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Chapter 357: Conspiracy

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Although the Omni Divine Blade was affected by this attack, the big black fish was also heavily injured, and its speed was greatly reduced.

However, the big black fish didn’t give up on healing. It ran away while issuing threats, and at the same time, it released that strange sound to disturb everyone’s minds.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chengzi and the other cultivators were also people with strong minds. Since they had decided to kill this True Spirit descendant, they naturally wouldn’t hesitate at this moment.

After a short while, the few of them once again surrounded the big black fish underground.

Seeing that everyone was full of murderous intent, the black fish said in a stern voice, “All of you just wait. Sooner or later, all of you will pay the price!”

After saying that, it opened its big mouth, and its body rapidly expanded. It looked like it actually wanted to self-destruct.

However, at this moment, the Old Monster of the Stone Mountain formed a hand seal and chanted a few more incantations. In the blink of an eye, the black fish’s body stopped changing.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jiang Chengzi took out the black bead that he had thrown into the Great Swamp. The black bead suddenly spat out a stream of water and rushed around the big black fish.


A burst of cold air exploded, and the big black fish was frozen in the stream of water.


Looking at the big black fish in the ice, Jiang Chengzi bellowed.


With a crisp sound, the ice and the big black fish inside were all turned into pieces.

Jiang Chengzi cried out in joy and quickly grabbed two of the black fish’s whiskers. As for the other parts, he threw them away like worn-out shoes.

As for the Old Monster of the Stone Mountain, he was not idle either. After silently reciting a few incantations, he actually took out a small soul body from the corpse and put it into a gourd that he carried with him.

When Chen Chen saw this scene, he suddenly felt that his methods were too lacking…

A moment later, the group of cultivators raided the big black fish’s lair and found a small amount of Spirit Stones and some ordinary treasures. They randomly distributed them, and no one had any objections.

“Fellow Daoist Chen’s sword attack was a great contribution to our success this time. As for the compensation and reward, feel free to mention it to me when we return to Wangjiang City, Fellow Daoist Chen!”

When they were about to leave, Jiang Chengzi emphasized again.

Chen Chen nodded and didn’t say anything but he felt helpless.

The Omni Divine Blade was injured. This time, even if he managed to obtain a large number of resources, it wouldn’t count as a profit.

However… The Omni Divine Blade was indeed not that useful anymore.

When the group returned to Wangjiang City, Fan Li and Wu Lan went to look for their Immortal Cranes without stopping. The four Stone Mountain Saints were also nowhere to be seen. Only Chen Chen remained in the City Lord’s residence.

“City Lord, I won’t hide it from you. I need some cultivation resources.”

Looking at the smiling Jiang Chengzi in front of him, Chen Chen went straight to the point.

When Jiang Chengzi heard this, he was a little surprised. An expert who was at least at the middle stage of the Void Refinement realm actually lacked cultivation resources. This was really strange.

However, since Chen Chen had mentioned it, he still wouldn’t refuse. After thinking for a moment, he ordered his subordinates to bring a storage ring and he handed it to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen checked it and found that there were one million middle-grade Spirit Stones in it. In addition, there were 10,000 superior-grade Spirit Stones and one hundred supreme-grade Spirit Stones. It seemed that these were top-grade Spirit Stones that had almost disappeared from the lower realm.

After giving away the storage ring, Jiang Chengzi took out a few pill bottles from his storage ring and handed them over to Chen Chen. He said somewhat reluctantly, “Fellow Daoist, I don’t have many Spirit Ascension Pills. I’ll give these to you.”

“Spirit Ascension pills…”

Upon hearing this name, Chen Chen’s pupils constricted slightly. He had read about this pill in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan’s books. It was a pill that could increase one’s Void Refinement realm divine sense and cultivation level. However, the lower realm lacked a crucial ingredient, so it had long been lost.

He did not expect to see this kind of pill so soon after arriving in the upper realm.

After calculating its value… he realized that the value of these Spirit Ascension pills given to him by Jiang Chengzi was probably not inferior to the Void Shattering pill that helped people reach the Void Refinement realm in the lower realm.

A remote upper realm void refining realm cultivator could easily give out such pills. This once again refreshed Chen Chen’s understanding of the upper realm cultivators’ wealth.

“Thank you, City Lord.” Chen Chen accepted the items and said courteously.

Jiang Chengzi smiled indifferently, and then said, “Fellow Daoist Chen, I should compensate you for the damage to your Natal Treasure.”

“Actually, the pair of long whiskers that I obtained this time is to be used for refining a secret treasure. For this, I have already invited a master of artifact refinement to the city. Why don’t I ask him to take a look for you when the time comes?”

“No need. Thank you for your good intentions, City Lord.” Chen Chen rejected directly.

He knew better than anyone what the Omni Divine Blade needed. Even if the master craftsman took a look, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. Right now, he didn’t have a large number of refining materials in his hands.

Hearing these words, a trace of undetectable disappointment flashed through Jiang Chengzi’s eyes, but it disappeared in an instant.

“Since that’s the case, Fellow Daoist, why don’t you stay here for a few more days?

Let me do my best as a host.”

After exchanging some pleasantries, Chen Chen turned around and left.

Jiang Chengzi looked at Chen Chen’s back, and his eyes flashed. He kept recalling the scene of Chen Chen slashing at the True Spirit descendant.

A moment later, he appeared in a secret room in the city.

In the secret room, there was a burly man dressed in gold who was carefully examining a long spear.

“Senior Brother, although that person’s natal magic treasure is not very powerful, it still gives me a strange feeling.”

Jiang Chengzi said respectfully to the golden burly man.

“Did you leave a projection?”The golden burly man put down the long spear in his hand and turned around to ask.

Jiang Chengzi immediately took out a small stone and poured in spiritual energy. In the end, the stone started to display the projections of the people who had worked together to kill the descendant of the True Spirit.

The burly golden man squinted and kept observing the Omni Divine Blade in Chen Chen’s hand. After a moment, his eyes actually revealed a look of surprise and uncertainty.

“Senior Brother, could it really be some kind of incredible treasure?”

“I saw that the descendant of the True Spirit left several types of attribute residue on the wound. Moreover, the principle of this sword becoming bigger seems to be different from our magic treasure!”

Jiang Chengzi, who was at the side, said excitedly.

The burly golden man shook his head and didn’t say anything. After a moment, he looked at the Omni Divine Blade’s corrosion and muttered, “I’m not sure… if it really is that kind of material, it definitely can’t only have this little power, and it’s also very difficult to leave a wound… but in this world, other than that kind of material, there are no other materials that have this kind of function.”

“Senior Brother, what are you talking about?”

“The Omni Divine Gold,”the burly golden man replied in a deep voice.

When Jiang Chengzi heard this, he was shocked. Of course, he had heard about the Omni Divine Gold. However, divine gold was the exclusive property of top-tier mighty figures, and even their master was not qualified to have it.

If ordinary cultivators were to know that they had divine gold, it would be a disaster for them!

“Could it be that he’s a disciple of some super sect who came out to train? But that’s impossible!”

“Even if he’s a disciple of a super sect, he might not be able to possess a magic treasure refined from divine gold. Moreover, he even asked me for cultivation resources.”

Jiang Chengzi’s eyes flickered, and his tone was a little agitated.

The golden mean at the side thought carefully for a moment and suddenly understood something. He said coldly, “Most of the divine gold in our world already has an owner, but it’s rumored that there are still some remnants left in the lower realm.”

“Senior Brother, you said that this person is an ascender?”

Although Jiang Chengzi asked again, he seemed to have come to a realization.

If that person was an ascender, then everything would make sense. No wonder he didn’t even have any cultivation resources.

Then his heart thumped again. The requirements for ascending to this world in the lower realm were different. Some needed to be at the peak of the immortal soul stage, and some needed to be at the peak of the void refining stage.

‘From the looks of it, Chen Chen should be a peak-stage Void Refinement realm cultivator who had concealed his strength.’

“This person should have ascended not long ago. Such a heaven-defying opportunity must not be missed. You can stall him for a few days. After I finish refining the God-Trapping Rope, it will not be difficult to deal with him.”

The golden man picked up his beard and walked into the depths of the secret chamber.

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