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Chapter 363: What About The Basic Trust Between People?

“It might be a coincidence. Although there are not many in the lower realm, there are also many. Perhaps another person named Chen Chen has also obtained the Omni Divine Gold.”

After a long time, Perfected Yu Ding said with some uncertainty.

Qing Mu quickly followed behind him and echoed, “It should be so. Yes, it must be so! Chen Chen of our realm is still my grand-disciple. How can he ascend so quickly?”

“Since our world also has a Chen Chen, then we won’t send people to snatch him for his sake. Let’s just forget about this matter.”

“Qing Mu, from now on, you should properly stay in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan and cultivate. You can only go out after you have more or less understood the upper realm. Do you understand?”

“Your disciple understands,” Qing Mu replied.

A moment later, he left the hall under the old woman’s lead. However, he remembered this matter in his heart.

Half a month later.

In a nameless mountain range, Chen Chen slowly opened his eyes. The disc that had lost all of its spirituality in his storage ring started to glow once again.

The nine weapons and treasures on the disc were also starting to move.

Chen Chen stood up and stretched his back. This secret technique was extremely difficult to learn in the hands of treasures. The technique itself was not difficult, so he spent half a month basically learning this secret technique.

“Come out!”

With a bellow, the nine treasures in the disk flew out at the same time and slowly rotated in the surroundings.

“Hehe, that golden man’s divine sense is still a little lacking. Otherwise, he would have had a chance to kill me that day.”

Chen Chen sensed the nine treasures around him and laughed softly.

Back then, he had faced these nine treasures. In terms of power, they were definitely not as strong as the current him.

In the end, it was still because his divine sense was far superior to that of the golden man.


With another bellow, the nine weapons and treasures shot out like lightning, and in the blink of an eye, they smashed into a mountain rock in the distance.


With a muffled sound, the mountain rock instantly exploded, turning into dust. The nine treasures retreated at a touch, and stopped nearby.

Chen Chen smiled calmly and hooked his finger. The nine treasures automatically formed a line and returned.

“Congratulations, Master, for your great accomplishment!”

A fawning voice came from afar. Chen Chen turned his head and saw Huang Li, who was full of smiles.

It was actually a casual move for him to accept this disciple. In terms of aptitude, Huang Li had an ordinary physique. If she was in the lower realm, she probably wouldn’t even have the qualifications to enter the four great sects.

But since he took in this little girl as a disciple, then he had to take responsibility until the end.

Thinking of this, he asked, “Huang Li, what cultivation technique do you practice?”

“I practice the art of bird-controlling!”Huang Li answered happily.

Chen Chen’s expression was a little awkward when he heard this. He had never heard of this art of bird-controlling nor did he know which of the five elements it belonged to. Even if he wanted to teach it, he couldn’t.

When he thought of this, Chen Chen said with a serious expression, “Bird controlling art. This cultivation method is not bad. You should practice it well.”

After saying this, he sighed in his heart. He still had to take in disciples like himself. If he left them alone, they would surpass him. There was no need for his master to worry at all. It would be much more convenient.

As for this disciple… he should wait until he became rich before feeding her elixirs or something.

By the time Chen Chen and the others were ready to take the flying boat and leave, it was already more than half a day later.

Before leaving, Chen Chen thought about it and decided to use the system.

“System, is there any high-quality weapon refining materials within a radius of 5,000 meters?”

“There is a piece of Crimson Cloud Gold 300 meters to the west of the host.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen did not delay. He quickly flew to the location specified by the system and burrowed underground.

Since he was going to reforge the Omni Divine Blade, he naturally had to prepare a large number of refining materials.

He did not touch those heavenly materials and earthly treasures. It was not too much for him to take some of the refining materials, right?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen had already dug out the Crimson Cloud Gold.

This was a palm-sized piece of miscellaneous-colored metal. Strange patterns covered it like auspicious clouds. According to the system’s introduction, this Crimson Cloud Gold was extremely malleable and was an extremely rare refining material.

Chen Chen put away the Crimson Cloud Gold delightedly. He seemed to have sensed something and his expression suddenly changed. In the next second, he disappeared from where he was.

When he arrived at the side of the flying boat, Chen Chen saw his disciple Huang Li talking to an enchanting woman dressed as a young woman. He hurriedly coughed twice.

“Cough Cough!”

Hearing this voice, Huang Li turned her head and pointed at the enchanting woman. “Master, this… Fellow Daoist is lost. He wants to follow us to Tianyang City.”

Chen Chen was silent.

Tianyang City was his next destination. It was rumored that there was a large-scale teleportation array there, but only those with prominent status could use it.

Logically speaking, a wandering cultivator like Chen Chen was not qualified, but he still wanted to take a look.

Seeing Chen Chen, the enchanting young woman was slightly stunned. Then, she suddenly lowered her head to hide the trace of panic in her eyes.

When he saw this scene, Chen Chen shook his head slightly. This woman was obviously not a proper cultivator. This disciple of his was also naive. Did she really think that treasures like his could be found everywhere?

“Fellow Daoist, some time ago, I encountered an evil cultivator. Recently, I managed to escape with great difficulty. However, after I escaped, I discovered that I was in an unfamiliar place…”

As she spoke, the enchanting young woman suddenly began to sob softly. That appearance of hers really made me feel pity for her.

‘With the cultivation of the Essence Soul realm, you’re not an ordinary person. What are you crying for! Can your acting be any more fake?!’

Chen Chen cursed in his heart and walked straight into the flying boat.

He did not even want to pay any attention to this enchanting young woman.

When Huang Li saw this, she followed behind without saying a word. The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian and Wu De were the same.

However, before Wu De boarded the flying boat, he did not forget to throw a flirtatious glance at the enchanting young woman.

“This is too unkind! where is the basic trust between people?”

The enchanting young woman cursed in a low voice. However, before she could finish her words, a voice that sounded like thunder rang in her mind.

“I don’t know what you are trying to do, but don’t play any tricks in front of me. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences!”

After this voice rang out, the flying ship rose into the air and flew into the distance.

Seeing the flying boat fly away, the enchanting young woman was in a daze. After a long time, she licked her lips, and her eyes suddenly became meaningful.

“Master, is that female cultivator a bad person?”

On the flying ship, Huang Li asked in a low voice.

Chen Chen did not comment. In his opinion, a beautiful woman alone in the wilderness was definitely not someone to be trifled with. Otherwise, something would have happened to her long ago.

Although that female cultivator seemed to only have the cultivation of the Essence Soul realm, Chen Chen had a feeling that things were not that simple.

It was better to stay as far away from such cultivators as possible.

“Phew! I knew it was a bad person!”

Huang Li stuck out her tongue, her face full of relief.

“You still dare to get so close to her when you know that?” Chen Chen asked in a hostile tone.

Huang Li pointed at her chest innocently and said, “My mother said that the well-endowed ones are not good people. I only noticed that she was quite well-endowed when I got close to her!”

Chen Chen looked at her chest and a trace of sympathy flashed in his eyes. Then, he nodded solemnly, which was to say that he agreed with her.

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