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Chapter 318: We Don’t Care To Join Such A Team

“I didn’t expect that I’d be mentioned in it. These people… Seriously, I’ve already kept such a low profile.”

Yuan Qingtian scratched his head with a look of embarrassment.

Seeing the strange expression on Lin Li’s face, he added, “Senior Brother, it must be thanks to your prestige. Those people gave me this honor because they know that I’m your Senior Brother! Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t be able to be first on the ranks even though I might be on the list.”

Chen Chen was speechless.

‘Yuan Qingtian seems to have become a completely different person after these two years.’

However, his pretense wasn’t convincing at all, because Chen Chen didn’t even mention which place he was ranked, and yet, Yuan Qingtian revealed it himself. At the end of the day, he was still too young and couldn’t blow his trumpet properly.

That wasn’t a bad thing either. Being happy is the most important thing in life.

“Senior Brother, are you not going to participate in this?”

A moment later, Yuan Qingtian asked again.

Chen Chen glanced at him and smiled. “Why? Do you want me to participate?”

Hearing this, Yuan Qingtian said with a solemn expression, “That’s for sure! Brother, you don’t know how many bets there are out there. I can’t trust anyone else, but if you participate, I will definitely bet all my money on your victory.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen’s heart was filled with warmness. Although Yuan Qingtian was a little silly, he was still his loyal brother…

Thinking of this, he could not help but want to take some precautions. Although Yuan Qingtian was quite competent, it would be almost impossible for one with a late-stage Nascent Soul realm cultivation level to come in the first place.

With Zhang Ji’s ability to be resurrected after death, how could Yuan Qingtian compete with him?

He might not be able to defeat Zhang Ji even if he depleted all his spiritual power.

He would rather lower his expectations than face disappointment.

“Qingtian…you’re only in the late Nascent Soul realm, don’t set your expectations too high. It’d be good enough if you can make it to the top ten. There are seventy to eighty participating cultivators who are at the peak of the Essence Soul realm.”

Hearing this, Yuan Qingtian shook his head and came up to Chen Chen’s ear. He whispered, “Senior Brother! Once I get that title and rewards, I will be able to confess to Senior Sister Zhou Shu. When the time comes, I’ll give those items to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan as a betrothal gift. How glorious would that be… So, I must become the strongest Nascent Soul realm cultivator!”

After saying that, Yuan Qingtian turned around to leave, seemingly embarrassed.

“Senior Brother, I’ll go spy on them and source for more information!”

Looking at his bouncing, excited back, Chen Chen was speechless.

Everyone in this world has their own goals, and Chen Chen hoped that Yuan Qingtian could create a miracle.

Two days later, the Battle of Techniques officially began.

During these two days, many more cultivators arrived at the Divine Ape Mountain one after another.

However, not many of them ended up participating in the Battle of Techniques.

Sometimes cultivators can know the difference between themselves and others just by looking at each other.

Seeing so many strong people of the same realm, many cultivators dropped the idea of participating in the Battle of Techniques and stayed there to watch.

However, there were also cultivators who were not willing to come all the way to the Divine Ape Mountain just to watch the battle and finally chose to join the army of cultivators.

Bright early in the morning.

The three peaks around the Divine Ape Mountain were filled with people, and three rings of different sizes were set up on these three peaks for cultivators of the three realms of Core Formation, Nascent Soul, and Essence Soul.

Chen Chen and Xia Xishuang came to the mountain in the middle, where the ring for Nascent Soul realm cultivators was.

Of course, under his powerful divine sense inspection, he could clearly perceive all the movements around the three rings.

“Surprisingly, there are two Void Refinement realm cultivators there. It seems that there won’t be an accidental infliction of harm.”

Chen Chen smiled calmly.

In his divine sense perception, the ring for the Essence Soul realm cultivators was presided over by a Void Refinement realm powerhouse who seemed to be one of the princes of the Great Jing Dynasty.

On the other hand, his master Yu Qiong was in charge of the rings for the Nascent Soul realm and the Core Formation realm cultivators.

Hearing this, Xia Xishuang looked at Chen Chen curiously.

It was generally very difficult to sense a Void Refinement realm powerhouse, let alone for Chen Chen who was only in the middle-stage Essence Soul realm now.

‘Maybe, Chen Chen has the ability to compete for the first three places of the Essence Soul realm, but he chose not to join it because of various reasons.’

Her heart ached when she thought about that.

Two hours later, all the cultivators that should be present had arrived. A voice reached the ears of all the cultivators on the three mountain peaks.

“This Battle of Techniques is meant to stimulate the hearts of our human cultivators and to strengthen our spirit, so as to increase the cohesion of our human race, so do not kill until you have no choice!”

“Also, for fairness’s sake, you may not use protective treasures that exceed your own cultivation strength or take any elixirs during the competition. You are also prohibited from using one-time attacking treasures that far exceed your own cultivation realm. I hope that you can compete within the rules and show the strength of human cultivators. Alright, the Battle of Techniques will begin now!”

With that, everyone got really excited.

Chen Chen casually scanned his surroundings to see that there were nearly a thousand Core Formation realm cultivators participating in the Battle of Techniques. They were divided into 50 groups of 20 and first competed within their respective groups. After the best of each group was decided, the top elites would go on to fight each other and determine the strongest person.

In contrast, there were much fewer Nascent Soul realm cultivators as there were only a hundred-odd of them. However, they were also divided into six groups.

As for the Essence Soul realm cultivators, there were less than twenty of them, all of whom were experts that were above the Essence Soul realm. The rules for them were different from the other two categories. They were going to adopt a challenge system instead.

Looking at this grand scene before him, Chen Chen was full of anticipation, and he was eager to see who would be the final winner.

“Chen Chen, your Junior Brother seems to be a bit unlucky.”

Xia Xishuang looked at the grouping process not far away and said in a tone of voice that was somewhat helpless.

Chen Chen looked over. At this moment, the cultivators had already been divided into groups and Yuan Qingtian was assigned to the same group as a cultivator from the Great Chu Dynasty who had an innate spirit body. His name was Chu Xiong, and his cultivation level was at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm. He was one of the two who had garnered the most cheers.

The other Nascent Soul realm cultivators in that group all looked as pale as a sheet when they saw Chu Xiong, as if they were feeling extremely unlucky.

Only Yuan Qingtian remained calm and ignored Chu Xiong.

On the other hand, Zhang Ji’s group was full of mediocre weaklings… The difference in personalities was obvious.

“Qingtian, come here.”

Chen Chen said using his divine senses.

Yuan Qingtian immediately scurried over after hearing his words.

In his opinion, Chen Chen must have come here instead of the strongest Essence Soul realm ring, all for his sake!

‘He must be here to root for me!’

Hence, he immediately had a great boost in morale.

“Senior Brother! I won’t disgrace you!” Yuan Qingtian walked towards Chen Chen and promised.

Chen Chen smiled without saying anything. Instead, he silently took out a storage ring and handed it to Yuan Qingtian. The storage ring was full of dozens of treasures that could be used in the competition.

Yuan Qingtian sensed it a little and almost burst into tears.

‘Senior Brother gave it to me instead of Zhang Ji.’

‘Clearly, I matter more to my Senior Brother than Zhang Ji does!’

With that thought in mind, Yuan Qingtian felt like his soul had been elevated!

‘Indeed, I’m still his favorite Junior Brother! Zhang Ji is nothing!’

“Senior Brother! Just wait and see! I’ll show them who’s the strongest Nascent Soul realm cultivator!”

Yuan Qingtian wiped his tears and said loudly.

As soon as he said that, he immediately caught the attention of the cultivators in the distance.

Many long-established Nascent Soul realm powerhouses had contempt in their eyes.

‘Where did this late-stage Nascent Soul realm cultivator come from? He’s such a weakling, how dare he be so delusional as to call himself the strongest Nascent Soul realm cultivator? What a joke.’

However, they knew who Chen Chen, was so they didn’t mock him. Otherwise, they would definitely scold him.

Yuan Qingtian felt a sharp, stabbing pain in his back and turned around immediately, only to see the countless gazes of contempt.

He ignored it and humphed coldly before returning to his group proudly. He even stood in the center, which was near Chu Xiong.

Seeing this, Chu Xiong frowned and switched positions as if there was shit on Yuan Qingtian’s body.

Yuan Qingtian was extremely conceited to see that, and he smirked a little.

At this moment, a discordant voice reached his ears.

“We don’t care to be in the same team as diabolic cultivators.”

His voice was extremely soft, but the weakest of the people present were Nascent Soul realm cultivators. How could he have not heard it?

All of a sudden, the cultivators had a change of expression. Many people subconsciously looked at Chen Chen who was watching from afar, their eyes full of a peculiar gaze.

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