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Chapter 40: Who Can Explain That?

“What is the best seat you have?”

Chen Chen petted the two-tailed fox’s doggy head in a soothing manner, his face calm and peaceful.

The guard began to think of something to say in his head, but ultimately did not speak. The best seats they had were on the top floor, but they were reserved for true gentlemen: money alone couldn’t do the trick.

However, the gentleman ahead of him appeared more like a regular gentleman than a true gentleman.

“What? Does even this little place require identification for entry?” Chen Chen’s lip curled upwards, his face full of satire.

Looking at Chen Chen’s reaction, the guard thought of his answer, “Gentleman, please follow me to the top stairs. There are some gentlemen and gentlewomen from the State of Ji up there, some of whom you may know.”

“Hah, I don’t know them.”

Chen Chen continued talking naturally.

At this point, the guard, carefully considering his words, realized the intended meaning behind Chen Chen’s request. Chen Chen did not want to be bothered with exquisite gentlemen and gentlewomen of the State of Ji; this proved to be very surprising to him.

Is this gentleman from the Capital?

Thinking of the possibility, awe began to grow inside the guard’s heart.

Sometime later, the group had finally reached the top of the Spring Breeze Pavilion.

On the top floor, there were only several private suites and a hall. At this point, the hall had been filled with exquisite gentlepeople in fine suits.

“Arrange a table for these VIPs!”

The guard spoke solemnly to the service person on the top floor.

“Who are they?” The service person asked with curiosity.

“Don’t ask what you don’t need to know, they are VIPs!”

As for the group’s origin? Such information was reserved for gods. The worker’s jobs were only to avoid triggering the prestigious group.

The guard silently noted in his heart.

“Good. However, we have rules prohibiting dogs here. If you wish to dine on the top floor, would you mind us keeping the dog for you?” The servant carefully points at the demon fox Chen Chen was hugging.

Upon being called a dog, the double-tail fox’s eyes began burning in fury; however, recalling Chen Chen’s warning, it nonetheless remained quiet.

“What dog? This is an Accra Isro Holy Dog; in terms of price, you couldn’t even buy this from me with the entire hotel. How dare you even keep this thing even if I let you keep it?”

“Look! It’s already mad just from being accused of being a dog. Just look at its eyes.”

Chen Chen bragged once again, thoroughly confusing the service person.

However, the service person was indeed stunned by the human-like emotions that the weird-looking dog was demonstrating.

He has seen many pets before, but none that had displayed such intelligence.

“Well, my distinguished guests, please follow my lead.”

The service person has no choice but to lead Chen Chen’s group to places further from the crowd, next to the window.

Chen Chen and Zhang Ji occupied one table; his grooms and bodyguards occupied another.

As they sat down, the service person took out a menu and said, “Sir, may I ask for your orders? The most expensive banquet we have here is two thousand taels of silver, containing thirty dishes made entirely of precious materials…”

Chen Chen barely reacted to the two thousand taels sum; however, the bodyguards and grooms began shivering; the noise generated from the shaking table could be heard from across the room.

How much exactly was two thousand taels per banquet? The Zhang’s, one of the top three households of the Shichuan County, could only afford at most twenty of these banquets. Had they ever seen such a scene in their entire lives? No.

The service person was utterly confused by such.

At this point, Chen Chen suddenly spoke up, “No need for anger. We can take some compromises away from home; while the two thousand taels per banquet price is rather cheap, we may have some exceptional surprises in this far-flung location.”

The faces of the bodyguards and grooms began to uncontrollably twitch.

Mister Chen was certainly very good at bragging!

With one spark of wiseness, a bodyguard finally spoke out, “We are fine with anything; our only concern is the mistreatment of you, sir.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen returned a look of appraisal; he then turned to the service person.

“We can take a compromise; two banquets of the most expensive thing you have, please.”

“What would you like to drink, sir?”

The service person kept a solemn face, his eyes full of awe as he looked at Chen Chen.

What kind of person would call a banquet costing two thousand taels a ‘compromise’?

Nevermind the fact that he even ordered a banquet for his servants. The service person had seen rich people before, but never anybody this rich.

“No need for drinks; there probably aren’t good drinks here anyway. Zhang Ji, fetch my bottle of fine wine in the wagon.”

“Uh… Yes, sir!”

Zhang Ji was still in a state of confusion; he numbly responded to the order, then left the top floor.

He knew about the ‘fine wine’ that Chen Chen was talking about; it was spring water. While it was just water, it is always refreshing for unknown reasons.

Zhang Ji now felt as if he as well needed a drink, for Chen Chen’s round of bragging most definitely stunned him very much, and he was still feeling dizzy.

“My brother is so able! Not only does he have such a high status of cultivation, he’s also so…”

“Easy and plainly awesome for interpersonal relations! He’s just a model of our generation!”

After Zhang Ji left the top level, Chen Chen began observing the surroundings.

There were about ten banquets sitting in the hall. There were clear signs of hierarchy in the dress code alone; however, Chen Chen could sense that everybody was focused around a lady on the left.

With his enhanced senses, he could hear everything they were talking about.

“Miss Murong, I have long heard of your great fame since I was in the State of Flying Tigers; from what I see today, your fame is never undeserved!”

“Miss Murong, my father has had the honor to co-work with your father; I was wondering if I may have the privilege to travel with you, miss?”

“Miss Murong had been selected by the Tianyun Clan so early; she will be our senior in the future! I propose a toast to our senior!”

Sometime later, Chen Chen finally had a grasp of the situation.

That lady surrounded by everybody seemed to have been selected early by the Tianyun Clan, like Zhang Ji; however, the lady seemed much more powerful than Zhang Ji.

Per the appeasers’ words, the lady could have directly entered the Tianyun Clan without passing by the State of Ji.

However, she refused for some family issues; instead, she traveled alone through the State of Ji on the day of testing by the Tianyun Clan.

More critically, the lady had a unique background—-the only daughter of the owner of a major city—-enabling her to get a practitioner guard on her way to Jizhou.

All of this together meant that the group of exquisite gentlemen would have to appease her to some extent, either for accommodation in the Tianyun Clan in the future, or for grouping up on the way to the State of Ji.

However, Miss Murong seemed uninterested with all the appeasement; she continued sitting still, responding with perfunctory effort.

“How about a deal? I can teach you a secret trick to have that lady fall in love with you, and you can let me go.”

Hu Xian’er, the demon fox, proposed to Chen Chen in a barely sensible volume due to the tight restriction around his throat from the hug.

“Who do you think am I? If you say anything else, you will get ten teddies tonight!”

Chen Chen’s face froze as he quietly scolded.

Was the demon joking? If Chen Chen were to be interested in a lady, why would he ever need a ‘secret trick’?

The demon was defaming him!

“System, who is the most handsome man in a twenty-meter radius?”

“Eight meters ahead…”

“Enough, shut up; I asked the wrong question.” Chen Chen interrupted the response, meanwhile staring at a handsome gentleman not too far away.

What use does handsomeness have? The key is charisma!

“What is teddy?” The demon fox was utterly confused, thereby it asked out of curiosity.

“A dog that’s estrous at all points; it would literally f**k a wooden stilt.”

The fox demon immediately shut up upon hearing Chen Chen’s response.

Suddenly, Chen Chen began to hum. Looking at the group of exquisite ladies and men, he sighed in his heart.

There were many buried treasures in the world, primarily because of a lack of ability to identify them.

Like him, the great senior brother of every single person present who was eligible for entry into the Tianyun Clan, disregarded at the corner.

Who could explain that?

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