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Chapter 356: Still Too Young

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After secretly discussing with Jiang Chengzi, Chen Chen was arranged to stay at the City Lord’s residence.

After using his divine senses to investigate, he found traces of Wu De and Huang Li within a range of 50 kilometers.

At this time, Wu De was bargaining with the shopkeeper in a cultivation resource shop. His tone was quite overbearing as if he had someone backing him up.

As for Huang Li, she was running errands for others… Chen Chen thought that this girl probably only knew how to run errands for others.

Seeing that the two of them were still relatively stable, Chen Chen’s heart was slightly more at ease.

A day later, Chen Chen came to an empty space in the center of the City Lord’s Manor. A flying boat had long been parked in the empty space. Besides the flying boat, the two from the Immortal Crane Sect were still arguing.

Seeing Chen Chen walk over, Fan Li said with a face full of resentment, “Fellow Daoist, you can judge for me. This b*tch insisted that I was the one who kidnapped her Immortal Crane without any evidence! Don’t you think it’s infuriating?”

Wu Lan said coldly, “Fellow Daoist, don’t listen to his nonsense. It was his Immortal Crane that kidnapped my Immortal Crane. Now, he’s hiding and pretending to be the victim!”

Chen Chen’s face was full of awkwardness. If he had to judge, how would he comment?

After a moment, he said earnestly, “Fellow Daoists, we’re about to set off. It’s better not to argue now. If that True Spirit descendant is strong, you and I will still have a common enemy.”

“Fellow Daoists, you are wise. Since that’s the case, I will temporarily not argue with this Old Thief Fan on account of you.”

Wu Lan said with a smile. Then, she glared at Fan Li with hatred.

Fan Li, who was at the side, snorted coldly and did not say anything else.

Soon, the four Stone Mountain Saints also arrived. Among these four cultivators, the leading Old Monster of the Stone Mountain was the only human. The other three were from an unknown race. Their appearances were quite ferocious, and their cultivation levels had all reached the peak of the Essence Soul realm.

“Since all of you are here now, let’s set off.”

From Afar, Jiang Chengzi slowly walked over and led everyone onto the flying boat.

Compared to the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian’s flying boat, Jiang Chengzi’s flying boat was much more luxurious. Not only were there a few rooms on it, but there were also servants and maids.

However, the group didn’t split up. After all, a great battle was about to break out, so it was good for everyone to gather and discuss tactics.

“Fellow Daoist Stone Mountain, I heard that you know some kind of secret technique that can reverse the flow of Qi and blood and cause one’s body to explode fatally. When that time comes, you shall be the one to interfere with that True Spirit descendant. What do you think?”

Jiang Chengzi said gently to the Old Monster of the Stone Mountain but there was no change on his face.

“Sure.” The Old Monster of the Stone Mountain’s voice was hoarse, and his face was cold.

Chen Chen looked at these old cultivators and could not help but sigh in his heart.

Although his cultivation level was higher than these cultivators, these cultivators had lived in the cruel environment of the upper realm for nearly a thousand years. It was not an exaggeration to describe them as old and cunning.

In comparison, he was still a little too young and inexperienced.

Although he had used the system to discover that no one in this group of people had any malice toward him, he still had to be on guard. After all, not having any malicious intentions now did not mean that they would not be having any in the future.

There were some things that could be decided with a single thought.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, what are you good at?”

At this moment, Jiang Chengzi turned his head to look at Chen Chen and asked with a smile.

Chen Chen thought for a moment and replied humbly, “I’m good at attacking.”

“When the time comes, you’ll be the main attacker, I’ll be in charge of defending, and Fellow Daoist Stone Mountain will be in charge of controlling. As for the few of you, you can just stand by the side and harass them.”

Jiang Chengzi had decided on a strategy, and no one had any objections.

Half a day later, the flying boat stopped in the sky above a large river. The water in the river was very turbid, and there seemed to be some kind of special power within it that no divine senses could penetrate.

Jiang Chengzi looked at the large river, then at the others, and his expression became solemn.

Everyone nodded slightly at him, indicating that they were ready.

Jiang Chengzi then took out a black bead from his pocket, activated his spiritual power, and threw it at the Great Swamp below.


A soft sound was heard, but it was as ordinary as a sound made by a stone falling into the water.

However, a moment later, a huge whirlpool appeared in the center of the river, and the surrounding water level began to decrease at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Chen Chen silently observed this scene.

Such a complicated treasure could not be made in the lower realm. This was the real advantage of a high-level cultivation civilization compared to a low-level cultivation civilization.

Even if their cultivation levels were similar, their methods were not on the same level.

Since there was a large number of super powerhouses in the upper realm, the upper limit of the upper realm was extremely high. Even an ordinary cultivator could hold a heaven-defying treasure, which was almost impossible in the lower realm.

Almost half of the water in the Great Swamp had vanished and the surface of the water suddenly churned at this time. Then, a pitch-black fish that looked like it had been splashed with ink poked its head out of the water.

As soon as the fish came out of the water, it spoke in human language and said coldly, “Jiang Chengzi, my ancestor is the True Spirit of the Black Water Sky River. If you attack me, I can guarantee that within ten days, Wangjiang City will be completely destroyed!”

Jiang Cheng Zi frowned and said indifferently, “If a True Spirit attacks Wangjiang City, there will naturally be experts to deal with it. You killed the cultivators of Wangjiang City first, so it’s only natural for us to attack you.”

After he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at the four Stone Mountain Saints.

The four people didn’t say anything and surrounded the blackfish from all directions. Then, with a fierce shout, they formed a four-symbol seal that slowly rotated and suppressed the blackfish.

The blackfish looked at the four-symbol seal above its head. Its two long whiskers trembled slightly before it opened its mouth.

A cry that sounded like that of a baby suddenly resounded in the world. The three peak-stage Essence Soul realm experts from the four saints of Stone Mountain were affected by this sound and immediately held their heads. Because of this, the seal had weakened quite a bit.

Taking this opportunity, the blackfish threw its head back and spat out a stream of black mud. It directly broke through the seal. Following that, it shook violently and actually dived back into the water.


Jiang Chengzi shouted and rushed straight into the river. When the others saw this, they followed closely behind.

Chen Chen followed silently behind. If he had not seen wrongly, the big blackfish seemed to have cultivated a cultivation technique.

This demonic beast… was indeed much more powerful than the demonic beasts in the lower realm!

Perhaps the extremely rare divine sense protection magic treasure in the lower realm was not rare in the upper realm.

If that was really the case, then his invincible spiritual attack might not be so effective.

Seeing that the big blackfish was about to drill into the mud at the bottom of the river, the Old Monster of the Stone Mountain suddenly closed his eyes and muttered a few words that Chen Chen did not understand. In an instant, the speed of the big blackfish in front of him greatly decreased.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, attack him!”

Jiang Chengzi reminded him. Chen Chen did not stand on ceremony when he heard this. The Omni Divine Blade flew out of his body and directly turned into a hundred-meter-long giant sword, slashing toward the big blackfish at lightning speed.

Although Chen Chen did not use his full strength in this attack, it was close to the advanced stage of the Void Refinement realm.

Seeing that Chen Chen’s attack was so powerful, the surrounding people had different expressions.


A moment later, the Omni Divine Blade caught up with the tail of the big blackfish. Under the burst of spiritual energy, it directly opened a big hole in the tail of the big blackfish!

Wah Wah Wah!

The black fish roared in pain and turned around to spit out a big mouthful of mud, which soon covered the Omni Divine Blade.

Chen Chen’s expression changed, and a sense of discomfort instantly filled his entire body.

He did not have time to think too much and quickly withdrew the Omni Divine Blade. Only then did he realize that the Omni Divine Blade, which had always worked well in the lower realm, was now stained with a lot of stains that could not be removed.

He could clearly feel that those stains were constantly eroding the Omni Divine Blade.

“It seems that this True Spirit descendant’s innate ability is a filthy magic treasure. Fellow Daoist Chen, I will compensate you for your loss later.”

Jiang Chengzi’s voice sounded in his mind, and Chen was speechless.

He had thought that he wouldn’t lose out if he attacked first, but he didn’t expect that the upper realm would teach him a lesson…

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