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Chapter 359: Turning Against Each Other

Chen Chen glanced at the two Immortal Cranes which looked at each other and then slowly landed on the ground.

“Don’t come out!”

Chen Chen used his divine senses to inform the three people in the flying boat. Then, he smiled and looked at Jiang Chengzi.

“I didn’t expect the City Lord’s Senior Brother to be so enthusiastic. I’m flattered.”

Jiang Chengzi’s expression was as gentle and refined as ever. He smiled faintly and said, “I’m sorry, Fellow Daoist. I can’t say that he’s enthusiastic. It’s just that my Senior Brother doesn’t want to miss the slightest opportunity to improve. I wonder if you can summon your life treasure and let my Senior Brother have a look?”

Chen Chen asked the system silently. Jiang Chengzi was still okay. His strength was much weaker than his!

However, the golden man was actually at the peak of the Void Refinement realm. Even the system couldn’t tell who was stronger or weaker.

Such a person most likely had a divine sense defense treasure, so his powerful divine senses couldn’t play a decisive role.

“Artifact Master… I’m afraid he has a lot of treasures. He must have taken a fancy to my Omni Divine Blade.”

Chen Chen made a mental calculation. He had already guessed the thoughts of the two.

At the same time, he was also secretly nervous. It was still difficult for him to deal with the golden man. If he added Jiang Chengzi and the four Stone Mountain Saints who were about to arrive, it would be dangerous.

Although he was nervous, he did not show it on the surface. He calmly took out the Omni Divine Blade.

Looking at the Omni Divine Blade, the golden man’s eyes sparkled. Then, he revealed an undisguised ecstatic expression.

“It really is the Omni Divine Blade…”

At this point, his voice suddenly stopped, and the ecstatic expression on his face disappeared. He turned to look at Jiang Chengzi and nodded slightly.

Jiang Chengzi understood what his Senior Brother meant, and his attitude suddenly became cold.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, these two Immortal Cranes of yours… seem to belong to the Immortal Crane sect? Why don’t you follow me back to Jiang City to explain?”

Chen Chen watched the performance of his Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers in silence, and his mind spun rapidly.

It made a master artifact craftsman ecstatic who was not concealing his joy. The Omni divine gold must be an incredible treasure in the upper realm.

However, the golden man did not directly say the name of the Omni divine gold, and Jiang Chengzi also found an excuse for the Immortal Crane.


Such an excuse was not for him, who was about to be robbed, but for the four saints of the Stone Mountain who were about to arrive.

The four saints of Stone Mountain should not know about the Omni Divine Blade.

Perhaps, after Jiang Chengzi finished him off, he would kill the four saints of Stone Mountain to silence them.

At this thought, Chen Chen immediately had an idea, and his face became extremely cold. “City Lord, these two Immortal Cranes were raised by me since I was young. They have nothing to do with the Immortal Crane sect!”

“Whether they have anything to do with you or not, we will naturally know when we return. The Immortal Crane sect and the Wangjiang City are old friends. I will definitely get to the bottom of this matter!”

As soon as Jiang Chengzi said this, his hand suddenly trembled, as if he was going to take out some kind of magic treasure.

However, Chen Chen was already prepared. As soon as he moved his hand, a long sword that was formed from his divine sense slammed into Jiang Chengzi’s head!


The golden bell instantly enveloped Jiang Chengzi, and the long sword of divine sense collided with the golden bell, producing a violent explosion.

Under the violent vibration, Jiang Chengzi’s face instantly turned pale, and he spat out a large mouthful of blood. He exclaimed in shock and anger, “Divine sense of the split soul realm!”

On the other side, the eyes of the golden man flashed with surprise when they heard this.

He was not surprised that Chen Chen had the cultivation of the peak of the Void Refinement realm. However, he had never expected that he would have distraction divine senses.

It was just that most of the cultivators who had just ascended from the lower realm had a single type of method. He had a few divine senses and magic treasures to protect himself, so he did not panic.

At this moment, he was already glad that he had asked his Junior Brother to offer a large sum of money to invite the four saints of Stone Mountain. Otherwise, he might not have been able to take down this person today.

“Let’s see how long you can be arrogant!”

The golden man shouted in a low voice. A long rope suddenly flew out and turned into a long whip that wrapped around Chen Chen.

Seeing that long rope, Chen Chen quickly retreated. He did not know how powerful this rope was, but he definitely did not dare to be entangled by this rope.

Seeing that the four Stone Mountain Saints were about to arrive not far away, a burst of golden light suddenly erupted from Chen Chen’s entire body. He shouted loudly, “I am a disciple of the Heavenly Fiend City. How dare you touch me!”

This voice could be said to be earth-shaking, and it shook the whole area within 50 kilometers!

The golden man and Jiang Chengzi were scared out of their wits on the spot!

Looking at the dazzling golden light on Chen Chen’s body, the fear on their faces grew stronger. They shouted in disbelief, “Nine Revolutions Golden Body technique!”

However, in the next second, the fear on their faces turned into killing intent!

This person must die!

If he didn’t die, they would probably be finished!

Not only that, all the living beings within 50 kilometers had to die as well. They couldn’t spread the slightest bit of news.

The two of them had made up their minds, but the four Stone Mountain saints who had rushed over from afar felt terrible as if they had eaten shit.

Jiang Chengzi had only told them to kill a Void Refinement realm cultivator who had stolen from the Immortal Crane sect. He hadn’t said that he was a disciple of Heavenly Fiend City!

If killing a disciple of Heavenly Fiend City was not the last resort, who would dare to do so?

If they were to send back some information, then they would have to live in the shadows for the rest of their lives.

The price Jiang Chengzi offered was far from enough to make them risk their lives.

Just as the four saints of Stone Mountain were at a loss, Chen Chen suddenly turned his head to look at the Old Monster of Stone Mountain, who was in the lead. He said in a loud voice, “Fellow Daoist Stone Mountain, I didn’t expect you to pass by here. These two old thieves saw that I was carrying a treasure and actually wanted to kill me. If you help me today, the Heavenly Fiend City will definitely repay you greatly in the future!”

After saying this, Chen Chen did not conceal his cultivation base at the peak of the Void Refinement realm and his divine sense at the split soul stage, giving the four Saints of the Stone Mountain confidence.

When the four Stone Mountain Saints heard this, their expressions changed again and again. On the other side, a trace of panic appeared in the eyes of Jiang Chengzi and the golden man, Jiang Chengzi even shouted, “Fellow Daoist Stone Mountain, help us kill him today. The reward that I offered you previously will be doubled!”

The meaning of his words was very obvious. He was attempting to quickly drag the four Stone Mountain Saints down with him.

Without waiting for the four Stone Mountain Saints to make a decision, Chen Chen sneered and said, “Jiang Chengzi, why must you use such a childish trick? I don’t believe that there is anyone in this world who would attack the people of our Heavenly Demon City just for a little reward.”

After saying that, he looked at the four Stone Mountain Saints and said meaningfully, “Fellow Daoist Stone Mountain, they are Senior and Junior brothers. If you help them and fail to kill me, you can imagine the consequences.

“Even if you kill me, do you think they will let you go?

“And if you help me, the two of them will certainly not be able to kill me. At that time, you will have my friendship.

“If we are lucky enough to kill them, we will each get half of the spoils. Don’t you see what is more important and what is better?”

Hearing this, the Old Monster of Stone Mountain’s expression suddenly became firm, as if he had already made up his mind.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, we are just passing by. When we see injustice on the road, we will step up to help. Even if you are not a disciple of Heavenly Fiend City, we will still lend you a hand!

“As for the reward that Jiang Chengzi mentioned, it is just nonsense. We, the four Saints of Stone Mountain, will not go to the extent of finding trouble with the disciples of Heavenly Fiend City just for some Spirit Stones and some unimportant treasures.”

Seeing that old monster of Stone Mountain had defected to Chen Chen’s side with just a few words, Jiang Chengzi’s face turned even paler. He said mournfully, “Fellow Daoist Stone Mountain, if you can kill him today, all the spoils of war will belong to you!”

However, the four Stone Mountain Saints had already made up their minds. After hearing these words, they shouted angrily, “Jiang Chengzi, don’t spout nonsense! I really didn’t expect you to be such a villain! Take this!”

After saying that, the four Stone Mountain saints surrounded Jiang Chengzi on the spot. The five of them fought together.

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