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Chapter 273: Please Have Mercy!

“It’s Demon Emperor Pingshan.”

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan frowned slightly with a broody expression, while the old man beside her looked just as sullen.

Demon Emperor Pingshan was a genius demonic cultivator of the Heavenly Berserk Bear Clan who was one of the eight greatest demons. Although his cultivation level was only at the early Essence Soul realm, he was still unbeatable because he had a powerful physical body. He was definitely an elite who could contend with even a mid-stage Essence Soul realm powerhouse.

In the entire human race, there were only a few early-stage Essence Soul realm experts who could do so. Unfortunately, they were not in this demon-suppressing city.

However, the cultivation level of the parties involved in a fight would have to be kept within the same realm. Otherwise, it would only be meaningless about where the strong bullied the weak.

“Fools of the demon race, send your late-stage Nascent Soul realm Demon King to fight us if you dare. My Senior Sister will definitely beat the living daylights out of him!”

A sharp-tongued human female cultivator began to retaliate while the others followed suit.

Demon Emperor Pingshan who was outside the city sneered and said, “Those below the Essence Soul realm are nobodies. Only you humans think it’s a big deal.”


The human cultivators fired back again, and thus, the two sides fell into an endless verbal dispute.

“Chen Chen is almost reaching the Essence Soul realm… I have to work harder.”

“Chen Chen…”

Inside the tent, Xia Xishuang murmured softly while hugging the Chen Shuang sword tightly.

Seeing this, Chen Chen could not help but feel an urge to kiss her, but he didn’t end up doing so.

‘I’d better let Xishuang rest for a while longer.’

Of course, the situation outside didn’t escape his detection via divine senses, but as long as a real war didn’t break out, there would be no need to wake Xia Xishuang up.

Chen Chen remained seated for 15 minutes.

In his divine senses, a female disciple of the Haoran Sword Clan flew quickly towards the tent.

“Senior Sister! The demons sent a late Nascent Soul realm Demon Emperor over! Go and give him a hard beating!”

The female disciple shouted audibly before she reached the tent.

When she reached the tent, a human figure suddenly appeared and blocked her way to stop her from entering.

“Ah! It’s…it’s you, Senior Brother Chen! When did you arrive!?”

When the female disciple of the Haoran Sword Clan saw Chen Chen, she placed her hand on her mouth in astonishment.

Chen Chen said with a gentle smile, “I just arrived not long ago, let Xishuang rest a little longer.”

He had met that female disciple before during the battlefield of Qi and Wei. Hence, they were considered acquaintances.

“But…” The female disciple subconsciously looked outside the city to see that there was already a late-stage Nascent Soul realm Demon Emperor waiting quietly.

Chen Chen took a glance at him and said indifferently, “I’ll go.”

As soon as he said that, Chen Chen had already taken a step forward and immediately arrived outside the city.

“It’s Senior Brother! When did he come?”

Many human cultivators exclaimed in shock when they saw Chen Chen.

“Is he the Chen Chen who had killed an Essence Soul realm powerhouse when he was at the Nascent Soul realm?”

Inside the city, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan had a complicated expression when she heard the voices of discussion.

Rumor had it that Chen Chen had beheaded the Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor on the battlefield of Qi and Wei, but she was apprehensive about it.

When Xishuang killed the Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor, she managed to do so only with the help of the Breaking Dawn Sword.

Chen Chen was definitely not weak, but killing a Demon Emperor of a higher realm than him was obviously difficult. Besides, killing was drastically different from merely defeating.

It was said that Chen Chen had a powerful cultivator of another race by his side when he fought on the battlefield of Qi and Wei.

She was more inclined to the theory that Chen Chen managed to win, only because that cultivator had injured the Demon Emperor.

However, she wouldn’t say that out loud. After all, Chen Chen was the Dao partner of her disciple who was admired by many cultivators. She couldn’t be bothered to be the villain who doubts her junior who is considered close to her.

The Saintess turned her head to look at the tent where her disciple was and couldn’t help but smile.

Although she didn’t really like Chen Chen, she had to admit that he genuinely loved Xia Xishuang and would surely protect her.

Besides, he was also extremely competent and would have absolutely no problem with dealing with the late Nascent Soul realm Demon King.

“Where did you come from, human cultivator? Get lost! The one I want to fight with is Xia Xishuang!”

Dozens of meters in front of Chen Chen, a Heavenly Berserk Bear who was more than two meters tall, pointed at Chen Chen with contempt.

Chen Chen glared at him expressionlessly.

Nascent Soul realm Demon Kings were no longer a big deal to him. Although the Heaven-Shaking Wild Bear was large and extremely mighty, it was just but a troublemaking ant in Chen Chen’s eyes.

“Get lost! I won’t kill nameless nobodies!” the Heavenly Berserk Bear hollered.

Chen Chen shook his head slightly and exuded Essence Soul realm aura.


After sensing the pressure, the Heavenly Berserk Bear immediately retreated and hid behind Demon Emperor Pingshan in the blink of an eye.

Chen Chen turned to look at Demon Emperor Pingshan and laughed a little. “Demon Emperor Pingshan, do you dare to fight me?”

The crowd of human cultivators below who were still talking and discussing immediately kept quiet with confusion in their eyes.

Even the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan was astonished.

Chen Chen had been concealing his aura previously so she hadn’t noticed anything, but she didn’t expect that he had already reached the Essence Soul realm!

His speed…was much faster than Xia Xishuang’s!

‘How did this person cultivate? Did Yu Qiong really commit all her effort and resources to help this rascal increase his cultivation level?’

Before she could continue thinking about it, her expression changed abruptly.

‘This kid is really hot-blooded and fearless!’

‘He has just entered the Essence Soul realm and dared to challenge the early-stage Essence Soul realm veteran Demon Emperor Pingshan? How am I supposed to explain to Xishuang if something happens to him?’

The elites of the demons were not ordinary at all, and the best of them would be able to contend the enemies with innate spirit bodies!

Just as she was about to stop him, they had already gotten into an intense battle outside the city!

Demon Emperor Pingshan was the type to be easily provoked. Seeing that someone had challenged him, he immediately fought without hesitation.

The crowd of human cultivators below immediately tensed up in horror and shock!

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan reminded, “Kid! Demon Emperor Pingshan has a very powerful and strong physical body, you have to be careful…”

“Ah! Chen Chen! Have mercy!”

Hearing the words of the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan below, Chen Chen’s Omni Divine Blade slowed down, and he placed it on the neck of Demon Emperor Pingshan who was three meters tall.

“Master, why can’t Demon Emperor Pingshan be killed?”

Chen Chen turned around and asked.

Although Demon Emperor Pingshan was not weak, he wasn’t as strong as Feng Qing who had tried to assassinate Chen Chen.

He would be completely powerless when faced with Chen Chen’s divine senses attack.

Hence, Chen Chen would be able to defeat him easily with a single attack launched using his divine senses.

Hearing his words, the Saintess took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

“Capture… capture him alive! Just capture him alive!”

Chen Chen nodded and dragged the Demon Emperor Pingshan away as he returned to the Demon Suppressing City.

At this moment, the top expert demons finally recovered from the shock and roared furiously.

“Scumbag! Let go of Demon Emperor Pingshan!”

Chen Chen ignored it and walked towards the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan where he tossed Demon Emperor Pingshan, who was in a semi-conscious state, onto the ground.

Sensing the complex gazes in the eyes of the people around him, Chen Chen exuded an icy cold aura.

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan looked at Chen Chen, feeling that it would be inappropriate to call him ‘kid’.

After a long silence, she slowly said, “Chen Chen, during the battles, some of our people also have been captured by the demons. Now that we have Demon Emperor Pingshan in hand, we can exchange him for our cultivators.”

It suddenly dawned on Chen Chen what the Saintess’ plan was. Hence, he looked away casually without any intentions to claim the credit. It was as if he had just done something insignificant.

Seeing this, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan slipped into a trance.

‘This kid…is so young.’

‘He has the temperament of a clan master!’

‘How come I’ve never realized how outstanding he is!?! I have an innate spirit body too, why is there such a huge difference between us?’

While she was in a daze, Chen Chen said with a smile, “Master, the elixirs I am responsible for transporting may arrive a day later than scheduled. Please rest assured, there won’t be any accidents.”

“Okay… okay…”

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan subconsciously responded.

If she was already stunned and impressed, the other cultivators were imaginably just as awestruck, especially some female cultivators who were gazing at Chen Chen with their eyes full of admiration.

Chen Chen felt really conceited when he saw their reactions, and he wished he could laugh out loud.

However, at this moment, a tent in the corner suddenly opened.

Although Chen Chen had his back to the tent, he could see everything clearly with his divine senses. He immediately put on a solemn expression and once again became an aloof and cool hunk.

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