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Chapter 304: Too Focused On Interests To Notice The Dangers At The Back

Noticing that the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor behind him did not announce it openly and instead chased after him quietly, Chen Chen felt a sense of relief.

If the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor were to clamor and cause the rest of the demons to chase after him, he might still feel pressure.

However, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor wanted to take down Chen Chen alone, so he didn’t ask the demons to chase Chen Chen together with him.

‘When we reach a place where there is no one around, I will let this Crimson Fox Demon Emperor know that he has to pay the price for being arrogant!’

With those ruthless thoughts in mind, Chen Chen sped up and soon flew more than a thousand kilometers away, completely leaving that dangerous place.

At the same time, the three little demons in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace—the little morning glory, Ochre Yellow Spirit, and Shengfan, were taking care of the golden-patterned demon flower with a look of melancholy.

Chen Chen observed them silently while feeling worried.

He was not worried about the safety of the Heavenly Diabolism master, but rather, he was worried that he might never be able to find the traces of the Demon God’s descendant if the Heavenly Diabolism master refuses to speak.

He had come to the demons’ territory with the ultimate purpose of finding the Demon God’s descendant who had a large amount of the Ancestral-Returning Blood.

After a moment of hesitation, Chen Chen threw in a storage ring that contained a large number of treasures that were good for plants.

The three little demons immediately became excited after getting the storage ring.

Chen Chen shook his head and laughed bitterly. ‘I’m being kind enough to her even though she has wronged me, huh?’

“Chen Chen! If you run again, I’ll contact other demons! When a few Void Refinement realm seniors come later, you will not be able to escape even if you have wings!”

After flying for a while, the divine sense voice transmission of the enraged Crimson Fox Demon Emperor came from behind.

A late-stage Essence Soul realm expert chased Chen Chen around but still couldn’t catch up with him even though the latter was at the early stage of the Essence Soul realm. He was imaginably furious.

Chen Chen scanned his surroundings with his divine senses and discovered that there were no other experts nearby. He then turned around immediately and launched a divine sense attack on the incoming Crimson Fox Demon Emperor.

However, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor had come prepared this time, so his body merely swayed a little during the resistance.


After stabilizing his body, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor opened his mouth and spat out a giant pillar of flame which was thousands of meters high!

When Chen Chen saw this, his pupils constricted immediately, and his body turned golden in an instant.


With a loud, explosive sound, the pillar of flame light completely engulfed Chen Chen.

An unparalleled burning sensation immediately filled Chen Chen’s entire body.

“This flame is so dominant! It’s even stronger than the Immortal Demon Phoenix Fire!”

Chen Chen’s heart was full of astonishment, and he could vaguely see a large number of faint black patterns on the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor’s body. His body was also expanding rapidly, soon turning several meters tall.

The mountain-like body and the black patterns made the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor look extremely hideous and grotesque.

He looked nothing like the refined and handsome Nine-Tailed Fox that he used to be.

“What ancient bloodline is this?”

Chen Chen forced himself to endure the heat of the burning flames around him and tried to get out of the range of the flames, but regardless of which direction he flew in, the flames followed him like a shadow and kept on burning brightly.

In fact, although he was surprised, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor was even more surprised than he was.

He naturally knew the power of his main body, especially the Demonic Flames that he spewed. Even those who were at the peak of the Essence Soul realm could not withstand it.

Chen Chen was still moving in the flames, and he couldn’t even let out a shriek in pain. ‘What kind of a physical body is that?’

Clearly, Chen Chen was several times stronger now than he was during the battle in the Demon Suppressing Town!


Before he could think about it, a powerful aura suddenly emerged from the figure in the flames, and immediately afterwards, it charged towards him against the flames.

Under the impact of the aura, thousands of meters of flames suddenly rolled backwards.

Seeing this scene, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor quickly kept quiet before he could even have the time to be shocked. At the same time, his giant claw which was covered in black patterns surged towards Lin Li in a bid to suppress him!


The flames suddenly disappeared, and Chen Chen’s black demonic armor didn’t lose the upper hand in the collision with the golden fist.

Boom boom boom!

The man and demon exchanged several blows, causing the surrounding ground to crack and blow up. However, neither of them could do anything to each other.

Seeing this, Chen Chen’s gaze flickered. In the demon territory, he did not have time to fight the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor for long, so it had to be a quick battle.

With that thought, Chen Chen communicated with his divine senses, and some white flames converged in the storage ring before flying outwards.

The white flames were only fist-sized, which was simply negligible compared to the massive Crimson Fox Demon Emperor.

However, Chen Chen seemed extremely solemn after seeing the flame.

“Senior, please help me out once more.”

The white flames seemed to have understood Chen Chen’s words, so it vibrated a little like a form of acknowledgment. Immediately afterwards, he moved towards the lower body of the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor.

Seeing this scene, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched slightly, and he looked away, unable to bring himself to continue looking.


With a light thud, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor was shrouded in white flames before he could have the time to react.


With a menacing shriek, the sound waves shook the cracked land and turned it into loose, fertile soil.

The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor’s eyes were bloodshot, and the black patterns on his body flickered, but he didn’t dare to touch the white flames easily with the other parts of his body. Hence, he had no choice but to yell in exasperation continuously while retreating in a bid to escape.

Chen Chen hurriedly took chase while observing the white flames.

A Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire as such had long gained sentience, and Chen Chen could even feel its spiritual fluctuations with his divine senses.

It was euphoria.

“I wonder if I can block this flame.”

While thinking about it, Chen Chen subconsciously pressed his legs together while making up his mind, and deciding that no matter what, he would never offend his grandmaster in the future.

As the saying goes, one tends to be influenced by those around them.

The white flames were behaving in such a perverse manner. Clearly, his grandmaster was just as psychotic.

On the contrary, he was extremely pure, because he had reared spirit beings like the little morning glory, the Ochre Yellow Spirit, and Green Bean.

Given how pure he was by nature, the consequences of fighting his grandmaster would be imaginably dire.

Seeing that the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor was flying more and more slowly, Chen Chen shot out a few Apocalyptic Divine Thunderbolts that formed a huge hole in the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor’s body.

The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor kept roaring in pain incessantly. A moment later, he inhaled sharply and suppressed the pain while hollering. “Chen Chen! Retract your flames, or I’m going to send a message to the Void Refinement realm seniors of the demon race!”

Chen Chen didn’t take his words seriously at all. By the time the Void Refinement realm cultivators rushed over, he would have long annihilated the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor.

Things had already come to this point. How could he possibly let himself be threatened into letting the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor off the hook?

The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor was one of the two greatest culprits behind the massacre of humans back then!

“Chen Chen, you forced me to do this!”

Seeing that Chen Chen had already made up his mind, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor’s eyes were full of despair, and he quickly took out several communication tokens.

Now, the only thought in his mind was that he would never let Chen Chen have a good time even if he died!

The human elite, Chen Chen, has entered the demon territory to snatch away…”

The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor tried to send a message while bearing with the pain. A massive might and pressure suddenly descended, blasting the communication token into ashes.

Seeing this, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor was astonished, and he looked up, only to find that an old man with gray hair had appeared and was standing a thousand meters in front of him calmly.

“Clan Master Wu Ling?”

The Demon Emperor subconsciously exclaimed in shock.

The gray hair on Wu Ling’s head started swaying even though there wasn’t any wind. He said with a calm smile, “Crimson Fox, it’s better not to let those old guys of the demon race find out about this.”

The look in the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor’s eyes changed, and in the next second, he escaped in another direction.

However, before he could fly out for five kilometers, Wu Ling took out a horsetail whisk and smacked him onto the ground.

Chen Chen, who came after him, turned around to flee after seeing that.

Although he had never seen Wu Ling before, he could recognize the fluctuations of the Void Refinement realm.

If possible, he wouldn’t want to fight with a Void Refinement realm expert.

Seeing this, Wu Ling sneered in derision and took a step out, and vanished like he had entered the void. In the next second, he appeared in front of Chen Chen.

“You must be Chen Chen, huh? Back then, you destroyed the Dark Immortal Sect and even killed my disciple. I can finally take revenge today!”

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