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Chapter 353: May Lovers Enjoy Conjugal Bliss


Ash, the Sand Eagle, suddenly stopped chirping, and Huang Li’s body, which was already trembling slightly because of her snickering, suddenly shivered even more vigorously.

A moment later, she turned around suddenly, and she looked even more miserable than crying.

“I… I… I’m willing!”

After saying these words, she was confused.

‘Life is so hard. I treat you as a friend, but you actually treat me as your disciple. I’m obviously not much older than you!’

As soon as she said that, the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian hurriedly congratulated, “Congratulations on gaining a new disciple, Lord!”

After saying that, he glanced at Wu De who quickly mimicked, “Congratulations on gaining a new disciple, Lord!”

Chen Chen nodded in satisfaction. From today onwards, he will be a master who has a disciple!

‘I mustn’t be as stingy as Yu Qiong! I have to give her a meeting gift!’

As soon as that thought flashed in his mind, Chen Chen touched his body, only to realize that there was nothing. He searched with the system, but he didn’t discover anything valuable either.

With a flash of inspiration, Chen Chen scooped up some sand from the desert a distance away and handed it to Huang Li.

“My disciple, I don’t know if I’ll be able to return after I leave this time, but here’s some soil from your hometown. Keep it with you, and you can take a whiff of it when you miss the smell of home. Put it away properly. From now on, home is wherever the soil is.”

Hearing this, Huang Li was getting more and more confused as she trembled and grabbed the soil with her tender hands. A sudden breeze blew past, and the soil in her hand moved a little, staining her face.


With sudden violent coughing, Chen Chen turned around, not taking credit.

Perhaps Huang Li can’t realize how precious the soil may be yet, but later on, she will naturally understand his good intentions as her master.

Take himself for instance. Even if he spent 10,000 Spirit Stones, he wouldn’t be able to buy any hometown soil… how pathetic is that?

‘Ah, I never thought that I would be so talented as a master. On the very first day of her tutelage, I’ve already given her a good lesson, and taught her what is truly precious.’

“Little Jin, let’s set off.”

“I agree! Lord!”

As soon as the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian answered, he took out a mid-sized flying boat and gestured for her to hop on board.

“After you, Lord.”

Chen Chen nodded and boarded the flying boat.

The next thing he knew, he had already flown for half a day.

Chen Chen gradually had an idea of the flying speed in this world. According to the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian, the flying boat’s flying speed was not any slower than that of an Essence Soul realm cultivator.

In his opinion, it was similar to the flying speed of the Nascent Soul realm cultivators in the lower realm.

That should also have something to do with the space of this realm.

Along the way, Chen Chen also found some heavenly treasures, but he didn’t know if it was because this place was too barren or what, but the treasures were of low value.

Nevertheless, he still chose to pick them and take them away with him. After all, times are different.

However, when he came to this world, he learned his lesson and did not pick them himself. Instead, he let Wu De do it.

Wu De was naturally exhilarated. After picking a few times, he vanished in despondence and instead, his face was flushed.

Even though those things did not belong to him, he really enjoyed that feeling.

The entire flying boat was filled with a joyful atmosphere, but Huang Li was huddled up in a corner and reflecting on herself.

“Lord, we have to fly completely out of the range of the desert. It’ll take about a month… Actually, I’m quite ashamed to talk about it. I’ve never left the desert all my life, and I don’t know much about the big city out there.”

The massive body of the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian was right beside Chen Chen, and he started introducing himself to Chen Chen.

One month…

Hearing this number, Chen Chen frowned slightly. He didn’t have that much time to spend on traveling.

“Is there a way to make this flying boat fly faster?”

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian hesitated for a while and said, “Unless we find some demonic beasts that fly extremely fast and drag the flying boat forward, the flying speed of demonic beasts is generally one big realm faster than our cultivators.”

Hearing those words, Chen Chen looked at the Sand Eagle, Ash, who was right outside the flying boat. Although the Sand Eagle was only at the Nascent Soul realm, its flying speed was not any slower than that of a flying boat.

That should be the so-called difference of a realm that the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian mentioned.

“I don’t have time to waste on traveling.”

Chen Chen murmured and hesitated for a while before deciding to use the 5,000-kilometer tracking opportunity.

“System, is there any flying demonic beast above the Essence Soul realm within 5,000 kilometers that is weaker than me?”

“Yes, there are two of them 350 miles southeast of you, Host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was overjoyed. There were only 350 kilometers between them, and this was a handy transportation tool!

At this thought, he hurriedly asked the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian to change direction.

Three hundred fifty kilometers away, a male and a female cultivator were going toe-to-toe against each other in an intense battle.

Above them, two white immortal cranes were fighting as well, both emitting Essence Soul realm fluctuations. However, compared to the cultivators below, the battle between them was much more perfunctory.

“Fellow Daoist Fan, why do you have to insist? No matter what, I won’t agree to that matter. You have to know that you can’t force things when it comes to relationships! There won’t be happiness if you force things!”

Seeing that she was at a disadvantage, the female cultivator hollered furiously with an indignant gaze.

Hearing this, the male cultivator flew into a rage too. He exclaimed coldly, “This matter will benefit the both of us. Do you not have enough Spirit Stones? Name your price. I’ll be willing to pay as long as I can have some fun!”

The female cultivator was instantly furious, and her voice started trembling.

“Spirit Stones? Old Thief Fan! What kind of person do you take me for? This is outrageous! Today, I will not let this off until I kill you!”

After saying that, the female cultivator swallowed an elixir and her aura suddenly surged because she wanted to fight hard.

The male cultivator was shocked and he hollered, “You bitch, it’s just that my spiritual beast has taken a liking to yours, and they want to mate. It’s not that I have designs on you. Why do you have to go so hard on me!?!”

“Old Thief Fan! The immortal crane is a noble beast! How can you do something so lewd with it!?! You won’t get away with it!”

The man and woman kept fighting and bickering, completely ignoring the two Immortal Cranes that were already mating in the air.


Moments later, an excited sound of the crane attracted the attention of the two.

Seeing the distasteful scene, the female cultivator’s expression changed greatly, and it was as if the sky had fallen into the ground.

‘Impossible! No way! Ahh!’

The male cultivator was overjoyed because his Immortal Crane was female, and the eggs it laid would belong to him.

“Old Thief Fan! You are shameless! Your demonic beast is even more shameless!”

The female cultivator roared in grief and exasperation. The long sword let out a buzzing sound, and it slashed the head of the male cultivator.

The male cultivator hurriedly resisted.

Chen Chen watched calmly and quietly in the distance.

He did not expect that these two flying demonic beasts had masters.

‘In that case, should I snatch them, or take them away?’

If it were in the mortal realm, he would definitely compensate the people he robbed from, but now, he no longer had enough assets to do so.

Looking at the two Immortal Cranes that had finished their mating session, Chen Chen sighed and thought, ‘Ah, if I don’t take them away, they will definitely have to be separated in the future. Maybe they will never see each other again in this life. How miserable would that be?’

Chen Chen thought about himself and Xishuang, and he almost burst into tears.

“May the lovers in this world enjoy conjugal bliss.”

Chen Chen secretly made up his mind. In the next moment, his figure flashed, and he immediately flew towards the two Immortal Cranes. His divine senses were slightly deterred. The two Immortal Cranes passed out immediately.

“I’m doing this for your own good! For the sake of a happy life in the future, just put up with it for a while.”

Chen Chen muttered, dragged the Immortal Cranes with him, and soon vanished in the sky.

The male and female cultivators below were still fighting without realizing anything.

After about 15 minutes, the female cultivator finally sensed that something was amiss.

“Old Thief Fan! Where’s my crane!?!”

The male cultivator was also dumbfounded as he looked around but to no avail, as he couldn’t find any traces of a crane at all.

“Huh? Where’s my crane?”

The female cultivator almost vomited blood when she saw that. She hollered menacingly, “Old thief Fan! Forget it if you took away my crane’s virginity, do you still want to abduct it?!”

The male cultivator shook his head repeatedly with an innocent expression. He said feebly, “No! Maybe…they’ve eloped?”

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