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Chapter 280: Supporting The New Generation


With an explosion, Chen Chen was once again blasted into the ground, but in the next second, he flew up into the sky at an even faster speed.

A few exchanges of blows later, the scene was repeated once again.

About 15 minutes later, numerous craters of various sizes were formed in the thousand meters of land between the Demon Suppressing Town and the Human Extermination Mountain.

Both the human cultivators and demonic cultivators were incredibly horrified when they saw the large craters.

If other Essence Soul realm experts were in their places, their physical bodies would have long collapsed. How could they even retaliate?

However, Chen Chen was completely unscathed, and only his clothes had become a little tattered. In fact, his aura and dominance had even become much stronger.

Chen Chen’s gaze became dull, and all he could see was the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor.

After experiencing one blow after another, Chen Chen’s Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique became stronger and stronger. He was about to reach the peak of the Nascent Soul realm and had no choice but to suppress it a little.

Such an incredible technique would get stronger the more one fought. However, this battlefield wasn’t a good place for a breakthrough.

“I really don’t know what will happen when the Nine Revolutions Golden Body reaches the Essence Soul realm.”

Chen Chen was curious, but his Omni Divine Blade was getting stronger and stronger.

Finally, at a certain point, the Omni Divine Blade completely resisted that giant halberd!

He was getting increasingly stronger while the Demon Emperor’s aura became weaker and weaker. With that, the two parties reached a certain balance at this moment!

Chen Chen felt as if a huge boulder had been lifted off his chest because he had won this battle.

From now on, it would be the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor getting suppressed.

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Xia Xishuang who was at the side. She comforted, “Xishuang, don’t worry, Chen Chen has won the fight.”

Xia Xishuang’s face turned pale, and she bit her lip gently without making a single sound. She seemed to be even more stressed than Chen Chen.

Hearing her master’s words, she shivered a little, but she didn’t relax.

She looked at the gloomy clouds… There were close to 20 Demon Emperors hidden there. Yet, Chen Chen was already having great difficulty fighting the second one.

‘How can he deal with it later?’

Looking at her disciple’s pale face, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan comforted, “Xishuang, Chen Chen may have had a hard time, but he has actually brought it upon himself because of his arrogance.”

“When dealing with the Demon Emperor whose forte is in divine senses, he attacked with his divine senses. When dealing with the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor, he used his physical body to fight. He had never used any other attacking methods at all. He’s just trying to create the thought of invincibility, but if it really reaches the critical moment of life-and-death, he will surely go all out. He’s not stupid, after all.”

Xia Xishuang nodded slightly while the Chen Shuang sword in her hand emitted a faint spiritual light.

After another fifteen minutes, Chen Chen slashed his sword downwards and blasted the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor into the large pit on the ground.

However, the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor couldn’t fly up again.

Looking at the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor, whose body was battered with wounds and gaze had become dull. Chen Chen said hoarsely, “You can’t break my indestructible body, send a demon instead.”

As soon as he said that, the large halberd spun and descended, driving itself into the spot beside the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor.

The Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor struggled to stand up, picked up the halberd, and began limping towards the Human Extermination Mountain without saying a single word. Along the way, he bled profusely and moved on a sluggish gait.

In the sky above the Human Extermination Mountain, the nameless Demon Emperor of the Divine Dragon clan subconsciously tried to fly out but was blocked by a huge pressure.

Sensing the pressure, the nameless Demon Emperor subconsciously looked at Demon Venerable Tian Jiao who was in the distance.

Immediately afterwards, Demon Venerable Tian Jiao’s icy cold voice resounded in his mind.

“Chen Chen is extremely powerful, you shall be the last to fight him.”

Hearing those words, the battle intent in the nameless Demon Emperor’s eyes turned dim completely, and it was replaced by disappointment.

He had cultivated hard for hundreds of years but had never made a name for himself.

He thought that he could become famous this time, but he didn’t expect the ancestor to make him the last person to join the battle and fight against an expert. It made him feel extremely indignant.

Before he appeared, the Demon Emperor of the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan flew over first.

“Chen Chen, I know you are a disciple of the State of Zhou Demon Clan’s Body Refinement lineage. It’s time we settle the scores today!”

Looking at the Immortal Demonic Phoenix, Chen Chen smiled indifferently without saying anything. He merely waved his hand at his opponent.

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix opened its mouth and spewed out black flames that darted more than a thousand meters outwards, burning away all the spiritual power within a thousand-meter radius.

There was golden light flickering around Chen Chen’s body as he dodged quickly.

The flames of the Essence Soul realm Demonic Phoenix were much stronger than the one that he had skinned previously. As soon as he got closer to the flames, he felt as if his spiritual power was weakening.

If he really touched it, his spiritual power would probably be burned out immediately.

‘I can’t breathe fire, so I can only be mean to you.’ Chen Chen secretly thought to himself.

At the same time, the Divine Condensation Pearl in his head shone brightly, and a powerful divine sense attack hit the Immortal Demon Phoenix.

Chen Chen inhaled sharply.

The black flames ceased, and Chen Chen took advantage of this opportunity to quickly appear behind the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan, while constantly waving the Omni Divine Blade in his hand. The Apocalyptic Divine Thunderbolts were intertwined and all of a sudden, various black feathers were flying in the sky. By the time the Immortal Demonic Phoenix recovered from the shock, Chen Chen had already retreated by more than a thousand meters.

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix’s buttocks had already become bald, without a single feather.

Once a feather tried to appear from its body, it would instantly be destroyed by the destructive power of the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder.

All of a sudden, the Immortal Demon Phoenix’s tail was bald.


Chen Chen mimicked the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor while pointing the Omni Divine Blade at the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan sneeringly.

The Immortal Demon Phoenix was extremely aggrieved.

‘Chen Chen had always been open and aboveboard when dealing with the other two Demon Emperors. Yet, he sorted out such tricks with me.’

To be honest, he was not afraid of divine sense attacks.

He wasn’t even afraid of dying, why would he be afraid of a divine sense attack?

Immortal Demon Phoenix was not destroyed by his meaning, just was shaved off his tail.

It made him feel terrible. At this moment, he could already feel the countless strange and curious gazes cast on his back.

“Chen Chen! You’re being such a bully!”

Thinking of the fact that its bare butt was exposed in public, the Immortal Demon Phoenix was extremely infuriated! It roared into the sky and flew straight towards Chen Chen.


There was a thunderous explosion!

He actually chose self-destruction!

A terrifying fluctuation of power spread throughout the space and Chen Chen has flung more than 10,000 meters away.

The next moment, a wave of blazing black flames appeared in the sky while the Immortal Demonic Phoenix emerged from the black flames. His dark wings covered the sun in the sky, and his gaze was full of a dashing arrogance.

However, he turned around, only to see that the destructive force on his tail was surprisingly still there, and his bottom was still bare.


Sensing the bizarre gazes of the humans, demons, and Void Refinement realm powerhouses that were being shot at him, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix felt extremely humiliated and flew off into the distance without looking back.

Chen Chen flew up into the sky again and shook his head while staring at the bare tail.

The Immortal Demonic Phoenixes were scarce in number, but they were ranked among the eight most powerful demons so they were extremely proud and conceited. Attacking them would only require a simple and similar approach.

Seeing that the Immortal Demonic Phoenix had vanished, Chen Chen looked at the gloomy clouds again.

When the demons felt the blazing battle intent in Chen Chen’s eyes, they fell silent.

The demons had lost thrice in a row!

Despite being part of the eight most powerful demons, they had no choice but to admit that Chen Chen was probably the strongest early-stage Essence Soul realm cultivator among the two races.

However, even so, they were not willing to admit that Chen Chen was invincible within the Essence Soul realm.

The humans and demons had tens of thousands of years of heritage, and countless elites had emerged. Hundreds had ascended to immortality.

No matter how powerful Chen Chen was, they didn’t think that he would be stronger than the hundreds of early-stage Essence Soul realm powerhouses that had ascended to immortality.

No matter what, they couldn’t boost Chen Chen’s ego!

Thinking of this, the remaining ten or so Demon Emperors looked at each other, both understanding what they meant.

They were bent on defeating Chen Chen at all costs!

“I’ll go!”

A Demon Emperor exclaimed and flew outwards.

However, in just a moment, the Demon Emperor was defeated and retreated.

Four hours later…

The silhouette above the Demon Suppressing Town was standing still. Even from a thousand meters away, all the demons in the Demon Suppressing Town could still see the dazzling light in his eyes.

That was the sign of an appearance of invincible faith. Looking at the gaze in his eyes, they could not help but be afraid.

In just two hours, Chen Chen had defeated the 13 Demon Emperors who were present. He even beat them at their own game…

‘This man is really invincible!’

Even the large old face in the sky had a complicated gaze as it stared at Chen Chen who was below, filled with complex emotions that made him tear up.

The humans and demons had been at war for a long time, but there had never been such an outstanding person before. He was pressurizing the demon elites to the point that they didn’t even dare to stare at him!

“I didn’t expect such an incredible elite to appear among the humans… They say that an ultimate genius would definitely emerge from the great tribulation. Could it be that the saying is really true?”

Although he was a Void Refinement realm cultivator, he had been through the early-stage of the Essence Soul realm too.

He wasn’t weak then and was on par with the elites of the demons. However, he was worlds apart from Chen Chen.

Even the clan masters of the four greatest clans weren’t as powerful and impressive as Chen Chen when they were in the early stage of the Essence Soul realm.

“The new generation is really taking over… No matter what, we, the seniors who have reached the Void Refinement realm, must protect this kid and help him reach the Void Refinement realm successfully!”

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