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Chapter 320: Teach Him A Lesson

At this moment, Chu Xiong was completely dominated by severe pain, and his spiritual energy was thrown into jeopardy by the powerful force generated by the self-destruction of the dagger. Hence, he didn’t even notice that Yuan Qingtian had already arrived behind him.

However, the Essence Soul realm cultivators who were responsible for maintaining the order had seen him clearly!

‘What is this kid doing!?’

‘It seems that he wants to kill Chu Xiong!’

After that thought came to his mind, he hurriedly shouted, “Stop!”

After saying that, he wanted to make a move to stop it.

However, for some reason, right at this critical moment, his brain suddenly slipped into a trance for a second.

It was this second that Yuan Qingtian’s longsword had already slashed outwards!

Seeing this scene, that Essence Soul realm cultivator was scared out of his wits!

Chu Xiong was famous for having an innate spirit body! If he died in this ring, even he, an Essence Soul realm cultivator, wouldn’t be able to pay the price!


Immediately afterwards, the sound of a sharp blade being stabbed into flesh filled the air, and blood splattered everywhere.

All the cultivators in the audience were shocked by Yuan Qingtian’s ruthlessness.

However, after looking at the situation on the field, all of them heaved a sigh of relief.

It turned out that Yuan Qingtian had only broken Chu Xiong’s arm.

Seeing this, the Essence Soul realm cultivator felt like he had been spared from death and hurriedly declared Yuan Qingtian the winner, separating the two.

Yuan Qingtian stumbled out of the ring while turning around to look at Chen Chen with a smile.

If Chen Chen hadn’t stopped him, he would have chopped off Chu Xiong’s head with a single slash of his sword.

However, now that he thought about it, he felt that Chen Chen was right to stop him.

If he really killed Chu Xiong, the consequences were imaginably dire, and if he were to implicate Chen Chen, it would be worse than dying alone.

While thinking about it, Yuan Qingtian’s body went limp and fell onto the ring, but before he could touch the ground, a huge spiritual force moved him to Chen Chen’s side.

Looking at the unconscious Yuan Qingtian, Chen Chen’s heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Yuan Qingtian…had a feud with him in the past, and had his sea of consciousness shattered by him, causing him to lose his memory.

Now that Chu Xiong had just badmouthed him, Yuan Qingtian actually wanted to fight Chu Xiong. Not only did he destroy his personal treasure he also wanted to kill Chu Xiong regardless of the consequences…

“What a fool!”

Chen Chen cursed angrily in a low voice, his voice becoming increasingly hoarse.

Xia Xishuang looked at Chen Chen, whose eyes were red, and did not speak.

Apart from romance, there was also such a thing as a brotherhood in this world. Yuan Qingtian’s feelings for Chen Chen were even more complicated.

Not only did it contain brotherly righteousness, but it also contained loyalty, reverence, respect, and even a trace of affection.

After all, Chen Chen had mentioned before that Yuan Qingtian was equivalent to a child after losing his memory, and he was brought up by him.

Chen Chen observed Yuan Qingtian’s injuries with his divine senses, took out some heavenly treasures, and gave them to Yuan Qingtian.


A low cry came from afar. Immediately afterwards, a plain-looking woman quickly flew next to Chen Chen and held Yuan Qingtian in her arms.

“Senior Sister Zhou Shu…”

Chen Chen was a bit overwhelmed to see that the visitor was his eighth Senior Sister Zhou Shu from the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

Zhou Shu did not say anything, but silently took out a few pills and put them into Yuan Qingtian’s mouth.

It didn’t take long for Yuan Qingtian to regain consciousness, and seeing the woman in front of him, he panicked a little and subconsciously tried to stand up, but he couldn’t move.


A teardrop fell on his face, causing him to be a little shocked.

After a few moments, he said while blushing, “Senior Sister… I originally wanted to become the strongest Nascent Soul realm before confessing to you and ask you to become my Dao partner gloriously, but now it seems that it’s probably impossible.”

Zhou Shu was suddenly enraged by his words.

She said, “Gloriously? Don’t you know what kind of person I am? I hate such things the most, don’t think about that anymore, as long as you are alive, I’d be willing to be your Dao partner even if you are a mortal. At most… I’ll refine pills for you and try to let you live as long as I do.”

Chen Chen, who was at the side, blushed when he heard that because he did not expect an honest man like Yuan Qingtian to be so good at sweet-talking.

However, Yuan Qingtian indeed, couldn’t continue with the battle.

As for his injuries or something, he could just use heavenly treasures to let Yuan Qingtian recover within a short period of time, but without a personal treasure, Yuan Qingtian’s strength would probably be weakened significantly as he couldn’t produce another treasure quickly. Any further battles would be pointless.

Seeing that the two honest people were whispering, Chen Chen took Xia Xishuang away from them and stopped listening.

Chen Chen wasn’t in the mood to continue watching the next battle as he was constantly thinking about what kind of personal treasure would be better for Yuan Qingtian.

A long time passed.

The outcome of the battle between the six groups of Nascent Soul realm cultivators was settled, and it was not much different from what they had expected.

There was only one group with controversy, and that was Yuan Qingtian’s and Chu Xiong’s group.

After Yuan Qingtian defeated Chu Xiong, there was another fight, but due to the short interval, Yuan Qingtian did not recover from his injuries, so he gave up.

On the other hand, Chu Xiong also fought, but he came in last.

He was still a little pale, but his broken limbs had been reborn, and he had obviously consumed treasures.

In the end, he even defeated his opponent hard.

So technically speaking, both he and Yuan Qingtian only lost one match.

However, the problem was that only one person from each group could participate in the final bout.

“Do you dare to fight against me again?”

Chu Xiong’s face was sullen as he walked over, pointing at Yuan Qingtian who was leaning against Zhou Shu’s chest.

“How dare you be so brazen and unbridled when you’ve been defeated!?!” Yuan Qingtian sneered.




“If you were on the battlefield, you would have been beheaded by me long ago! You won’t be able to talk, loser!”

Chu Xiong was infuriated by Yuan Qingtian’s remark, but no matter how much he tried to provoke Yuan Qingtian, the latter didn’t initiate a fight.

He had no choice but to look at the Essence Soul realm cultivator who was responsible for maintaining order, in hopes that he would come forward and say a few words.

The Essence Soul realm cultivator could only look at Chen Chen with a look of dismay as he was put in the spot.

Chen Chen’s expression was indifferent as he felt that there must be something fishy about the fact that Chu Xiong was the last to join.

‘This group of people is simply being blatantly biased. Do they really think I’m a pushover?’

However, just as he was about to speak, a person came over from afar.

“Big Brother, why don’t you give Fellow Daoist Chu a chance?”

Hearing his words, Chen Chen turned around to look over, only to see that Zhang Ji’s eyes were glistening.

Zhang Ji smiled and said, “Big Brother, there are six groups of Nascent Soul realm cultivators. If this group can’t send out one person, I may have to miss a turn.”

Chen Chen obviously understood what he meant.

He meant that if they let Chu Xiong continue, he would be facing Chu Xiong in the next battle.

After understanding this, Chen Chen looked at Zhang Ji’s simple smile and felt that he had changed greatly, and seemed to have become vile.

“Big Brother, will you do me a favor?” Zhang Ji said.

Chen Chen thought about it and finally nodded. “Okay.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, both the Essence Soul realm cultivator and Chu Xiong heaved a sigh of relief.

If Chen Chen insisted on something, it would be hard to handle this.

However, it was not impossible to do.

No matter how powerful Chen Chen was, he was only an Essence Soul realm powerhouse, so his influence was not so great.

Of course, this situation was the best today, so they didn’t have to fall out.

“Fellow Daoist Chen is so magnanimous!” That Essence Soul realm cultivator praised Chen Chen and then looked at Chu Xiong.

Seeing this, Chu Xiong casually cupped his fists and said relaxedly, “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Chen.”

Hearing the way he was addressed, the Essence Soul realm cultivator smiled awkwardly and hurriedly pulled Chu Xiong away, as if he was afraid that Chen Chen might change his mind.

Under normal circumstances, cultivators are not qualified to address an expert who is one major realm higher than them as a Fellow Daoist… Chu Xiong was arrogant and simply did not know how to advance or retreat.

As soon as the two left, Zhang Ji also turned to leave, but when he turned around, his expression turned from gullible to icy cold and he said, “Big Brother, he has mocked you time after time. That minor injury he suffered is not enough. Don’t worry, I will stand up for you later!”

Chen Chen looked at the figure in black and let out a long sigh before smiling helplessly.

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