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Chapter 361: The Art of Ten Thousand Soldiers

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Chen Chen opened his storage ring expectantly and took a look inside. He gasped on the spot!

There was not even a single mid-grade or high-grade Spirit Stone inside. They were all top-grade Spirit Stones, a total of 10,000 pieces!

Other than that, there were also a large number of unknown refining materials. He used the system to casually appraise them and found that they were all precious materials that were not found in the lower realm.

The difference between these and the materials that he had fused into the Omni Divine Gold was comparable to the difference between black iron and diamonds!

Of course, the most eye-catching one was still a disc. There were nine weapons on this disc, which were the nine that had surrounded him previously.

In terms of value, these nine weapons were above those precious materials. He had experienced the power of these nine weapons, and each of them was not weaker than the Omni Divine Blade.

Compared to Jiang Chengzi, the golden man had a high-quality strategy..

Other than these nine treasures, the only treasures left in the storage ring were a gray sledgehammer and a long black rope.

The gray sledgehammer flickered with spiritual light. It should be the golden man’s tool for refining weapons, and the long black rope was the one that had almost tied him up.

Chen Chen forcefully suppressed his excitement and looked at the three secret manuals beside the treasures.

These three secret manuals were all made of some extremely precious demonic beast skin, and the materials they were made of were far superior to all of Jiang Chengzi’s secret manuals.

Taking out the first one, Chen Chen casually read through it. It seemed to be some kind of secret manual for refining treasures, which recorded a large number of methods for refining treasures and all kinds of incredible methods Chen Chen had never heard of. He was subconsciously fascinated by them.

By the time he took out the second book, an hour had passed.

Strictly speaking, the second secret manual was not a secret manual, but a ranking list. It was called the Divine Weapon List, and it recorded the strongest one hundred artifacts in this world.

Chen Chen skimmed through it. Among the one hundred artifacts, apart from a few treasures of heaven and earth that were formed by chance, the rest were all refined from divine gold.

And the first-ranked treasure was called the Eternal Omni Heavenly Dragon Sword.

Although the name of this sword was stupid, it was the natal treasure of the top almighty in this world.

The main material used was the Omni Divine Blade divine gold.

Then, it fused with the Eternal divine gold and thousands of other heaven-defying materials. When the sword was formed, it even killed a heavenly dragon’s true spirit. Using the blood of the true spirit as the sword and the true spirit’s soul as the sword soul, it was only then that it was refined into the most powerful treasure in the upper realm…

Chen Chen could not help but feel a surge of emotions as he looked at it. Compared to the Omni Divine Blade Heavenly Dragon’s indestructible sword, his Omni Divine Blade divine edge was really too low-grade.

“Sooner or later, my Natal treasure will also enter this divine weapon list!”

Chen Chen made up his mind secretly and then looked at the third secret manual.

This secret manual recorded a secret technique. It was the secret technique that the golden man used to form a formation with nine treasures. It was called the Art of Ten Thousand Soldiers

After reading it carefully, Chen Chen took out the disc from his storage ring.

The Art of Ten Thousand Soldiers was about refining a formation disc and then nurturing it using his own blood. He would then have to use the formation disc to nurture the treasures.

The stronger one’s divine sense was, the more treasures they could control at the same time. Nine treasures would form a formation, then eighteen treasures, and so on. It was endless.

The stronger the cultivator’s divine sense was, the stronger the treasures they could control, and the stronger the secret technique.

“Fighting brings so much money. No wonder the cultivators of the upper realm often fight.”

After reading the art of Omni weapons, Chen Chen muttered to himself.

Killing a peak of the Void Refinement realm cultivator brought too much wealth. In almost an instant, he returned to his peak state in the lower realm.

In fact, that was only in terms of value. If it were in terms of battle power, the increase in battle power could not be compared with bringing along more heavenly materials and earthly treasures if he learned these secret techniques and used these treasures well.

With this thought, even an upright gentleman like Chen Chen could not help but feel a little itchy.

In fact, the gains he could make from robbing would be even greater. He could even absorb the opponent’s divine sense.

If his soul consciousness hadn’t been exhausted and couldn’t use the Haoran Sacred Light Technique, he would have definitely absorbed the divine sense power of the golden man.

Although he hadn’t succeeded, he didn’t feel regretful.

He was already satisfied with so many treasures. Moreover, he had killed the golden man and dropped a Natal treasure and three soul consciousness protection treasures. He had put them into his storage ring a long time ago.

“My divine senses are at the split-spirit realm, so even if I absorb power that’s at the peak of the Void Refinement realm, it probably can’t be replenished much.”

Chen Chen comforted himself and began to try to learn the three secret arts.

At the same time.

Thousands of miles away, Jiang Chengzi’s essence soul flew to a cave abode weakly and shouted, “I request to see Master!”

After shouting a few times, no one answered. Jiang Chengzi gritted his teeth and said, “Master, Senior Brother has fallen!”

Hearing this, the door of the cave opened wide and a tall and thin old man walked out with a gloomy face.

“Rebellious disciple, what did you say?”

Jiang Chengzi’s heart was filled with jealousy and hatred. His master had always favored his Senior Brother and ignored this disciple of his. Now that he had become like this, even his master didn’t want to see him. However, at the mention of his Senior Brother, he immediately walked out.

This old fogy was really not a good person.

“Master… Senior Brother found that a cultivator who ascended to the lower realm had Omni Divine Blade divine gold, so he asked his disciples to join forces to snatch it. Unexpectedly, he was rebuffed and was killed by that cultivator. I also spent a lot of effort to escape.”

Jiang Chengzi deliberately emphasized the words Omni Divine Blade divine gold. As for the matter of the Heavenly Fiend City’s disciples, he did not mention a single word. His intention was self-evident.

Hearing this, the tall and thin old man’s face turned sullen. He had many disciples under him but few of them had any real achievements. Now, one of them had died. This was hard for him to accept.

“He killed someone and stole the treasure, but was killed instead. What a waste! Evil disciple, let me ask you, does that person really have the Omni Divine Gold?”

“Absolutely! I still have…”

At this point, Jiang Chengzi’s voice suddenly stopped. He originally wanted to take out the projection, but only then did he realize that the storage ring had been lost along with his physical body.

At the thought of this, his heart ached terribly.

“Omni Divine Gold… Omni Divine Gold.”

The tall and thin old man muttered a few words. A hint of greed flashed in his eyes but it quickly disappeared without a trace.

Compared to his two disciples who didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and earth, he knew better.

This kind of heaven-defying item wasn’t something someone with his level of cultivation could endure.

If some mighty figure were to see through it, not to mention that he was in the split-soul stage, even if his cultivation level was one level higher, he would still face a disaster.

One had to know… some mighty figures were extremely lacking in quality.

There were even those who were abnormally shameless, specifically picking on cultivators whose cultivation level was one level lower than his, killing them and snatching their treasures.

With that thought, the greed in his heart disappeared. His gaze towards Jiang Chengzi suddenly became fierce.

How could he not know what this disciple was thinking?

“Evil disciple! From now on, stay in this cave abode of mine. Go out after a hundred years. Don’t cause trouble for me!”

Jiang Chengzi’s eyes flashed with extreme shock when he heard this. Then, he hurriedly said, “Master, can you allow me to send a message to Wangjiang City to hand over the City Lord’s affairs?”

The tall and thin old man threw him a communication token and led him into the cave.

When the tall and thin old man went to cultivate, Jiang Chengzi said to the communication token with a resentful expression, “From now on, you are the City Lord. But before that, please help me spread a message. Just say that a cultivator named Chen Chen who ascended to immortality has Omni Divine Gold. Do you understand?”

“I understand…”

Not long after, an excited voice came from the communication token.

Jiang Chengzi put down the communication token after hearing this.

It was not easy to let go of the grudge of destroying his physical body and plundering his family’s wealth.

Chen Chen had clearly not officially joined Heavenly Devil City. Otherwise, how could he have so few tricks up his sleeve?

Therefore, before this, he still had a chance to take revenge. Even if he could not take revenge, he had to kill someone else.

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