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Chapter 27: The European Emperor and the African Chief


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“Ahem, then I won’t marry your sister…”

Chen Chen was feeling resigned.

However, their top priority wasn’t to discuss this matter, but to deal with the affairs of the Zhao family and the Wang family.

The two of them discussed these matters for a while, then completed the negotiations.

Of course, all of the various properties of the Wang family would undoubtedly be handed over to Chen Chen.

As for the Zhao family’s properties, each man would take half of them.

However, the Zhang family needed to solve all the troublesome handover issues for Chen Chen, along with dealing with all kinds of inquiries from the county government.


Half a day later, everything was settled. Chen Chen and Zhang Ji were led by Steward Zhao to the Zhao family compound.

The Zhao family compound was much bigger than the Wang and Zhang family compounds.

However, since Zhao Biao was a horse thief with no family, the compound looked very empty.


There had been a few adopted sons earlier, but now they were mostly dead.

Several of Zhao Biao’s concubines, who were bought from a brothel, had run away after hearing something had happened to Zhao Biao. Zhao’s house was quite a mess now.


“Don’t worry. Zhao Biao’s little treasure box must be locked down tight. Those girls could never have opened it.”

Steward Zhao led the two to Zhao Biao’s bedroom while he explained the situation, fully demonstrating his worth.

In a few moments, the men were inside Zhao Biao’s bedroom.

Zhao Biao’s bedroom was large, but the precious things in it were long gone, leaving only a bed big enough to accommodate three or four people.

When Steward Zhao saw this, he got onto the bed, threw away the blanket, and began to tap on the bed.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The heavy sound revealed that the bottom was solid.

Seeing this, Chen Chen was surprised. Did Steward Zhao not know where the treasure box was?

“It’s not under the bed?! Then why did thief Zhao get such a big bed?”


Steward Zhao panicked, then jumped out of bed and knocked on all of the walls, still finding nothing.

Zhang Ji looked at the bed more and more suspiciously. He wanted to climb onto the bed and try it himself, but Chen Chen stopped him.

“It won’t be under the bed. Otherwise, when he was playing the symphony of love, there would be noises from under the bed, and any idiot would know that it was hollow underneath.

“Zhao Biao’s concubines were not a faithful group, something Zhao knew too, so he wouldn’t have let them know where his treasure box was.”

“What symphony of love?” Zhang Ji looked confused. He didn’t understand what Chen Chen was saying.

Just then, Steward Zhao plopped down and kneeled in front of Chen Chen.

“Immortal, I really did see it with my own eyes! Zhao Biao took treasures out of his bedroom!”

Chen Chen ignored him and asked the system in his mind, “Is there any secret room or treasure chest within fifteen meters?”

“Forty centimeters under the feet of the person in front of the host,” the system responded quickly.

The person in front of Chen Chen was naturally Zhang Ji, who was frowning at this time, as if he was still wondering what a symphony of love was.

Chen Chen looked at him in sympathy.

“Dear bro, please move your feet.”

Zhang Ji was still confused, but he made way.

Chen Chen walked to where he previously was and stomped heavily on the floor.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

It still seemed to be a solid sound, but after careful observation, one could tell that there was a slight difference.

If he didn’t know that there was a treasure trove below, it would be difficult to discern this small difference. However, since he already knew in advance, he was aware of the change.

Without hesitation, Chen Chen bent down and smashed the two adjacent floor tiles into powder. Then he stepped back half a meter, grabbed the middle floor tile with both hands, and used a lot of force.


Along with the sound of colliding stones, a 40-centimeter-thick floor tile was lifted by Chen Chen, revealing the dark tunnel hidden below.


“With the weight of this stone brick alone, most people wouldn’t be able to lift it, so they won’t know of any mechanism here. Even if there was no mechanism, this stone brick would be enough to stop many people.

“How many treasures are under here, making Zhao Biao so cautious?”

Chen Chen put the stone brick aside, with some expectation in his heart, but he was not in a hurry to go down. He looked at Steward Zhao.

Steward Zhao was sweating profusely at this time; of course, he understood what Chen Chen wanted. He quickly crawled inside the opening and led the way.

When Zhang Ji saw this, he said with some embarrassment, “Brother Chen, you discovered this treasure trove. The contents inside belong to you. I won’t go down there. Instead, I will stay outside to keep watch!”

“Hey, you are my brother, you have a share. How can a mere treasure match our brotherly bond?” Chen Chen waved his hand and said righteously.

Was he kidding?! He resisted using the system to find out what was the most valuable thing inside because he wanted Zhang Ji, the lucky charm, to check it out first. How could Zhang Ji not go in?


Zhang Ji was touched once he heard those words. He didn’t refuse, going straight into the tunnel before Chen Chen.

He swore to himself that if there was any danger within that Steward Zhao couldn’t prevent, then he would stop it!

The three of them went into the tunnel, which led to a secret room.

There were no hidden traps inside, only eight large boxes.

Presented with the kind of scene that could only be seen on TV in his previous life, Chen Chen couldn’t help but walk toward one box. He opened it with a face filled with expectations.


Instead of jewels and riches, all Chen Chen saw was a pile of junk.

Rusty knives, tattered clothing, women’s camisoles, whips, shackles, and other messy things.

It seemed that they were all Zhao Biao’s mementos. If they were sold… They would be worth a few taels of silver.

‘Bad luck!’ Chen Chen cursed to himself. He picked the middle box, but how come this was all he got?

He smiled sheepishly and looked at Zhang Ji. “Brother, you can open the rest of the boxes.”

Zhang Ji didn’t think too much when he heard those words. He unconditionally followed his elder brother’s order.

After walking to the first box, he opened it abruptly and without any skill. A second later, countless rays of light shot out from the inside, the glare making Steward Zhao walk back a few steps.

‘D*mn, a box of gems and pearls! It’s worth tens of thousands of taels! Why is the difference between people so big?!’


After Chen Chen saw the contents clearly, he had to cuss in his mind.

Zhang Ji’s eyes flashed in shock too when he saw the box of treasures.

He knew that the Zhao family was rich, but he didn’t think they were this rich. Just this box of gems and pearls was twice the fortune of the Zhang family…

“Brother Chen, we’re rich!”

Even Zhang Ji, who was from a prominent family, was excited at this moment.

“Don’t get emotional, open more boxes!” Chen Chen voluntarily moved away from those boxes, afraid that the anger inside of him might affect Zhang Ji’s performance.

Zhang Ji continued to open the boxes.

The second box, full of gold, was worth tens of thousands of taels.

The third box, full of silver, was worth seven or eight thousand taels.

The fourth box was full of magical weapons. Who knew where Zhao Biao snatched them? Their value was unknown.

The fifth box contained rare things like corals, the value of which was also unknown.

The sixth box held a bunch of real estate titles, servant deeds, and the like, all with unknown value.

There wasn’t much stuff in the seventh box, with only a few ordinary-looking stones, a grey-colored bead, and a small token.


Chen Chen didn’t know what the beads and tokens were, but as a cultivator, he felt a strong aura coming from those stones.

“The last box doesn’t seem to be worth much,” Zhang Ji said, looking at the stones with dissatisfaction.

Chen Chen’s eyes twitched when he heard that, and he couldn’t speak for a while.

As for whether this last box was really as worthless as Zhang Ji thought…

He would find out when he asked the system.

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