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Chapter 370: A Gentleman, Chen Chen

A moment later, Chu Yun turned around and left, but she let out a long sigh in her heart.

Looking for someone to seduce… how could it be so easy?

Not many people dared to have designs on the sect master’s man. She had to arrange a way out for him, and perhaps only then would someone dare to take the risk.

This was not a simple task.

The next morning, Chen Chen was cultivating when there was a knock on the door. It was accompanied by a crisp voice that sounded like an oriole.

“Young Master, I’m here to bring you food. It’s all made of treasures.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen used his divine sense to open the door. Immediately afterwards, a petite female cultivator with a curvy figure walked in slowly.

As soon as the female cultivator entered the room, she closed the door lightly with her foot.

“Young Master, please enjoy.”

The female cultivator bent down and took out one dish after another from her storage ring. Every time she took out a dish, she bent down.

Because the clothes she was wearing were very low-cut, every time she bent down, Chen Chen would be able to see her cleavage.

Chen Chen lightly tasted a dish made of treasures, and his heart was filled with joy.

This soft rice was too fragrant.

No wonder some people loved to eat soft rice in his previous life. Soft rice was really delicious.

“Young Master, you have cultivated for such a long time. Do you need me to massage your back?”

The female disciple said earnestly, and her small hand had unknowingly been placed on Chen Chen’s shoulder.

Chen Chen was a little surprised when he heard this, and raised his head to look at the female disciple.

It was only then that he noticed that this female disciple also looked extremely pure. Coupled with her fiery figure, she had a vibe that even a man could understand.

“There’s no need. I’m a body refinement cultivator. If I’m not careful, I’ll hurt you.”

Chen Chen tactfully refused.

He had stayed in the Li Xian Sect for a few days, and all the female cultivators kept a respectful distance from him no matter how old they were.

Even some old women didn’t dare to speak more to himas if they were afraid of being misunderstood.

Now that this female disciple dared to be so impudent, there were only two possibilities.

The first possibility was that there was something fishy going on.

The second possibility was that his charm was too great, and the female disciple couldn’t resist it.

“Young Master, since you’re a body refinement cultivator, your body must be great, right?”

The female disciple said softly with a meaningful tone.

Chen Chen didn’t think too much and said calmly, “Of course.”

“Young Master, then can you activate a cultivation technique and let me feel how hard your body is?”


Chen Chen almost spat out the food in his mouth when he heard that. Fortunately, at the critical moment, a powerful spiritual power burst out and directly digested the food in his mouth.

“Little girl, if you have something to say, just say it. There’s no need to play this game with me. Perhaps you don’t know that I’m actually a gentleman.”

After calming his mind, Chen Chen put down his chopsticks and looked directly at the female cultivator.

When the female cultivator heard this, her small face turned red. She clasped her hands together and said shyly, “Young Master, you misunderstood. I didn’t think too much about it. I just felt that you’re a little pitiful being trapped here all day long. I felt some sympathy for you in my heart. Please forgive me, Young Master.”

After saying that, she blinked her big eyes and looked at Chen Chen. It was as if water could be squeezed out of her delicate face.

“I don’t blame you. If there’s nothing else, you can leave.” Chen Chen’s voice suddenly turned cold.

The female cultivator’s expression froze and she was caught off guard.

“Little girl, I’ll tell you one thing. You can’t use lust to fool others. Otherwise, you’ll get addicted to it in the future. From now on, you’ll be on a path of no return. Do you understand?”

Chen Chen lectured her earnestly.

It wasn’t that he thought too highly of himself. Instead, he asked the system and found that no one in the vicinity had a good impression of her.

Then, it was worth pondering why this woman was so passionate towards him.

The female cultivator felt incomparable contempt in her heart when she heard this. This person in front of her had relied on his good looks to reach the peak of his life, yet he still had the cheek to educate her. He was simply Shameless!

However, for the sake of remunerations, she still put on a panicked look and said aggrievedly, “Young Master, I didn’t… since young master doesn’t welcome me, then I’ll just leave.”

After saying this, she turned around and walked out. However, in her heart, she was silently chanting one, two, three, hoping that Chen Chen would keep her behind.




“Wait a moment!” Chen Chen’s voice sounded at the right time.

When the female cultivator heard this, she was extremely pleased with herself. After brewing her emotions for a moment, she suddenly turned around.

At this moment, her eyes were already red, as if she had suffered a great grievance. Her appearance was really pitiful.

“Young Master.”

“Take the plate away.”

Chen Chen pointed at the plate on the table. There was still some left.

The female cultivator’s expression suddenly froze. The grievance on her face could no longer be concealed. Instead, it was replaced by anger.

Then, with an indignant expression, she took the plate away and left the room.

At night.

This female cultivator once again came to deliver the food.

Logically speaking, a cultivator with Chen Chen’s cultivation level should already be out of the mortal world. Even if he occasionally wanted to eat, he should be able to eat once every seven or eight days.

However, it was fine in the Li Xian Sect. There were several meals every day, and every meal was a fare of heavenly treasures.

Not only was the taste good, but it also helped to increase his cultivation level. Naturally, Chen Chen would not refuse.

This time, the female cultivator wore a white satin dress, and her figure was even more graceful.

However, when she was not far from Chen Chen, she suddenly stepped on her satin dress.


With a delicate cry, the female cultivator directly pounced toward Chen Chen.

Along with it was the sound of her dress breaking.

When Chen Chen saw this, he used his divine senses and directly teleported the female cultivator out of thin air. Then, he placed her squarely at the door.

A breeze blew past, and the female cultivator suddenly felt a little cold.

Not only was the part of her dress that was damaged cold, but her heart was even colder.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but start to doubt her own charm.

It is worth noting that… the other male disciples in the sect couldn’t take their eyes off her, so why was it impossible for them to face this person.

“Little girl, why did you set foot on the path of cultivation?”

At this time, a voice came from inside the room.

The female cultivator was silent for a long time and replied, “To be free and unfettered, to live forever between heaven and Earth.”

“Since you want to be free and unfettered, why do you have to flirt with someone you don’t like? Isn’t that against your heart?

“I don’t know who sent you here, and I don’t know how many benefits you received from others but you should know that accepting those benefits will certainly improve your cultivation, but won’t it make you feel free and unfettered?

“Now that you’ve gone against your own wishes to tease me, you’ve abandoned your roots and gone to the ends of the Earth. If your parents are still alive, they definitely wouldn’t want to see you like this…”

As Chen Chen spoke inside, a soft sobbing sound came from outside.

Then, the sobbing sound became more and more distant. Clearly, the female cultivator had left this place.

Not long after.

Beside the Li Xian Sect’s lotus pond, the female cultivator who had just left Chen Chen’s residence said to a beautiful figure in front of her in a soft voice, “Senior Sister, I’ll return your storage ring to you. I can’t do this.”

“This matter doesn’t need to be completed overnight. Why are you in such a hurry to reject it?”

The beautiful figure turned around. It was Chu Yun.

“Young Master Chen Chen looks down on me, and from now on… I want to rely on my own strength to earn cultivation resources, and not rely on other things.”

Shock flashed in Chu Yun’s eyes when she heard this answer.

She knew that this Junior Sister had always been greedy for Spirit Stones, but she actually said such words tonight. It was simply inconceivable.


“Senior Sister, I hope that you can understand a principle as soon as possible. Don’t forget your original intention, only then will you be able to achieve your goal. Don’t forget our original intention of embarking on the path of cultivation. Alright, farewell!”

After saying this, the female cultivator turned around and left, disappearing into the darkness of the night. Only Chu Yun was left standing there in a daze, somewhat at a loss.

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