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Chapter 28: Spiritual Inner Elixir and Middle-Grade Spirit Stone

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“System, what is the most valuable thing within 15 meters?” Chen Chen asked in his mind.


“The spiritual elixir in the box in front of you. It contains most of the power of a 200-year-old spirit.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen naturally looked at the gray bead in the last box.

Just as he thought, although the things in this box looked ordinary, they were very valuable. Far more valuable than those treasures.

“The second most valuable?”

“The medium-grade spirit stone in the box in front of you.”

“Third most valuable?”

“The special soft armor in the box two meters to the left.”

Chen Chen asked about each item, but the system did not mention the small token, so he took the token out of the box and looked at it carefully.

The token had an animal-shaped mark, with no description in words. Chen Chen guessed that it could be a token and was important symbolically.

“Steward Zhao, did you rob these things from the same person? Did you rob an immortal?” Chen Chen pointed to the last box and looked at Steward Zhao.

Whether it was the spiritual inner elixir or the spirit stone, these were not things ordinary people could have owned. But if Zhao Biao was able to rob an immortal, why did he die so pathetically?

Steward Zhao smiled with embarrassment when he heard the question.

“The young man we robbed was not an immortal, but he was extremely skilled in martial arts. At the time, we had more than 100 men and horses. Under our siege, he only died after slaying nearly 100 of us.

“Later, Zhao Biao felt that he might have provoked someone who shouldn’t be provoked, so he hid in Shichuan County.”


Chen Chen frowned upon hearing this. The person was not an immortal but still had all these things? In all likelihood, he was an immortal disciple like Zhang Ji.

Only, his family background was many times better than Zhang Ji’s. It was very likely that there were immortals among his elders, and that was how he was able to carry such precious things with him.


At that thought, Chen Chen tucked away the token into his clothes, also taking the spirit stone and the inner elixir.

Then, he looked at Zhang Ji, saying, “Brother, the items in this last box are the items needed for immortal cultivation. Please allow me to take them. As for the items in the other boxes, you can take whatever you want.

“When you officially start the path of cultivation in the future, I will find a way to compensate you. ”

Hearing these words, Zhang Ji waved his hand away and said with a serious face, “Brother Chen, no need to talk about compensation. If it weren’t for you, the Zhang family would have been annihilated. Everything here is yours.”

The two talked politely some more. They finally decided not to touch the surprise treatures, leaving them in this secret room to use later, if needed.


The Zhao house would now belong to Chen Chen.

With this big house, Chen Chen wouldn’t allow his parents to live in the earthen house in Stone Village anymore.

Of course, the furniture would have to be replaced, or it would be unlucky.


After their discussion, the two men left the secret room.

As for Steward Zhao, he was not a good person, and he knew the location of the secret room too, so Chen Chen did not let him live. However, since he did help them, Chen permitted him to have a whole corpse.


“Now that this is done, I have to go home. In two days, I will bring my parents to live here in the county,” Chen Chen told Zhang Ji before parting.

Zhang Ji patted his chest and promised, “Brother Chen, don’t worry. By the time you come back, I will have cleaned up this mansion for you, and have enough maids and such available for your use.”

“Sorry to trouble you,” Chen Chen thanked him with cupped hands.

He didn’t need to do many things with a younger brother around, which made him feel very relaxed.

He just didn’t know what to expect when returning to the village, such as how his parents and villagers would react when they found out that the Wang family had been destroyed, or all their assets were now his.

‘Heh, they’d probably all want to marry off their daughters to me!’ Chen Chen thought to himself, showing a smile on his lips.


On the way back to the village, Chen Chen thought some more, then took out the token and burned it.


This thing could possibly identify its owner. If he encountered an acquaintance of the real owner in the future, it would be hard to explain. Instead of more misunderstandings occurring later on, it was better to burn it now.


After burning the token, Chen Chen took out the spiritual inner elixir and stuffed it into his mouth, before quickly spitting it out.


“System, what can I eat within a 15-meter radius?”

“The horse under you, the weeds on the roadside, the leaves eight meters away, the mushrooms under the rocks 11 meters away…”


The system mentioned many things but not the inner elixir in his hand.

Chen Chen wiped cold sweat from his forehead. Fortunately, he was smart and had asked the system first, otherwise he would have been in trouble.

“Is there anything nearby that will kill me if I eat it?”

“The inner elixir in the hand of the host.”

This time the system did not hesitate, immediately mentioning the inner elixir.

“Is there something nearby that can eat this inner elixir?” Chen Chen did not believe the answer he was given, phrasing his question differently this time.

‘If things went on like this,’ he thought, ‘sooner or later, I will become a master of language, maybe even a philosopher.’


“The host’s horse could eat it.”


Chen Chen was speechless.

So this inner elixir can not be eaten by humans? Only by animals?

‘Maybe it’s better to let my Lao Hei eat it! Maybe it can make Lao Hei powerful!’ Chen Chen thought, beginning to speed up his pace.


He had already searched this route when he came, so he didn’t search again on his way back.


Before he knew it, the familiar stone tablet in Stone Village was within his sight.

By now, the bodies at the entrance of the village had been cleaned up. Additionally, three people were standing there: the old village chief and his parents.

Looking at his deeply worried parents, Chen Chen felt a bit of sorrow in his heart.

Although his soul did not belong to this world, his body did, and it was created by his mom after many months.

Therefore, in his heart, Chen Shan and Qin Rou were his parents.

And if he wanted to go to the Tianyun Clan, he must leave his hometown and be far away from his parents.

Although he was reluctant to go, he must go there to cultivate immortality.

He was born into this world of immortality. If he didn’t cultivate immortality and go out to see the world before him, how could he be worthy of his ability to time-travel? How could he be worthy of the incredible system?

What’s more, his parents were so overworked year-round that, although they were not yet in their forties, they already had gray hair. How long would they stay alive in this world if they lived naturally?

If he cultivated immortality, he might have the opportunity to take his parents on the immortal path in the future, allowing them to live forever.


‘I have to cultivate immortality, but before leaving, I must take care of my parents.’

Chen Chen made up his mind. He lightly patted the horse’s behind, speeding towards the stone tablet.

In moments, Chen Shan and his wife, both at the entrance of Stone Village, saw their son. The wrinkles on their faces faded slightly, suddenly going from extremely worried to very relaxed.

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