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Chapter 313: Not Everything Bends To Human Will

“No breakage…”

In the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, Chen Chen slowly opened his eyes.

At this moment, he finally understood what it meant to be unshakable.

Previously, his sea of consciousness was disrupted, and it collapsed immediately. A large amount of power of divine senses overflowed and almost destroyed the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Fortunately, Qinglin, who had been cultivating, gave him a hand during the critical moment and saved the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Now, his sea of consciousness had calmed down again, but the power of divine senses within it had changed fundamentally, and his perception was dozens of times clearer.

It was as if there were countless watchful tentacles that were extending outwards, and everything within a few hundred kilometers couldn’t escape his detection at all.

To use an inappropriate analogy, if his previous divine senses were compared to a sound wave radar, they were now akin to a high-frequency imaging radar…

However, he didn’t know how powerful his divine sense attacks were now.

With that thought in mind, Chen Chen subconsciously looked at Qinglin who seemed rather peeved.

Sensing Chen Chen’s gaze, Qinglin turned away and pretended not to see it.

Chen Chen smiled when he saw that and launched a weak attack at the spiritual spring in the distance.

With a gentle thud, a small wave appeared in the spiritual spring.

Qinglin didn’t fall for it at all. After glaring at Chen Chen, she hid in the house.

Seeing this, Chen Chen sighed gently.

‘Life is so lonely.’

‘If nothing went wrong, my divine senses should already be at about the level of the early-stage Void Refinement realm, right?’

‘The enhancement of divine senses is pretty nice… I didn’t have to go through a tribulation when breaking through a realm.’

Thinking about it, Chen Chen felt a little tempted, but he eventually suppressed the palpitations of his heart.

If an expert dies, he could use the Haoran Sacred Light Method to expiate them and enhance the power of his divine senses.

However, he wouldn’t kill an expert for the sake of enhancing the power of his divine senses. That was his bottom line.

As long as he guarded the bottom line, he would be able to ignore the fear and psychological effects of the Haoran Sacred Light Method.

He left the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

It had been three days since the battle that killed the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable.

During those three days, the demon race had been defeated and forced to retreat, and all the cities in the Western Border had been moved into the territory of the demon race, leaving only Wufeng City standing alone in the great canyon.

Chen Chen used his divine senses to give it a little check, only to find that all the people he was familiar with were in Wufeng City and no one had gone to the demon territory without permission. Hence, he was rather relieved and heartened because it seemed that everyone still regarded him as the pillar of support.

Zhou Renlong appeared in front of Chen Chen immediately when he saw him.

“Kid, the other human cultivators are having such an enjoyable time killing the demons. Shall we join them? Why don’t we go too? Maybe we can snatch a larger portion of the territory. If we work harder, it’s not impossible to establish an imperial dynasty!

Zhou Renlong had an ambitious expression on his face, seemingly extremely driven to carve out a career.

Chen Chen smiled quietly. He had long made up his mind not to join the Void Refinement realm nor leave the human territory, lest he gets caught and threatened by the demoness.

“Old Zhou, you can go if you want, I’ll stay in Wufeng City and cultivate hard.”

Hearing his words, Zhou Renlong rubbed his ears, thinking that he had heard wrongly. Chen Chen, who had always loved being in the limelight, had actually chosen to stay in Wufeng City to train hard even in the face of such a great opportunity!

It was simply unbelievable!

Seeing that he was in disbelief, Chen Chen said indifferently, “Once your cultivation level reaches a certain level, you’ll take everything lightly. Of course, Old Zhou, you may not understand this, but once you reach my level, you’ll naturally understand what I mean.”

Hearing this, Zhou Renlong’s face turned sullen. He was at the peak of the Essence Soul realm now while Chen Chen was only in the middle-stage of the Essence Soul realm. Yet, he had the cheek to say such a thing to him!

Thinking of this, he subconsciously wanted to reveal his pressurizing force that was at the peak of the Essence Soul realm to shock Chen Chen.

However, at this moment, Chen Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up and Zhou Renlong felt as if he was being watched by some terrifying existence. The aura of his body dissipated before it was even enhanced and revealed.

“Chen Chen… You…”

Zhou Renlong looked at Chen Chen with his eyes full of astonishment.

“Shh! Keep a low profile! Keep a low profile!”

Chen Chen casually waved his hand and walked away in style, leaving behind only his mysterious back view.

Three days later.

Chen Chen flew from Wufeng City to the demons’ territory. With Zhou Renlong as the leader, they all joined the attack on the demons.

Chen Chen and Xia Xishuang were the only ones who stayed in the human territory. They returned to Mount Wufeng in the State of Jin.

He had already seen through many things, and before leaving Wufeng City, he handed many of his assets to Zhou Renlong and Xiao Wuyou.

With those treasures, Wufeng City probably wouldn’t encounter too many setbacks in the demons’ territory.

Back in Mount Wufeng.

Xia Xishuang looked at the surrounding scenery and grinned widely.

Who would have thought that the war between the two races would have changed so quickly?

This time, the humans were retaliating against the demons, and regardless of how incompetent they may be, they would still be able to stop the war.

And after such a tragic war, there wouldn’t be any more disputes between the two races within a hundred years.

Without war, she and Chen Chen can naturally live a peaceful life, which was something she had always longed for.

Seeing how blissful Xia Xishuang seemed, Chen Chen felt contented and satisfied.

Now, he deserved credit for accomplishing great success for the human race, but he didn’t have the right to stop his human subordinates from building careers of their own.

They had their own lives to live too and shouldn’t be living under his shadow all the time.

That was also the reason he chose to ignore the Wufeng City and head to the demons’ territory.

Of course, just because he didn’t want to go to war now didn’t mean that he wouldn’t in the future. When he reaches the Void Refinement realm, he would still help whenever he could. After all, he had to accumulate more merit.

The next few days, Chen Chen and Xia Xishuang got to live a peaceful life, which was rather rare.

Xia Xishuang was a disciple of a Saintess who usually lived a sheltered life without having to do any chores. Yet, she learned how to cook and was even enjoying herself, making Chen Chen feel extremely touched.

Smart and talented people were indeed fast learners. Xia Xishuang managed to develop excellent culinary skills within just a few days.

During their days of peace, Chen Chen enjoyed Xia Xishuang’s cooking delightfully.

While holding the communication token, Xia Xishuang talked about some major events that happened at the front line.

“Peak Essence Soul realm powerhouse Zhou Renlong defeated the Heavenly Berserk Bear Demon Emperor one-on-one. He has risen to fame!”

“A Nascent Soul realm cultivator, along with more than ten Essence Soul realm powerhouses, have exterminated a certain middle-rank demon race. He’s called Li Qingtian or something…”

Hearing this, Chen Chen almost spat his rice.

Yuan Qingtian had such an insignificant presence that even the humans had spread his name wrongly after he had accomplished such an impressive thing.

Another day passed.

“Chen Chen, your master Xiao Wuyou suffered some injuries, but he has recovered.”

“Wufeng City eliminated thousands of demon cultivators with deadly poison!”

“It seems that the Great Xia Dynasty has produced a cultivator with an innate spirit body who defeated a peak Nascent Soul realm Demon King who was in the middle stage of Nascent Soul realm!”

“Ah, an Essence Soul realm expert of the Haoran Sword Clan has fallen.”

Before he knew it, a month had passed, and the human cultivators had completely occupied the eastern territory of the demon race.

The eastern territory of the demon race was a huge territory on the Western Border of the human race.

Such victory was unprecedented, and in fact, before this, very few people had thought about it before.

On this day, Xia Xishuang was still reading to Chen Chen the news coming from the front line.

“Wufeng City took the most credit among all the cities, occupying one-tenth of the territory of the eastern territory of the demon race alone!”

Hearing Xia Xishuang’s words, Chen Chen couldn’t help but marvel in admiration.

“Tsk, tsk, they’re really worthy of being a force I nurtured. One-tenth of the territory of the Eastern territory is as large as two nations, right?”

As soon as he finished his words, Xia Xishuang’s face suddenly turned a few shades paler.

Seeing this, Chen Chen stopped smiling and asked softly, “Xishuang, what’s the matter? Did an expert you’re familiar with die?”

Xia Xishuang remained silent, but her face was ashen and turning paler.

With a single thought, the communication token in Xia Xishuang’s hand appeared in his.

There was a message.

“The army of the Great Xia Dynasty has obtained the list of members of the Heavenly Diabolism. 80% of the diabolic cultivators ambushed in the human race have been killed.”

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