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Chapter 35: No More Time Playing with You Guys

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Chen Chen let out a deep breath; he noticed a much greater abundance of ethereality within his body.

After a moment of pause, he took out his hand. At the tip of his finger, a flame appeared, which was more than twice as big as the little flame he once had.

“I should have reached Qi training level 2 or 3. Seems like drugs are more effective for cultivation.” Chen Chen thought to himself as he stared at the flame.


At that moment, Zhang Ji became filled with excitement as he felt changes occurring deep within his body.

Noticing Zhang Ji’s excitement build, Chen Chen smiled and said, “How about now? Are you in Qi training level 1?”

“I don’t know, but I can feel air moving within my body, and I can even control the direction in which it moves! It’s so magical!”


Zhang Ji responded with a mumble, his face filled with excitement.

He had long dreamt of embarking on the journey of cultivation. However, now that his dream had been made true, he was by no means mentally prepared for it.

“That is qi training level one. Come here, I will teach you a pyrokinesis craft.”


“Uh… good, thanks brother!”

The two walked and chatted, with books on their backs. Pyrokinesis craft was indeed simple; a few kilometers in, Zhang Ji could manipulate small flames on his fingertips.

Even though, his flames still went out after a short moment.

“Brother, I have limited ethereality in my body, and pyrokinesis can only last me so long. If I am in a real fight, I think I could only use it seven or eight times.”

“That’s good enough. With further cultivation, you will have more ethereality.”

Chen Chen comforted Zhang Ji’s worries.

While Zhang Ji had qualifications for cultivating immortality, he was still far from a Primeval Ethereal Entity.

As a result, he was inferior in terms of the regeneration speed of ethereality compared to Chen Chen.

At that moment, Chen Chen remembered that as long as a source of ethereality was present nearby, he could keep the fire burning when using pyrokinesis.

“Brother, I heard from someone in the Tianyun Clan that certain crafts must be used to enter the qi training phase. What about us…”


“Those from the Tianyun Clan are regular people. We aren’t regular people, so we aren’t following their instructions.”



Half an hour later, the two finally made it to the avenue, where they were greeted by the scene of their wagons being sieged.

Zhang Ji’s face immediately turned dark upon seeing the scene; without speaking any words, he dashed towards the wagon.

“Who are you?”

Even in front of dozens of knights on horses, Zhang Ji was not swayed by fear.

“Sir, you are finally back, they wrongfully accused us of murder!”

“Yes, sir, please do us justice!”

The several grooms and bodyguards’ faces were already swollen from being beaten, and were tied next to the wagons. Upon seeing Zhang Ji, they began to cry as if they caught sight of their parents.

As soon as he noticed Zhang Ji, the leading knight uttered with fury, “You are leading them? Let me ask you, how did you kill our gentleman!”


The leading knight’s face is malicious. He instantly pulled out his sword and aimed it at Zhang Ji.

Seeing the leading knight’s actions Zhang Ji’s face turned dull. He then quickly uttered, “I don’t even know who your gentleman is, how did I kill him?”

“If you ask me, who can I ask? If you didn’t kill him, why would you leave so early?”

“Today, either you will explain things to us well, or have us take your heads away for our explanation!”

At that moment, Zhang Ji subconsciously looked towards Chen Chen, who had just walked by his side.

Chen Chen was in no rush; he placed his book into the wagon, but left his other bags on his back.

Glimpsing at a white luxury wagon far away, Chen Chen then said in a plain tone, “How did your gentleman die?”

Chen Chen’s words left the leading knight completely infuriated. He then yelled in fury, “He was chopped into meat sauce!”


“Hence why you didn’t see it happen. Your gentleman died from being drained of primordial essence by a monster.”

Chen Chen said as he watched the white luxury wagon in the distance; he was still unknowing if the vixen was inside.

But now, with a much improved status of cultivation and twenty items specifically for countering monsters inside his bag, he was much more confident than he was last night.

“Monster? These subordinates of yours have repeated this theory hundreds of times, but the monster is nowhere to be seen in the post! I think this may very well be just your excuse!”

The leading knight’s face became flushed from impatience.

The gentleman that he was supposed to protect is currently dead; if he couldn’t find the murderer, how would he be able to complete his mission?

He had already decided, regardless of the reason for the gentleman’s death, that he needed to hold Chen Chen’s group accountable.

After all, nobody could possibly know about what was happening inside the deep forest.

“Where’s the monster? Did your gentleman meet a lady half-way through the trip?” Chen Chen uttered.

Upon hearing the question, each of the knights turned towards the faraway luxury wagon out of subconsciousness; many even tried to distance themselves from it.


The wagon was the gentleman’s wagon, and the gentleman indeed purchased a lady. The lady that he purchased was so enchanting that she was not let go of, even after the gentleman’s death.

Why? Because their master is a lusty person, and by giving a fine lady to the master, the knights could possibly receive reduced punishment.

However, the youth ahead claimed that the lady is a monster?

Upon thinking of the fact that they may have carried a monster along the way, many of the knights began to feel their bodies shake.

“Bawl… I was all cold and alone for so long; after so much suffering, I finally found a person for me, and he was killed shortly after! Now I am being accused of being a monster!”


“Why am I so unlucky? My loved one, I should have died with you…”

Sad cries echoed out of the luxury wagon.

The loud words seemed to be especially enchanting. At that moment, each of the knights present seemed to become embarrassed by their former thoughts. They each began staring at Chen Chen angrily.

“How dare you accuse the mistress!”

“How could you do that!”

At that moment, the knights began pointing fingers at Chen Chen; many were already preparing to fight him with real knives and swords.

Suddenly, an inexplicable, imposing manner begun to spread out in all directions from Chen Chen.

“Why would I need to lie to you, mortals?”



The leading knight’s facial expressions change abruptly; even his horse retreated a few steps.

Being a member of a major household, he would not just kneel down to beg for mercy.

“Haha, we have some imposing momentum here. But such momentum does not necessarily come from fairies; it can also come from monsters.”

The echoes from the luxury wagon grew extra charming with no transition—-the sadness was gone for good.

Each of the knights could sense the change in tone as they all began to retreat in fright.

A moment of silence later, the lady in the wagon spoke up again.

“Huh, I was intending to spend some more time with you, but, well, here I am with a practitioner. The primordial essence from a practitioner would be much greater than that trash’s last night.”


“I am longing to taste it now, so no more fun with you guys.”

Seconds later, an evil wind blew from all directions. All of a sudden, each of the knights’ horses began screaming and falling to the ground one by one, their mouths spitting white bubbles.

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