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Chapter 279: Invincibility

Sensing the faint aura, Chen Chen seemed extremely nervous, and he inadvertently glanced at his right hand.

He was now wearing a glove on his right hand, a treasure he had obtained recently.

Although the glove that Yu Qiong gave him that day was undoubtedly excellent, she had given it to him on the spur of the moment after all. Unlike that glove, this one was prepared meticulously for him.

Even with the double-layer protection, he was still uncertain if he could fully conceal the aura of the Adversity-Overcoming Seal.

If the human Void Refinement realm cultivators were to discover it, the matter could be solved easily as Yu Qiong could just give them an explanation, and they probably wouldn’t make things hard for Chen Chen.

However, he was unsure about the Void Refinement realm demons.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen secretly clenched his fist and decided that he definitely wouldn’t go close to the Human Extermination Mountain and just stay above the Demon Suppressing Town.

“Are you nervous?”

Before Chen Chen knew it, the Divine Illusion Demon Emperor had arrived less than a kilometer in front of him. Chen Chen could see his facial expression and features very clearly.

When he saw Chen Chen’s gloomy expression, he chuckled and teased him.

The fact that Chen Chen was nervous meant that he was under a lot of pressure, which was good news for him.

Chen Chen did not respond, but his expression was unusually solemn, though his aura was getting stronger and stronger. Gradually, he formed a powerful tidal wave of spiritual power that surged towards the Divine Illusion Demon Emperor.

The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor did not cower or show any weakness, and he revealed his cultivation level while six algae-like tails emerged from his back and began swaying. Each of the tails was emitting a powerful aura.

The man and demon stared at each other in the sky while the vague sounds of wind and thunder resounded in the void.

“They’re sparring using their divine senses…”

The leader of the Demon Suppressing Town and the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan both had grave expressions on their faces when they saw that scene.

Although they weren’t engaged in an intense physical battle, it was equally dangerous.

The reason being, a slight mistake during the sparring of divine senses would lead to a double defeat.

If the Nine-Tailed Fox was defeated, he could just nurse his injuries, but if Chen Chen was defeated, how could they continue fighting?

There were many Void Refinement realm experts today, but they weren’t there just to watch a battle.

After hearing her master’s words, Xia Xishuang clutched the Chen Shuang sword tightly in her trembling hand as she gazed at Chen Chen in the sky. He was the only one she could see at this moment.

“What a cunning fox.”

Chen Chen condensed a few divine sense attacks and launched them, but they did not shake the Divine Illusion Demon Emperor at all.

It was because the Divine Illusion Demon Emperor had channeled all his energy to defending and didn’t have time to think about attacking at all.

It seemed that he didn’t want to win, but rather, he was trying to deplete Chen Chen’s divine senses.

In this case, Chen Chen would have to resort to other methods of attack if he wanted to change the situation.

However, if he really did that, he would seem less domineering.

A domineering aura is truly existent and can only be achieved if one has an invincible mindset!

Real invincibility is about defeating the opponent in the area where he excels! It’s all about creating a complete suppression.

With that thought, Chen Chen’s divine sense of power actually instantly increased by a large margin!

He was taken aback by that too because the power of one’s divine senses seemed to really be linked to the thoughts within one’s mind.

On the other hand, the Divine Illusion Demon Emperor’s pressure immediately increased and the energy fluctuations of the six tails began to gradually weaken, while his eyes vaguely became bloodshot.

Feeling the tsunami-like divine senses, his heart was filled with astonishment.

“How did an early-stage Essence Soul realm cultivator… get such terrifying divine senses?”

Before he could figure it out, the terrifying power of divine senses suddenly disappeared, and it was as if the skies had suddenly become clear.

“Good opportunity!”

The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor seized the fleeting opportunity, and his divine sense that had been suppressed immediately recoiled, and he attacked Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness like a great wave.


The next moment, he suddenly felt dizzy.

Even his vision became dazed, and in this state, a terrible sense of crisis instantly descended.

He struggled to raise his head to look into the distance, only to see that the blurry figure a thousand meters away did not take this opportunity to come over and attack. Instead, he stood silently and looked at the disheveled Chen Chen.

“I am not… your opponent.”

The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor wiped the blood from the corner of his eyes, suppressed the discomfort in his heart, and slowly flew towards the back

Just now, his divine senses had infiltrated the Demon Emperor’s sea of consciousness and resulted in a huge backlash.

Clearly, the disappearance of the divine senses was just a trap that he had walked into under tremendous pressure. It was like a springboard that didn’t allow him to withdraw.

However, he didn’t know what was in that sea of consciousness that could diminish his divine senses.

Seeing that the Divine Illusion Demon Emperor had been defeated, Chen Chen didn’t say anything or mock him. Instead, he looked at the demon clouds in the sky.

The people in the Demon Suppressing Town below cheered in joy. The cultivators who hadn’t reached the Essence Soul realm couldn’t sense the sparring of divine senses and merely thought that Chen Chen’s aura was so domineering that the enemy had admitted defeat.

“This kid’s power of divine senses… is probably not inferior to mine.”

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan was dumbfounded because she had witnessed everything that Chen Chen had done.

The intensity of Chen Chen’s divine senses was already comparable to hers even though his cultivation level was only in the early-stage Essence Soul realm.

If Chen Chen reached the late-stage of the Essence Soul realm, his divine senses would probably be stronger than hers.

“How did this kid cultivate?”

As an elite with an innate spirit body, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan had never been intimidated by a person’s talent, but after sensing the power of Chen Chen’s divine senses today, she was really surprised.

The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor returned to the sky above the Human Extermination Mountain and looked at the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor. He then said with great difficulty, “This person’s divine sense is invincible, if you try to fight him, don’t think of using your divine senses…”

A huge halberd gradually appeared behind the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor, and he said indifferently, “I don’t have strong divine senses, I can’t fight him even if I want to.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed, and he had already appeared less than a hundred meters in front of Chen Chen.

At the same time, a red ray of light emanated from his body, which was covered in gray fur, and the terrifying power of his blood emanated, turning the surroundings red!


He roared into the sky furiously while the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor fiercely swung the huge halberd behind him and smashed it at Chen Chen.

In the process, the halberd expanded dozens of times, turning the spiritual energy in the world into two huge waves that spread to both sides.

Sensing the destructive waves coming from above, Chen Chen had a grave expression on his face. With a single thought of his, the Omni Divine Blade also turned into a giant sword that was tens of meters long. He then smashed it towards the giant halberd!


With a groundbreaking sound, the two treasures violently collided, like an explosion of thunderbolts!

Some weak cultivators in the Demon Suppressing Town were shocked to the point of collapsing onto the ground. Some even started bleeding from their noses and mouths.

“So strong!”

Feeling the tremendous pressure from the Omni Divine Blade, Chen Chen marveled in awe. At the same time, his body gradually lit up as a rich golden light engulfed his body. It started intensifying, and he eventually turned into a golden man!


The Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor roared into the sky, revealing his teeth.


With a muffled sound, the right arm of the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor violently exploded, and blood gushed out like a fountain, daring dozens of meters away!

The giant halberd immediately became much more powerful when it sensed its master’s battle intent.

The Omni Divine Blade finally couldn’t support itself and was instantly suppressed. It was then blasted dozens of meters into the ground in front of the Demon Suppressing Town.

Chen Chen laid in a large ditch. The golden light on his body had become much dimmer. Looking at the maniacal Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor in the sky, he smiled.

Many of the elites of the human and demon races were powerhouses.

The Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor also cultivated the power of Qi and Blood, just like Zhou Renlong. However, even if there were ten of Zhou Renlong, who was only at the early-stage Essence Soul realm, they wouldn’t be able to defeat the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor.


The Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor in the sky did not take advantage of the victory to take chase. Instead, he pointed at Chen Chen and asked coldly.


Chen Chen responded loudly and flew into the sky like he had been launched from a springboard. The Omni Divine Blade roared and once again returned to his hand.

During the flight, the various wounds on his body that were cut by the sharp halberd recovered rapidly. By the time he reached the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor, he had completely recovered.

Clang! Clang!

The sounds of vigorous tremors in the sky were incessant, and the two large magic treasures in the air collided. However, they could be negligible under the waving of the treasures under Chen Chen and the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor.

Some weaker humans and demons had no choice but to stimulate their spiritual power and protect themselves in such a terrifying situation.

However, in a few moments, a large number of cracks formed in the ground across thousands of meters from the Human Extermination Mountain, as if a big earthquake had occurred.

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