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Chapter 371: This Chess Piece Implies The Heavenly Dao

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A few days later, the same thing happened again. There was even a female disciple who sobbed and returned the benefits she had received. She also advised Chu Yun to turn over a new leaf and not leave any regrets in her life when she died.

Hearing this, Chu Yun was stunned and began to doubt her life.

At this moment, she was extremely curious about what kind of person Chen Chen, who lived near the sect master’s cultivation place, was. She was surprised that he could actually do such a thing to the female disciple she had sent.

It was another peaceful day.

The sound of knocking came from outside the room again. Chen Chen shook his head and sighed softly. “Yet another girl who has fallen into a trap…”

After saying that, he moved his divine senses, and the door opened with a creak.

This time, she was wearing an orange palace dress. Her appearance was quite dignified, and one look was enough to tell that she was a very orthodox and traditional woman.

Chen Chen glanced at her and was surprised to find that this woman’s cultivation level was extremely high. She had actually reached the advanced stage of the Void Refinement realm, which was something that those few people he met a few days ago could not compare to.

‘Could it be that she had changed her routine today?’

Chen Chen was suspecting something but his expression did not change. He did not say a word until the woman placed the food on his table.

Chu Yun was also observing Chen Chen. The man in front of her was handsome on the outside, and his expression was serious. He had a scholarly aura but his gaze was a little sharp. After being looked at, she felt a little apprehensive.

She knew that this was because the other party’s divine sense cultivation far surpassed hers, which was why she had this feeling.

In short, this man didn’t seem like the kind of person who would sell his looks in exchange for benefits.

“Fellow Daoist, are you used to staying here?”

A moment later, Chu Yun asked softly, her tone gentle.

Chen Chen smiled faintly and said, “We cultivators aren’t used to living anywhere. It’s just that we’re a little bored.”

He was indeed bored. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been bothered to reason slowly with those female cultivators.

“Actually, Fellow Daoist, this kind of life is something that countless male cultivators yearn for. Not to mention other places, even those male cultivators of the Li Xian Sect are extremely envious of you, Fellow Daoist.”

Chu Yun changed the topic and said in a slightly teasing tone.

Chen Chen smiled and didn’t say anything. There was no cynicism and contempt in his eyes, nor was there the gloating feeling of being envied by countless people.

Chu Yun hesitated for a while and asked, “Do you know how to play any musical instruments?”

Chen Chen was a bit surprised. He was an artistic young man in his previous life and had learned to play the piano for a while, but he couldn’t play it here.

He knew a little about playing the trumpet, but he couldn’t play it well.

“System, is there anyone more proficient in music theory than me within a hundred meters?”

“Yes, Chu Yun who is in front of you, Host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen knew that this could not be faked. He shook his head and said, “No.”

“In this case, Fellow Daoist, do you know how to concoct elixirs?”

Chen Chen asked the system again and found that the woman in front of him actually knew how to concoct pills, and her level of proficiency was even higher than his, so he decisively shook his head.

This time, without waiting for Chu Yun to speak again, Chen Chen took the initiative and said, “I know how to play a special kind of chess. I wonder if Fellow Daoist knows how to?”

“Is it a game? I know it. Could it be that Fellow Daoist is interested in having a hand-to-hand game with me?”

Confidence flashed in Chu Yun’s eyes.

One could see a person’s character clearly from their hobbies and interests, especially when playing chess.

A gentleman who plays chess openly will use his power to suppress others.

A formidable and ambitious chess style would be strange and unpredictable, and would not take the ordinary path.

A mediocre person would only imitate others, and not have his own style.

She wanted to see what kind of person Chen Chen was.

As for what kind of chess he played, she did not care.

In the world of chess, all paths lead to the same destination at the end of the game. As long as she looked at the rules, she would be able to reach a very high level in an instant.

Not long after, Chen Chen made a set of “Chess”,

looking at the chess pieces placed on the table, Chu Yun was surprised.

They were pieces of wood that were neatly stacked together. The key was that the other chess pieces were facing up while this chess piece was facing up from the back.

As for the front, when Chen Chen was making this chess piece, she had also seen it clearly. On it were the strange symbols “2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, j, q, K, a”.

There were also two pieces with the words “King” and “Little Wang” written on them.

To be honest, this was the first time she had seen such a strange chess piece. As a proud elite who was proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, painting, and even alchemy, she was immediately curious.

“This is a chess game from my hometown. People from my hometown all use this kind of chess piece.”

Chen Chen said calmly with a calm expression.

“Fellow Daoist, what are the rules of this go game?” Chu Yun asked.

Chen Chen smiled and told Chu Yun the rules of “Running fast”. He also explained the order of the size of the “Go game” one by one.

Chu Yun, a cultivator in the later stage of the void training realm, naturally understood it immediately. Therefore, she couldn’t wait to “play” with Chen Chen.

A moment later.

Chen Chen finished laying down the “chess piece” in his hand with a relaxed expression. His expression was very calm.

As a gambling expert, it was too easy for him to deal with someone like Chu Yun, who had just accepted a poker card.

Chu Yun’s mind was probably still studying the rules. She had not thought of deducing what cards the opponent was holding from her own cards.

Looking at the “chess pieces” in her hands, Chu Yun was a little confused.

She had never heard of a “chess game” like this, which was unfair at the beginning.

However, she had to admit that this was her first time playing this kind of chess, and she felt that it was very new.

“Fellow Daoist, do you all play this kind of chess?” Chu Yun asked.

Chen Chen replied, “Not exactly, but this kind of chess is the most profound. Usually, cultivators use this kind of chess when they gamble.”

“But… when playing this kind of chess, doesn’t luck play a big part in determining victory?”Chu Yun asked in confusion.

When Chen Chen heard this, he revealed a disappointed expression and took out a ‘three’ card.

“Life is like this, isn’t it? Some people are born with a golden spoon in their mouth and are born with great talent in cultivation. There are also some people who are born mediocre and can only live an ordinary life.

“And this chess game, every game, is a complete life.

“What we can do is to use the cards in our hands… Ahem, I mean, chess piece, to get the best result.”

Hearing this, Chu Yun’s expression was shocked. She actually had a faint feeling of realization. Looking at the “chess piece” in her hands, she suddenly felt that this chess game had become unfathomable.

It was as if those “chess pieces” were the talents that she had.

Chen Chen silently took the cards in her hand and placed them on the table. Then, he shuffled them and said, “Isn’t it the same for cultivators? How can ordinary cultivators have the same strength? And this chess piece represents the foundation we have. Whoever uses their foundation first and brings out their greatest strength will be able to defeat the other party smoothly.

“This kind of comparison can also be placed between the sects. This ‘King’ chess piece represents the strongest sect master, while this ‘little king’ represents the supreme elders and the like.

“Although the king is strong, four powerful elders can form a formation and defeat him.

“Even though ordinary disciples are extremely weak, when organized, they can still make the other party unable to withstand it.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s explanation, Chu Yun became a little dazed.

Although she had always said that chess was like life, the chess games that she had played before could not be compared to this one.

Just as Chen Chen had said, life is unfair since birth.

And the other chess pieces were all on the same starting line. This was not like life at all.

Only this chess piece gave her the feeling of doing everything in her power and listening to the will of heaven.

At this moment, she felt that although this chess piece…. looked simple, it contained the Heavenly Dao.

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