked at the “Dharma treasure”in his hand with satisfaction.

To be honest, using the Linglong Divine Gold as an experiment for the first time was something that all the refiners in the world did not dare to imagine.

However, he had been so extravagant for once.

The magical equipment in front of him was square… Well, strictly speaking, it was still a little crooked.

It looked a little like the bricks produced in the kilns in his previous life, and to be more specific, the unqualified types.

As for establishing a connection with them, he had used the most crude method of blood sacrifice.

Chen Chen smiled. With a thought, the bricks made of the Linglong Divine Gold flew up.

With this appearance, even the worst apprentice refiner would probably scoff at it.

It was just that an ordinary apprentice refiner did not have the strength to forge such a high-grade material.

Although the quality was not good, it did not affect the astonishing power of this brick. At least, it surpassed all the magical equipment that Chen Chen currently possessed.

Chen Chen experimented. As long as he wanted, this brick could instantly become as heavy as ten thousand tons.

This mountain was not as simple as crushing people. Instead, it was smashing people at an astonishing speed. That kind of power, coupled with such a small area of force… Just thinking about it made them shudder.

To be honest, among the ten types of Divine Gold, perhaps only the exquisite Divine Gold could display such astonishing power after undergoing such brutal forging.

For example, Divine Gold like the Omni Divine Gold and the immortal Divine Gold, if it was not for the fusion of other precious refining materials, it would be absolutely impossible to achieve the power of the Linglong Divine Gold.

After carefully studying his own works, Chen Chen took out the nine magic treasures of the art of ten thousand weapons and replaced one of them with this exquisite brick of Divine Gold.

The exquisite brick looked out of place when placed inside, like a shoot of grass among a myriad of flowers.

However, in terms of power, this brick was definitely the strongest.

Even if a piece of iron and a pile of cotton were to be refined into flowers, their power would not be able to compare to iron. Putting away these magic treasures, Chen Chen continued to learn the skills of refining.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

The weather above the Jade Tripod Sect changed once again. A large number of cultivators walked out and looked at the sky.

In the next moment, a total of nine huge flying ships drilled out from the clouds.

Compared to the lineup from last time, this time it was clearly several times more luxurious. Even the expressions of some of the old alchemists in the sect could not help but change.

They didn’t expect the Crimson Fiend Sect to come again after only three days!

Besides, it looked like they were coming out in full force!

The Crimson Fiend Sect had ten demon supremacies, but there were more than ten Spirit Severing Stage experts. For example, two of the strongest great Demon Venerables had reached the Spirit Severing Stage.

Perfected Yu Ding flew out of the sect and looked at the flying ship in the sky with an extremely grave expression.

Although the Jade Tripod Sect had some resources, they were still inferior to the Crimson Fiend Sect.

“You must be the sect master of the Jade Tripod Sect. Your bearing is indeed stronger than that of my second brother.”

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect flew out of the flying ship and said to Perfected Yu Ding with a smile.

Soon after, all the other Demon Venerables of the Crimson Fiend Sect, except for the second Demon Venerable, flew out of the flying ship one after another.

A powerful aura formed a tornado, wantonly wreaking havoc in the sky above the Jade Tripod Sect.

When Perfected Yu Ding saw such a lineup, his expression was still calm as he said indifferently, “Does the Crimson Fiend Sect really want to exterminate everyone? We both know the cause of this matter in our hearts. Our Jade Tripod Sect is not responsible.”

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect sneered and said, “What you said makes sense. Unfortunately, in this world, the biggest reason is always the fist. I’m stronger than you, so even if I’m unreasonable, you can only accept it!”

After hearing this, Perfected Yu Ding frowned and turned to look at the alchemists behind him, revealing a helpless smile.

After a moment, he turned around and asked, “Everyone, can we fight later?”

“What? Did you find reinforcements this time?”?

“The Crimson Fiend Sect has sent out all our forces this time. We have already informed the four sects. I don’t believe that anyone would dare to come and help.”

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect said coldly.

The reason why the masked cultivators dared to make a move last time was because their strength was far greater than the people led by his second brother. They could fight with ease.

But this time, could the Jade Tripod Sect gather several times the strength of the Crimson Fiend Sect?

If they couldn’t gather enough strength and ended up exposing their identities in the battle, the Crimson Fiend Sect would certainly welcome them with bloody revenge.

Moreover, he had already made preparations this time. He had sent some weak disciples to monitor the nearby sects. If any experts were to move out, he would be notified immediately.

“No, I’m just waiting for someone. Please wait a little longer.”

Perfected Yu Ding said with a bitter smile, his expression very sincere.

When the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect heard this, he was slightly startled. A moment later, he suddenly burst into laughter.

“A lion uses its full strength when hunting a rabbit. Do you think I will listen to you? Everyone, destroy the Jade Tripod Sect!”


Before the people of the Crimson Fiend Sect could make a move, Perfected Yu Ding suddenly roared, and his handsome face became a little malevolent, then, he said in an extremely serious tone, “I, the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect, dare to bet that if you don’t wait for a moment, you will definitely regret it in the future!”

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