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Chapter 315: Everything In This World Is For Profit

It took a long time for the man to get up from the ground. His face was full of righteous indignation, but he nevertheless tolerated it and even forced himself to smile, though it was wry and hideous.

No one dared to offend a Void Refinement realm cultivator like her, who was the future master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan. If he had the audacity to retort, he would definitely be killed right on the spot.

Be it the humans or demons, one’s strength and competency are forever the qualities that others would value the most. Compared to competency, background, and other traits were only secondary.

Besides, his background was far inferior to Yu Qiong’s.

The awkward atmosphere lasted for a moment, but Chen Chen still didn’t answer, which was equivalent to silent consent to Yu Qiong’s answer.

Seeing this, the Crown Prince smiled awkwardly and continued to ask, “Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, have you ever come into contact with diabolic cultivation methods?”

As soon as he said that, he turned to look at Yu Qiong instead. His aura was mighty, but he restrained it, seemingly ready to take a beating.

“No, I haven’t.”

Chen Chen answered calmly.

In his opinion, the Haoran Sacred Light Method was a proper cultivation method that didn’t have anything to do with diabolism.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, did you do anything that harms the interests of the human race when you joined the Heavenly Diabolism?”


“Fellow Daoist Chen…”



“Bull… Uh, no, nothing of that sort.”

A few moments later…

The Crown Prince couldn’t continue asking. According to his previous answers, Chen Chen was pure, and he had only done good deeds after joining the Heavenly Diabolism. He completely abstained from doing evil deeds and almost purified the Heavenly Diabolism into a proper organization.

Of course, he would never believe his one-sided statement.

If he had been disobeying the Heavenly Diabolism since he joined, how could he have possibly obtained the Heavenly Diabolism master’s trust?

It was obviously impossible!

However, since Chen Chen’s master, Yu Qiong, was standing close by and watching them, he didn’t dare to go overboard with the questions.

In the end, he said helplessly, “Fellow Daoist Chen, what you have done for the human race is evident to all. I hope you haven’t taken the path of diabolism, I will also report to the upper echelons of the human race, everything that I’ve seen and heard today.”

After saying that, the four people directly flew away from Mount Wufeng.

After they left, Yu Qiong said comfortingly, “Chen Chen, those cultivators of the imperial dynasty have experienced various battles before they even set foot on the path of cultivation. They value interests even more than the four major clans do.”

“What happened today may just be a test, but they might do something worse in the future. No matter what, you must remember that the four major clans, including the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, will stand by your side and ensure that you’re safe as far as possible.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen smiled valiantly and nodded slightly.

In fact, he wasn’t really bothered. If the four imperial dynasties were to make things hard for him, he wouldn’t be submissive and succumb. He would at most flee to the Boundless Sea. No one in this world can control him.

After Yu Qiong left, Xia Xishuang was worried again.

Chen Chen said with a smile, “Those who don’t have jealous haters are not outstanding enough. I have incredible talent in cultivation, and I’m rich in treasures too. Moreover, I have such a beautiful Dao partner like you. It’d be strange if no one is jealous of me. Don’t worry, a gentleman will not put himself in danger. I won’t be reduced to the extent of having nowhere to hide. When it comes to a point where I’m forced into desperation, we’ll look for an island on the Boundless Sea and become island owners.”

“But even if we go to the Boundless Sea…” Xia Xishuang was worried again.

Chen Shen laughed loudly and began to blow his trumpet again. Soon, he began to brag about the Boundless Sea and made it sound as if it was the backyard of his home, which made Xia Xishuang puzzled.

They stayed at Mount Wufeng for a few more days. From time to time, Chen Chen would send a message to Wufeng City and tell them to pay attention to their safety.

He wasn’t afraid for his own safety, but he was worried that his subordinates might face unfair treatment and oppression. He was also scared that they might blow things up out of feeling indignant for him.

The others were fine, but Old Zhou was hot-tempered, and he couldn’t guarantee that Old Zhou wouldn’t act impulsively.

Although Old Zhou was unfettered and jovial on the surface, Chen Chen knew that he was loyal and sentimental. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been locked up for ten years because of his disciple.

“Chen Chen! Do you know how overbearing the people of the imperial dynasty are? They’re such bullies! They insist that we do a redistribution of the Eastern territory of the demon race! But if we really do that, we would have fought for nothing previously. When we marched into the demon territory, the four clans and the four dynasties said that whichever city they occupied would belong to them.”

Chen Chen wasn’t surprised to see Zhou Renlong’s angry message.

According to Zhou Renlong and the others, they wanted to build a dynasty, and let Chen Chen be the emperor. However, how can the four dynasties allow a new power to rise and get a share of the great benefits of war?

They had suffered heavy losses in the war that lasted over the past year. Now, they were trying to make up for the losses.

“Oh? How do they plan to distribute it?”

Chen Chen asked using the communication token.

“Using the most primitive way for cultivators. Fighting.”

Zhou Renlong answered.

“What are the specific rules?”

“Eh, we’re not very clear about that. At this time, the four imperial dynasties are bargaining with the four clans, and we don’t know if the four clans can withstand the pressure.”

Chen Chen put away the communication token and sighed.

The human race was too optimistic about the future, and although the demon race had lost a late-stage Void Refinement realm expert during a battle, the entire demon race had become much more cohesive.

In this situation, their overall strength may not be too inferior compared to before.

Hence, whether or not they could occupy the Eastern territory of the demon race for long was still a problem. If the humans were to have an internal war for the sake of distributing the Eastern territory, it would be too ridiculous.

‘Could it be that the four dynasties have some secret trump card?’

After daybreak.

An important piece of information came from the front line. They were told that a grand and spectacular technical fight would be held in the demon race’s territory in order to encourage more human cultivators to join the war against the demons.

The competition was divided into three categories, namely the Nascent Soul realm cultivators, Essence Soul realm cultivators, and Core Formation realm cultivators. The top 1,000 Core Formation realm cultivators, top 100 Nascent Soul realm cultivators, and top 10 Essence Soul realm cultivators would receive rewards contributed jointly by the four human clans and the four imperial dynasties.

The rewards were not limited to Spirit Stones, elixirs, Dharma treasures, and heavenly treasures.

For some itinerant cultivators or cultivators from smaller clans, they would be able to join the four major clans or four imperial dynasties if they were to be in the top places.

The reward for the best and strongest of each of the three categories would be even more handsome.

Not only can they get the title of being the strongest, but they would also even be given a blessed land or Cave Abode on the demon race territory as a place for cultivation.

Chen Chen looked at the names of the three blessed lands with a frown on his face.

These three blessed lands were the best places in the Eastern region of the demon race territory and they were simply priceless. The land rewarded to the best Essence Soul realm cultivator was one of the ancestral lands of the Mountain Divine Ape Clan, which was one of the eight major demon clans.

However, the Mountain Divine Ape Clan had long since withdrawn from the Eastern region.

Soon after the news reached Mount Wufeng, Yu Qiong sent a message.

“Chen Chen, the four imperial dynasties were originally prepared to divide the entire Eastern region through a fight, and the current outcome is the result of our effort.”

“However, this approach is indeed beneficial to the war between the two races. After the news of holding the competition spread, tens of thousands of itinerant cultivators, and cultivators from smaller clans have begun moving towards the demon’s territory. Even when the human race was facing the danger of extermination, I’ve never seen such a scene before…”

Seeing the slightly derisive message from his master, Chen Chen smiled without saying anything.

He had known since his previous life, that everyone in the world hustles for profit.

In the eyes of some cultivators, the survival of the human race is not as important as fame and fortune. In fact, it was worth less than a few thousand Spirit Stones.

If they go to war in times of danger, they might die, and that wouldn’t be worth it at all.

However, if they fought now, they would not only stay alive, they would even have the chance to get a huge reward, and make a name for themselves among the human race.

“Master, am I prohibited from joining?”

Chen Chen asked a moment later.

“No, but you are now only in the middle-stage Essence Soul realm and your Dao partner is only in the early-stage Essence Soul realm. So, you can only participate in the category for Essence Soul realm cultivators. I reckon the people from the four imperial dynasties must have realized that and thus, chose not to restrict you. Unfortunately, I have reached the Void Refinement realm. Otherwise, I would at least be in the top three in the Essence Soul realm category.”

Yu Qiong replied righteously.

In her opinion, Chen Chen may be invincible within the early-stage Essence Soul realm, but it would be an overstatement to call him the best elite of the human race, compared to the other Essence Soul realm cultivators of the human race.

Even before she and the Seven Lethal Demon Clan broke through to the Void Refinement realm, they didn’t dare to claim that they were invincible within the Essence Soul realm.

She didn’t think that Chen Chen was stronger than she was before she reached the Void Refinement realm.

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