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Chapter 369: The World Is As Black as Crows

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When he arrived at the library, Chen Chen asked around, and only then did he know the identity of the tall woman.

The woman’s name was Li Xiang. Not only was she Li Xian’s only direct disciple, but she was also Li Xian’s adopted daughter. She had only cultivated for over thirty years and had already stepped into the late stage of the Void Refinement realm. She was the most talented person in the entire Li Xian Sect and was also the eldest Senior Sister of all the disciples.

“I didn’t expect that I would really be her untested father.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart. No wonder that female cultivator was unhappy with him.

He could understand why she felt the same way.

“Bah! I’m only twenty years old!”

Chen Chen was rather speechless. It was really too difficult for a young lad like him to get used to coming to this lousy upper realm. Especially when it came to ethical issues, it made him feel even more at a loss.

“Fellow Daoist, I see that you don’t seem very old either. I wonder if you could reveal your age?”

The female guard of the library said with a grin. Her eyes were filled with curiosity, as if she had never seen a man in her eight lifetimes.

Chen Chen thought for a moment and said, “I’m two hundred years old.”

When the female guard heard this, she revealed an extremely shocked expression.

“Fellow Daoist, I didn’t expect you to be only two hundred years old. To have such cultivation at two hundred years old, you’re already one of the best in the Li Xian Sect!”

Chen Chen smiled awkwardly and said, “You flatter me.”

Cough Cough Cough!

At this moment, a soft cough came from afar. The female guard immediately lowered her head when she heard it, her expression becoming extremely serious.

Chen Chen turned his head and saw a middle-aged female cultivator not far away looking at him with a stern gaze.

When he saw this, he immediately understood something.

Now, he could be considered as the sect master’s subordinate. Ordinary female disciples would not be able to strike up a conversation with him.

“This damned place.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart and began to read silently in the library.

After reading for a day, Chen Chen’s understanding of the upper realm became more detailed.

In the upper realm, other than Heavenly Fiend City, there were several other super sects. The strongest sect was called the Immortal Sect. To dare to use such a name, one could imagine its strength.

In addition, in the upper realm, the evil cultivators also existed openly. They also established a heretical sect called the Evil God Altar.

Putting aside the three super sects, there were also many top sects. In terms of the strongest, these top sects were not inferior to the three super sects.

There were even some famous rogue cultivators in the upper realm. Even the super sects were not willing to easily provoke them.

All in all, the upper realm was a situation where hundreds of schools were contending.

Of course, there was also a strange rule.

Any sect founded by cultivators below the Unification Stage was not allowed to enter the five great regions and could only stay in the land of alienation.

According to Chen Chen’s deduction, there should be more order in the five great regions than in the land of alienation.

After reading the books, Chen Chen borrowed a few more books and left.

However, on the way back to his residence, Chen Chen was stopped by the tall woman, Li Xiang.

Looking at his “daughter” who was in her thirties, Chen Chen raised his eyebrows and asked, “What exactly do you want to do? Let me tell you, I have a Daoist partner.”

When Li Xiang heard this, her face immediately turned sullen and she said coldly, “I’m waiting for you here just to return that sentence to you. You should know your place and don’t forget your identity!”

“Okay, good daughter.”

Chen Chen answered casually.

Li Xiang was slightly stunned when she heard this. Although she was furious, she attacked Chen Chen without saying a word.

Chen Chen subconsciously dodged her attack. He was still wearing that casual smile on his face.

“You are being disrespectful.”

“If you continue to talk nonsense, I will kill you!”

Li Xiang took out a magic treasure. Her tone was extremely angry.

Chen Chen fell silent when he heard this. After a moment, he said faintly, “Are you afraid that I will appear and take away the sect master’s love for you? That’s why you can’t wait to find me and then find a reason to kill me.”

Li Xiang was so angry that her chest heaved up and down. The hand holding the magic treasure was even slightly trembling.

“Don’t worry. Not only will it not be like that, from now on, you will even have an extra fatherly love.”

After saying this, Chen Chen slipped into his residence and opened all the arrays.

The next moment, a rumbling sound came from outside. However, no matter how loud it was, it could not affect him in the slightest.

The defensive array here was not something that a mere Void Refinement realm cultivator could break.

“Why is it so noisy outside?”

Not far from the sect master’s cultivation area, a middle-aged female cultivator slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with disgust.

A young female disciple beside her whispered, “Master, Eldest Senior Sister is looking for trouble with that pretty boy.”

Upon hearing this, a gloating smile appeared on the middle-aged female cultivator’s face.

“Hehe, Junior Sister really has nothing to do. She actually found a male cultivator for no reason. How shameless.”

The young female disciple didn’t dare to make a sound, but she was already used to this because when the sect master wasn’t around or in seclusion, her master would often scold the sect master.

It was said that the sect master had stolen the former sect master’s position back then, and the reason… was simply because the old sect master felt that she wasn’t as beautiful.

This made her master hold a grudge.

“This damned Li Xian better fail to break through and die from Qi deviation!”

The middle-aged female cultivator cursed in a low voice.

The young female disciple at the side jumped in fright and advised softly, “Master, the sect master is about to enter the Unification Stage. If you say something like this again in the future, I’m afraid she’ll hear you. At that time, I’m afraid she’ll harm you.”

“Harm me? How dare she!”

The middle-aged female cultivator suddenly became angry, and her eyes flickered with jealousy.

The Unification Stage was a stage that her master had never reached in her entire life. She didn’t expect that her Junior Sister would step into the Unification Stage in just a few hundred years after becoming the sect master.

This made her go crazy with jealousy. After all, she was only at the late stage of the Spirit Severing stage now.

The young female disciple wanted to say something but hesitated.

If it was in the past, the sect master might not have dared, because the late stage of the Spirit Severing stage was an extremely important power to the Li Xian Sect.

However, once the sect master stepped into the Unification Stage, the late stage of the Spirit Severing stage would no longer be important.

If the sect master was really calculative, she might really make a move.

Looking at her disciple’s gaze, the middle-aged female cultivator understood the meaning behind it, and her expression instantly turned cold.

“Wench, you absolutely can not step into the Unification stage.”

Hearing this, the young female disciple’s face turned pale with fright. Previously, her master’s words were spoken in anger, and she could hear it. However, from what she heard just now, she could tell that he was serious.

“Yun’er, how have I treated you?”

At this moment, the middle-aged female cultivator suddenly smiled and looked at the young female disciple.

The young female disciple’s heart thumped, and she had a bad premonition.

However, she still said with a solemn expression, “Master has treated me with great kindness. I, Chu Yun, will never forget it.”

The middle-aged female cultivator nodded in satisfaction, and then she revealed a vicious smile.

“Yun’er, go find someone to seduce that pretty boy and make him cuckold my Junior Sister. Do you think my Junior Sister would be half-dead from anger if she heard this kind of news while she was in seclusion?”

Hearing this, Chu Yun stood rooted to the ground in a daze. After a long time, she said, “Master, how could that pretty boy have the guts to do such a thing?”

The middle-aged female cultivator said disdainfully, “The word ‘pervert’ is like a knife. All crows in the world are as black. All men are like that. As long as you do it properly, what would he not dare to do? However, you must remember that you must leave behind evidence, understand?”

Chu Yun smiled bitterly when she heard this and finally nodded.

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