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Chapter 367: It Wouldn’t Take Long

Half a day later, the ground had already become a mess. There were hundreds of meters of huge craters everywhere.

Li Xian and the black-robed elder in the sky looked at each other in the air. Neither of them moved. At this moment, they were already fighting with their divine senses.

At this point in the battle, if one side was defeated, then there was a real danger of death.

At this time, the two of them had already fought with all their might and put aside Chen Chen’s matter.

“Crazy woman, is there a need to go all out for a kid?”

The black-robed old man said through divine senses.

Li Xian’s expression was ice-cold as she mocked, “You, an old man, is going all out too. How can you have the cheek to criticize me?”

“I…” The black-robed old man had some bitterness that he couldn’t put into words, and could only be secretly resentful.

At this moment, both of them simultaneously looked into the distance.

Instantly, a figure in the distance was frozen in place.

Chen Chen awkwardly turned around and said with a smile, “Seniors, let’s talk things out. There’s no need to be rough.”

Although he was smiling on the surface, Chen Chen was speechless.

These two people had reached a critical moment in the battle of divine senses. If either of them withdrew a portion of their divine senses, they might lose.

He did not expect that at such a critical moment, they would actually tacitly divide a part of their divine senses each to suppress him… He simply did not know what to say.

After a long time, the outcome of the battle was still yet to be determined. Chen Chen was also inexplicably implicated and became the third person between the two of them.

At this moment, a gloomy voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Kid, your divine senses are in the Spirit Severing realm, right? Use your divine sense to block that part of her divine senses. If you succeed, I will only take your personal treasure and not take your life.”

Chen Chen’s heart thumped when he heard this, and he instantly perked up. He hurriedly asked, “Senior, talk is cheap. How can I believe that what you said is true?”

“I’m at the half-step Unification Stage. Why would I lie to a junior like you?”

“Senior, the reason that we can live until now is because we don’t easily trust others,” Chen Chen said ambiguously. It was obvious that he did not agree with the black-robed elder’s words.

“Then I swear with my Dao heart that if I lie to you, I will not be able to step into the unity realm in this lifetime.”

The black-robed old man said angrily.

Chen Chen smiled but did not say anything. Swearing was even more unbelievable.

God knows if this person was already stuck in this realm and could not break through.

“Kid, don’t go too far! Don’t think that I don’t know what you are thinking. Do you really think that you can be safe and sound with such a female cultivator?”

Chen Chen was displeased when he heard these words.

How could a person like him think in that direction! This person really looked down on him too much!

Li Xian saw the black-robed old man and Chen Chen exchanging glances and immediately frowned. Then, she sent a voice transmission to Chen Chen.

“Kid, this old fogy is a man! If he wants to capture you, he must be trying to cultivate some evil technique! And I, someone who’s like your elder sister, cultivate the orthodox immortal cultivation technique. Even if I capture you, I won’t cause you any harm in the future.”

“Help me get rid of him. In the future, when you return to Li Xian Sect with me, you’ll be the only one under me. I’ll even help you step into the Spirit Severing realm. From then on, you’ll be my Dao partner. Won’t that be beautiful?”

Chen Chen was slightly moved when he heard this.

However, after a moment, his expression became solemn.

Moved? How could it be? He was definitely not that kind of person!

“Kid, help me kill her. I don’t want your Omni Divine Gold anymore!”

The black-robed old man’s exasperated voice rang in his mind again.

Chen Chen’s mood had already calmed down. At this moment, no matter what the two promised, they might not be able to fulfill it in the future. Under such circumstances, he thought that it would be better to wait and see.

Another two hours had passed. Their battle of divine senses had reached the most tense and critical moment.

At this moment, even if the two of them used their divine senses to transmit telepathic messages, they would not be able to do it. They had put all their energy into the fight.

Chen Chen, who had been dragged into this, could not tolerate it any longer.

If this continued and if the two of them did not die, he would have to die first. Therefore, he had to choose a person to side with.

There was no other way. At this moment, he could only ask the system.

“System, is there anyone within a 5,000-meter radius who has killing intent towards me?”

“Yes, there’s Elder Ku Shan who’s 200 meters to your upper left, Host.”

Chen Chen glanced at the black-robed elder. It was very obvious that this old fellow’s name was Elder Ku Shan.

This fellow might speak to him nicely, but in reality, he still harbored killing intent towards him.

As for Li Xian, she had no intention of killing him.

In this contrast, it was self-evident which side he decided to stand on.

With this thought in mind, Chen Chen transmitted his voice to Li Xian in the distance, “Senior, after some thought, I suddenly came to a realization. Moreover, when I was in Tianyang City, I once heard that you’re a noble person, generous, and kind-hearted. It would be too much of a pity if a fairy like you were to die here. Therefore, I have decided to abandon the dark side and join the light!”

With that said, Chen Chen ignored Li Xian’s shocked gaze. The divine sense of the Spirit Severing realm erupted with all its power and charged towards Elder Ku Shan!

In the distance, Elder Ku Shan’s expression changed drastically. There was even a hint of fear in his eyes. The power of this kid’s divine sense was much stronger than he had imagined!

Li Xian had not expected that Elder Ku Shan would at least know that Chen Chen’s divine senses were in the Spirit Severing realm. However, she had not known from the beginning that Chen Chen had actually erupted with a rather powerful attack at a critical moment. Her heart was immediately filled with joy.

As a powerful cultivator, it was naturally impossible for her to miss such an opportunity. Without the slightest hesitation, she launched her strongest divine sense attack almost reflexively.


In the distance, Elder Ku Shan let out a shrill scream. He withdrew his extremely weak divine senses and turned to run. Seeing this, Li Xian immediately abandoned Chen Chen and gave chase.

A moment later.

Chen Chen was the only one left on the spot.

However, he could not laugh. Li Xian was clearly relying on the fact that she had planted a mark on him to decisively give chase.

Even if he ran now, it would not be long before this woman caught up to him.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen let out a bitter laugh and waited on the spot. At the same time, he sent out a message, asking Huang Li and the other two to find a place to cultivate for a period of time.

“Sigh, it would be great if the two of them could perish together.”

While waiting, Chen Chen sighed.

After about two hours, a rainbow shot over from afar. Li Xian once again appeared in front of Chen Chen.

However, at this time, her face was extremely pale and her eyes were dim.

In the depths of her eyes, Chen Chen saw a trace of surprise.

From this, it could be deduced that Elder Ku Shan was most likely killed by her. Moreover, her gains were not small. Otherwise, she would not have suffered such serious injuries. She was even somewhat happy.

“Hehe, little brother, a wise man submits to circumstances. You actually did not run away. You have really impressed me!”

Li Xian said weakly.

Chen Chen smiled awkwardly and did not respond.

He didn’t have a backer in the upper realm, so what could he do?

“You’ve contributed greatly to the fact that I was able to kill that withered old man just now. There, take this. Don’t say that I’m stingy.”

As Li Xian spoke, she took out a storage ring and handed it to Chen Chen. At the same time, she took off the ugly mask on Chen Chen’s face and lightly licked her lips.

Chen Chen’s old face turned red. He didn’t expect that he would actually be molested by a female cultivator. Who was he going to reason with?

He carefully checked the storage ring. The resources inside were extremely rich. It was actually no less than the storage ring of the golden man.

Apart from that, there was also a dual cultivation technique. It was obvious that it was added later.

“Come back to the Li Xian Sect with me. When you go back, cultivate that cultivation technique properly. I’m seriously injured this time, but I have also gained a lot. I need to cultivate in seclusion to heal my injuries. At the same time, I will digest the battle spoils and try to officially enter the Unification Stage. When I come out of seclusion, then… hehehe!”

When Chen Chen heard this, he subconsciously asked, “Senior, how long do you think you’ll be in seclusion for?”

Li Xian answered with a smile, “What’s wrong? Little Brother, you can’t wait anymore?

“Don’t worry, I won’t be cultivating in seclusion for long. I’ll take at least three to four years, or at most seven to eight years.”

Chen Chen was speechless.

‘Seven to eight years? Is time so worthless in the eyes of these great cultivators?’

‘Seven or eight years is like seven or eight days!’

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