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Chapter 312: Switching Between Attack And Defense

“Hurry up and make a move!”

Feeling the plunge in the mighty aura of the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable, the Haoran Sword Clan Master could no longer remain calm, and with a stern holler, a sword thousands of meters long cut horizontally towards the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable!

The horrifying terrifying long sword was full of spiritual light, and it seemed sharp enough to split the sky!

However, before the sword touched the Divine Dragon Demon Venerable, his body disintegrated with a loud bang and turned into ashes that dissipated.

The other two Void Refinement realm powerhouses were dumbfounded by this scene and hurriedly waved their treasures casually to show that they had also helped a little.

“How could this happen? This can’t be!”

Only the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable who was left with only his essence soul was shocked and horrified that his physical body which had been cultivated for thousands of years and was about to complete a full metamorphosis, had turned into nothing in a matter of moments.

He couldn’t come to terms with the feeling of being blown to the bottom all of a sudden from the pinnacle of his life. He was simply dumbstruck.

As for the Haoran Sword Clan Master, he was already trembling with excitement, and he could not wait to launch the strongest attacks of his life all at once. In a few seconds, he attacked the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable dozens of times.

Boom boom boom!

The sky and earth trembled, and when the wind and waves calmed down, the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable had already lost his form and spirit, leaving nothing behind.

Even during the last moments before his death, he couldn’t understand why such a huge problem occurred with his physical body.

Looking at the gray sky, Chen Chen wasn’t very excited but rather, he felt rather somber.

Although he thought that the demoness’s words might be true, he wasn’t exactly elated to find out that it was indeed so. Rather, he had some doubts and vague worries.

‘What does the demoness want?’

‘She really killed one of the top pillars of support of the eight demon clans…’

To be honest, the demoness’ decisiveness and ruthlessness made him feel a little afraid.

With a long sigh, Chen Chen looked at the place where the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable had died.

In his perception, there was a mass of enormous power of divine consciousness that he could devour and absorb, as long as he could stimulate the Haoran Sacred Light Method.

However, the Haoran Sword Clan Master was nearby at the moment, and at his level, he might be able to tell what was fishy.

However, Chen Chen only hesitated for a few seconds before flying next to the mass of power of divine senses. He then stimulated the Haoran Sacred Light Method to purify the power of divine senses.

In order to be unperturbed and in control of everything, one must rely on great strength.

Only when he becomes stronger can he deal with more changes in the future.

He will never miss this once-in-lifetime opportunity to become stronger!

A few moments later…

Chen Chen purified the power of the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable’s divine senses, after which, his mind turned blank. He felt that his sea of consciousness was metamorphosing rapidly as if he was about to enter another stage.

Just as he was about to land on the ground in a daze, the Haoran Sword Clan Master caught him.

Looking at Chen Chen, who was in a trance and losing his balance, the Haoran Sword Clan Master had a complicated expression. After a long time, he said, “With your natural talent, you will definitely become the best elite among the two races. Why are you so eager about this? Since ancient times, those who have taken the path of diabolism have never ended up well. You…”

“Ah! Why bother?”

Although the Haoran Sword Clan Master’s words were vague, Clan Master knew what he meant.

Clearly, the Clan Master, who was at the late stage of the Void Refinement realm, had witnessed the purification.

Hearing the regret and confusion in his tone, Chen Chen smiled and said gently, “Senior, don’t worry, I have my own principles, and no matter what changes there may be in the future, I will not put the human race in danger.”

The Haoran Sword Clan Master hesitated to speak, but he eventually shook his head helplessly.

The Haoran Sword Clan was one of the four great clans that could not tolerate diabolism. As the clan master, he absolutely hated diabolism too.

However, since Chen Chen had great merits, he had no choice but to turn a blind eye.

“I won’t tell anyone about this, but you should be careful… I don’t know about the others, but Xishuang must be extremely repulsed by diabolism.”

Hearing his words, Chen Chen cupped his fists with an apologetic smile and then returned to the Little Carefree Immortal Palace where he sat cross-legged and began to fully digest the power of divine consciousness from the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable.

At this moment, the border between the human and demon territories was in an uproar!

Many top powerhouses had detected what happened.

Dozens of Void Refinement realm divine senses converged at the spot where the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable had fallen, in a bid to find out what happened. They were all roaring in disbelief!

“The Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable has fallen! How is that possible!?!”

“This dimwit! His cultivation to the late-stage of the Void Refinement realm has gone in vain!”

“This is absolutely foolish! The shame of the demon race!”

“Clan Master! Come out, quickly!”

More and more powerful experts began to gather towards that area regardless of everything. However, no matter how they probed, they were faced with the same old cruel reality.

The Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable was a top elite of the late-stage Void Refinement realm cultivators of the demon race! Yet, he died on the battlefield and nothing was left of him except the strong aftershocks that were evidence of an intense battle.

Many mighty figures of the demon race were lost and dejected. Deep down, they were grief-stricken about the death of their leader and had completely lost their intention to fight as they began to evacuate.

The experts of the Divine Dragon Clan felt as if the sky had fallen.

Among the eight demon clans, the Divine Dragon Clan had always been among the top two, but now that their late-stage Void Refinement realm leader had died, they had lost their strongest pillar.

Their overall strength would probably plunge immediately, and they would become the weakest existence among the eight major demon clans.

They were obviously unwilling to accept it.

All of a sudden, many Divine Dragon Clan members were so grief-stricken that they wanted to rush into the human territory to take revenge for the clan leader.

However, the experts of the Void Refinement realm had begun retreating. It was impossible for them to enter the human territory and had no choice but to leave.

Soon, the human cultivators charged into the demons’ territory.

Unknowingly, the dynamics of the battle between the human and demon races began to change.

After charging into the demons’ territory, the human cultivators did not have the slightest intention to show mercy and would kill every demon they saw.

Although the demon race did not have a vulnerable group similar to that of mortals of the human race, there were many low-ranking demon cultivators.

Those demonic cultivators were slaughtered by the humans.

In just half a day, the human race had charged more than 500 kilometers into the demon territory and killed hundreds of thousands of demons of varying strengths and weaknesses.

On this day, the human race finally got to vent the anger that they had cooped up for more than 10,000 years.

The entire demon race was thus thrown into jeopardy, and even some experts couldn’t help but panic.

The humans and demons had been fighting for more than 10,000 years, and it was the first time that the humans had charged into the demons’ territory!

Regardless of the outcome of this war, they were destined to be on the pillar of shame of the demons.

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