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Chapter 305: Demon God Bloodline

Hearing these remarks, Chen Chen immediately understood who this Void Refinement realm expert in front of him was.

He finally understood why there was a common saying that rivals often meet.

He first ran into the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor, and now, he met the Void Refinement realm half-demon. ‘What should I do?’

Chen Chen clenched his fists as various thoughts ran through his mind.

Regardless of how strong the Essence Soul realm cultivators maybe he would be able to deal with it. However, this Void Refinement realm expert was several times stronger than Essence Soul realm cultivators. How was he supposed to deal with it?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen said with a hideous smile, “Sect Master, I’m a member of the Heavenly Diabolism no matter what. Why do you have to force me into a corner and kill me?”

Seeing that Chen Chen had the intention to beg for mercy, Wu Ling sneered.

He had been following the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor who had the Ancestral-Returning Blood. Now that he had finally found the damned demoness, he didn’t really want to let the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor off for the sake of keeping the matter a secret. Yet, Chen Chen asked to be spared. It really seemed ridiculous to him.

Just as he was about to mock him, Chen Chen suddenly looked behind him in astonishment.

“Sect Master?”

Hearing his words, Wu Ling’s hairs stood on its ends. He had once fought with the Heavenly Diabolism master before and knew that she had an unparalleled ability to vanish into thin air. She could also walk near others without making a single sound.

That skill of hers had even given him emotional trauma.

Hence, after hearing Chen Chen’s subconscious exclamation in amazement, he was slightly stunned.

While Chen Chen was in a trance, two white human-sized boats suddenly appeared, and they darted away by dozens of meters immediately!

Seeing this scene, Wu Ling was exasperated!

He was a Void Refinement realm powerhouse after all. Yet, Chen Chen used such a childish trick to distract him, and more importantly, he really fell for it!

He then thought of the demoness again, which made him even more infuriated.

That demoness had been assassinated by him and clearly should have died. However, he surprisingly had a shadow within his heart…

“Trying to flee, huh? Impossible!”

Wu Ling gritted his teeth and entered the void, before flashing by dozens of meters away. He was almost as fast as the small boat.

He continuously flickered on the boat, and in the blink of an eye, he had already traveled dozens of kilometers.

While activating the boat, Chen Chen marveled at its incredible speed, which was surprisingly almost equal to that of Void Refinement realm powerhouses.

However, it consumed too much spiritual power. Even though he had an innate spirit body, he couldn’t maneuver the small boat for long.

“Xiao Hua, give me some treasures for replenishment!”

Chen Chen yelled into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

All the spiritual power in his body was now focused on the small boat, and he couldn’t free up any time. At such a juncture, he could only ask the little morning glory for help.

As soon as he said that, a sea cucumber that was full of spiritual power reached his mouth.

Chen Chen swallowed it without hesitation, and in an instant, a rich wave of spiritual power filled his body.

However, after swallowing the sea cucumber, Chen Chen realized that the one holding the spirit ginseng was not the little morning glory Xiao Hua’s branch, but a fair hand, on which there was an Adversity-Overcoming Seal. He couldn’t help but inhale in shock.

“You… you’re alive?”

Chen Chen exclaimed in astonishment as he raised his head to look at the owner of the hand.

She wasn’t wearing a red robe or a black veil. Instead, her body was wrapped in a green, silk-like robe.

At this moment, Chen Chen finally saw the true face of the Heavenly Diabolism master.

She had long, black tresses with red highlights. Her facial features were exquisite, so much so that Chen Chen even suspected that the heavens had modeled humans after her appearance.

“The manifestation of an Innate Spirit is indeed really extraordinary! I’m afraid this is God’s aesthetic standards…”

Chen Chen then turned his head to look away from the demoness, afraid that he might get distracted.

However, with the corner of his eye, he still noticed that this demoness seemed to have a floral mark on her forehead. It was exactly the same as the main body of the demoness.

“Why did you save me?” The Heavenly Diabolism master asked leisurely with a complicated tone of voice.

Chen Chen was speechless. ‘We’re escaping now. not only that you blocked my vision, you even asked me such an irrelevant question. Can you not do that at this juncture?’

Suppressing his emotions, Chen Chen said with a smile, “Sect Master, since some of your strength has been restored, can you destroy that bugger following us?”

“My name is Yao Qing, my strength has roughly recovered to the level of the Core Formation realm.”

The Heavenly Diabolism Master sensed for a moment and answered with a frown.

As soon as she said that, Chen Chen sent her back into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace while instructing. “Sect Master, don’t give me any more trouble since you’re in the Core Formation realm.”

In fact, Chen Chen wasn’t very disappointed to hear that the Heavenly Diabolism master hadn’t recovered all her strength.

If she had really regained her full strength, he was afraid that he would not be able to ask the whereabouts of the Demon God’s descendant.

As for the Void Refinement realm half-demon behind them, it would definitely be good to chase him away, but if they couldn’t, it wouldn’t affect much.

Even if that half-demon chased him to the human territory, he would not be able to catch up.

“Chen Chen! Die!”

As soon as that thought emerged in Chen Chen’s mind, he heard a menacing hollering from behind. He turned around, only to see that the Void Refinement realm half-demon, Wu Ling, had somehow grown a pair of gray giant wings, and his speed was increased by more than 30% all of a sudden!


Chen Chen got a great shock! Who would have thought that the demon bloodline in this Wu Ling’s body was derived from a demonic bird!?!

“You can’t beat him. He has the bloodline of the Peng clan and he’s much faster than ordinary Void Refinement realm experts.”

The voice of the Heavenly Diabolism master who had seen through life and death, emerged in his mind. Chen Chen was so livid that he gritted his teeth. ‘Of course, I can tell, that’s so obvious!’

“What do you say I should do?”

Chen Chen asked angrily.

Just as he said that, the Heavenly Diabolism master burrowed out again. This time, she was wearing a red robe, exactly the same as before.

“Wu Ling, how brazen of you!”

After she hollered, the wings on Wu Ling’s back trembled, and he almost fell from the sky.

“Sect… Sect Master?”

Wu Ling turned as pale as a sheet in shock when he saw the familiar red-robed figure.

‘This demoness is indeed still alive!’

On the other hand, Chen Chen took the opportunity while Wu Ling was shocked, to quickly pull him away.

Seeing that Chen Chen was flying farther and farther away, Wu Ling suppressed her horror.

“She definitely can’t exert her full power! Otherwise, why would she talk nonsense to me?”

After figuring that out, Wu Ling ignored the Heavenly Diabolism master and sped up quickly again.

“This bird is bent on killing me. Drop me, he won’t chase you anymore then.”

Seeing that Wu Ling was taking chase again, the Heavenly Diabolism master looked at Chen Chen as she spoke, her tone as calm as before.

“Sect Master, is this true?”

“My name is Yao Qing,” the Heavenly Diabolism master emphasized again.

“Yes, Sect Master, can you first tell me where that Demon God descendant is? As long as you let me know, I promise to leave you behind and never turn back!”

Chen Chen sounded extremely righteous!

Although this demoness was good-looking, it was safer for her to be dead.

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the corners of Yao Qing’s mouth curled into a faint smile. She said indifferently, “I won’t tell you.”

‘Screw you!’

Chen Chen cursed his head, but he continued to focus his attention on driving the small boat.

However, less than 15 minutes later, a terrifyingly strong wind came from the rear, lifting Chen Chen in the sky with the small boat.

Seeing that the boat was about to hit the ground, Chen Chen quickly put it away while colliding with the ground himself.


With a muffled thud, a large crater appeared, and Chen Chen laid in the middle of it with a gloomy gaze.

The three little demons, Xiao Hua, Xiao Huang, and Shengfan, immediately wriggled out of Little Carefree Immortal Palace to check on Chen Chen’s injury.

However, Chen Chen looked at Yao Qing who was at the side, and said miserably, “Sect Master, things have already reached this point, can you tell me where the Demon God’s descendant is, so that I can die with peace of mind?”

Looking at Wu Ling who had just caught up and was hanging high in the sky while emitting a murderous aura, Yao Qing chuckled and said, “I can tell you. The so-called Demon God’s descendant is actually just a manifestation of me.”

Chen Chen was dumbfounded to hear that, and he quickly asked the system in his mind, several questions.

“System, where is the Demon God descendant?”

“Two meters in front of you.”

‘Damn it! It’s true!’

He had traveled far and wide, only to win easily.

After receiving the system’s confirmation, Chen Chen took a deep breath, and the gaze in his eyes became firm.

He then took out the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir that his grandmaster had given him, and swallowed it.

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