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Chapter 311: Madness

Back in Wufeng City, Chen Chen began to cultivate at ease and solidified his cultivation level which had just reached the middle-stage of the Essence Soul realm.

He decided not to advance to the Void Refinement realm or go out and show off.

Anyway, there are plenty of human experts, and they didn’t lack one with mediocre abilities like him.

As the best elite of the human race, what he needed to do the most now was to stay alive and grow. After he reaches the Void Refinement realm, everything will be settled!

That was the awareness that a genius in cultivation had to have!

Just like that, Chen Chen unknowingly cultivated in Wufeng City for seven days, but Yao Qing didn’t scold him for escaping.

It was as if nothing had happened before.

However, Xiao Hua, Xiao Huang, and Shengfan would occasionally look in the direction of the demons’ territory longingly.

Today, Xiao Hua looked in the direction of the demons’ territory again.

She muttered softly, “Master, why don’t you be together with sister Yao Qing? That way, she can stay with us all the time.”

Chen Chen’s face became sullen, and he hurriedly covered her mouth while looking around his surroundings carefully.

Seeing that no one had noticed this place, he felt a great sense of relief.

He finally witnessed the innocent and unfiltered speech of a child. Xiao Hua was really brave enough to say anything.

He reckoned that she probably didn’t even understand what it meant to be together…

“Do you understand that humans and demons are against each other?” Chen Chen said softly.

Although he had met many demonesses, and they were even close to a few, such as Hu Xian’er, he never wanted to engage in a passionate romance with a human.

Having experienced the society of his previous life, he was actually much more conservative than the people in this world.

Although he would get a good impression of the opposite gender, he would keep it platonic and never think of getting into a romantic relationship with them.

That was his bottom line.

“But I’m a demon too… Master, are you going to leave me one day too?”

Tears welled up in Xiao Hua’s eyes as she spoke.

Chen Chen was speechless.

‘Why am I saying such profound things to a little demon who has only gained sentience for a year or two? This kid knows nothing!’

‘She probably thinks that being together simply means playing together, having meals together, and so on.’

‘Little does she know that there’s a lot more to this and many more secrets that most of the underage demons are unaware of…’

Thinking of this, Chen Chen said comfortingly with a gentle smile, “It’s…not the same.”

“What’s so different about it?” Xiao Hua continued to probe while Xiao Huang joined in.

Although Xiao Huang did not have any facial features, Chen Chen decided to draw some on his face when he got bored when in the Demon Courts. Thus, he had some facial expressions now.

“It’s just not the same! You’ll know when you grow up!”

Chen Chen was getting shy and petulant.

Seeing that their master was angered, Xiao Hua lowered her head, and the morning glory on her head drooped downwards. She was obviously very disappointed.

Seeing this, Chen Chen wanted to change the topic, but at that moment, a certain communication token lit up.

“Chen Chen, didn’t you promise me that you will suppress the Divine Dragon Clan for me? Does your promise still count today?”

Chen Chen’s expression stiffened, and his heart sank when he saw that message.

‘What does Yao Qing mean? Is there something more to this?’

Despite being bewildered, he nevertheless quickly said, “Of course it counts. Even if you want to kill the Void Refinement realm experts of the Divine Dragon Clan, we humans will accompany you!”

“Very well, the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable will appear at the border between the human and demon territories in three days. Go destroy him.”

Chen Chen’s face turned sullen after hearing that.

The Demon Venerable of the Divine Dragon Clan was the clan leader whose cultivation level was at the late-stage of the Void Refinement realm. Thus, how can such a terrifying expert die so easily?

It can be said that when one reaches the realm of the Demon Venerable, it would be difficult to die as long as one doesn’t make any silly mistakes.

The only thing that Chen Chen could think of that would destroy the Divine Dragon Clan’s Demon Venerable was the Sea Dragon of the Boundless Sea that was about to ascend to immortality.

With that in mind, Chen Chen suppressed the anger in his heart and replied, “Sect Master, don’t joke with me, okay?”

“You’ll know if I’m joking with you or not, once you give it a try. To be honest with you, I gave one drop of Ancestral-Returning Blood to a junior of the Divine Dragon Clan, but he ended up giving it to the Demon Venerable. Do you get what I mean?”

Chen Chen obviously understood. What she meant was that she had tampered with the Ancestral-Returning Blood…

As for how this demoness knew that the Ancestral-Returning Blood would fall into the hands of the Demon Venerable of the Divine Dragon Clan, Chen Chen had no idea.

However, he can be sure that it is nothing but deception, backstabbing, and other devious means.

“I understand, I will make arrangements for this matter.”

Chen Chen agreed right away.

Regardless of whether it was a trap or not, he had to give it a try. After all, it was a once-in-lifetime opportunity.

If it was really like what Yao Qing said, and he manages to destroy the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable, the human race would have a late-stage Void Refinement realm cultivator.

That would almost be enough to completely change the situation, and even give the human race the possibility to counterattack against the demon race.

The mere thought of it made Chen Chen excited.

He even wondered if Yao Qing was out of her mind to have come up with such a crazy idea.

Chen Chen’s expression changed again and again, and finally, he took out a communication token to inform his grandmaster of the matter.

Three days later.

At the border between the human and demon territories, the demon seemed to be about to retaliate as many Void Refinement realm Demon Venerables returned to the battlefield.

The appearance of each Void Refinement realm Demon Venerable would attract the attention of the Human Void Refinement realm cultivators.

Although they got the news from Chen Chen and were willing to try, neither they nor Chen Chen was fools.

Hence, the human Void Refinement realm cultivators today were extremely careful, for fear that it might be some kind of trap.

On the contrary, the Haoran Sword Clan Master was rather calm.

Seeing how nervous Chen Chen was, he comforted and said, “Chen Chen, the Void Refinement realm cultivators of the demon race don’t show signs of gathering, and we won’t let them plot against us either… So, there should be no traps. In this case, regardless of whether we succeed this time or not, we won’t suffer any major losses, don’t worry.”

Chen Chen nodded. The Haoran Sword Clan Master was an old rival of the Divine Dragon Clan so this time, he would be dealing with the Demon Venerable of the Divine Dragon Clan.

In addition, two other middle-stage Void Refinement realm cultivators would be providing support.

Those were all the top powerhouses that the human race can assemble at the moment.

The other Void Refinement realm cultivators of the human race were confronting the demon powerhouses in other parts of the border at the moment.

In order to draw out these two Void Refinement realm cultivators, the power of the forces in some places was significantly weaker than the demon race.

If they don’t win this battle, the demons would very likely break through their weaknesses.

Despite this risk, several clan masters eventually believed in him and were willing to accompany him in his madness for once.

In this situation, it was impossible for him not to be nervous.

After about fifteen minutes, the Haoran Sword Clan Master suddenly chuckled and looked into the sky in the distance. He said calmly, “That bug is here.”

As soon as he finished, the world changed in color, and the Demon Venerable who had a feud with Chen Chen immediately appeared in the clouds.

Compared to the past, the Demon Venerable now looked much more arrogant than before, and in addition to that, something seemed to be bulging from the top of his head, as if there were horns that were growing out.

“My strength has greatly improved after I returned to the demons’ territory this time. From now on, you’ll no longer be a match for me!”

The Demon Venerable of the Divine Dragon Clan laughed maniacally when he saw the Clan Master of the Haoran Sword Clan. In the next second, he noticed Chen Chen who was beside the Haoran Sword Clan Master.

“Chen Chen, how dare you to appear here in the battlefield of Void Refinement realm cultivators!?! You’re really brazen, huh!?! I’m going to turn you into ashes today!”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen lowered his head and stayed silent.

When he cursed at the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable back then, it was an act of helplessness after failing to defeat him.

However, today he was really plotting against him and was out to kill him, so he didn’t want to spout any more nonsense.

Seeing how unwavering and indifferent Chen Chen was, the Divine Dragon Clan Demon Venerable seemed rather menacing, and he clawed at Chen Chen immediately.

Seeing this, the Haoran Sword Clan Master immediately stopped them, and at the same time, two other Void Refinement realm powerhouses also arrived.

Not only did the Demon Venerable not panic, he even looked up to the sky and laughed hysterically.

“Three Void Refinement realm cultivators! Very well! I’ll use the power of you lowly humans to reach the peak of the Void Refinement realm!”

After saying that, his aura soared again, and the bulge on top of his head turned into a pair of dragon horns.

The Haoran Sword Clan Master frowned slightly with some vague uneasiness.

However, in the next second, the situation suddenly changed!

The arrogance and smugness of the Demon Venerable suddenly vanished as the vast Qi, and blood within his body started burning up from inside out!

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