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Chapter 259: How About You Let Me Off?

“Master, will this glove alone…work?” Chen Chen asked feebly.

He had to admit that Yu Qiong was a woman of principle. If she met any outrageous people, she would smack them dead immediately.

After all, in the eyes of God, that was a great thing that she would deserve credit for.

Upon hearing his words, Yu Qiong shook her head slightly and said, “Usually, those who are at the Essence Soul realm will find it hard to detect you, but Void Refinement realm powerhouses can detect the Heavenly Dao, so if you get near them, they may detect your aura.”

Chen Chen smiled bitterly when he heard that.

‘I didn’t expect to have become a wanted target of Heaven when I wasn’t noticing.’

‘How impressive is that?’

He was the fourth to achieve that in 10,000 years!

If it were any other matter, he might still be proud of it, but now that his life was concerned, he really couldn’t bring himself to be proud.

The expert diabolic cultivators had high levels of cultivation while Chen Chen had merely reached the Essence Soul realm.

“Chen Chen, I suspect that this matter may be related to the fact that you have taken too many treasures. Tell me honestly, how many treasures have you gotten over the years?”

Yu Qiong asked gently.

The gentler she was, the more wary Chen Chen became.

“Ahem, I’ve indeed taken many, but I gave most of them away. Well, Master, I’m sure you know that my greatest problem is being too generous, I can’t kick the habit at all.”

Yu Qiong laughed mirthlessly when she heard that.

Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly took out something to give to Yu Qiong.

No matter what, she had given him a treasure glove without hesitating, and she even imparted such important knowledge to him that he otherwise wouldn’t have known.

It was only right for him to pay that protection fee.

Yu Qiong looked at the storage ring in her hand and smiled gleefully.

“Disciple, don’t worry, we’re now facing a great war, and the experts of the human race won’t rush to ascend to immortality. Everyone is very united now, and even if you encounter any Void Refinement realm experts, just let me know, and I’ll inform him not to touch you.”

Hearing Yu Qiong’s words of assurance, Chen Chen was overjoyed.

‘Master still has a conscience after all. She’s doing her part for me after accepting a treasure from me. I like people like her.’

“I may have such authority among the humans and in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, but not among the demons, so you must be careful not to run into any demon experts, do you understand?”

Yu Qiong carefully instructed again.

“I… understand!”

Chen Chen answered obediently.

Although he had now stepped into the Essence Soul realm, he respected his master very much, and regardless of how high his cultivation level was, he had to maintain a certain level of respect for Yu Qiong.

He was aware of that.

Time flowed like water.

Since Chen Chen reached the Essence Soul realm, he had been cowering and hiding in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

He had also helped many people and had been promoting the spirit of deriving joy from helping others.

Bright early in the morning.

Chen Chen once again came at the foot of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan’s mountain.

Because he often did good deeds, many people had been kneeling at the foot of the mountain to beg for forgiveness, so much that they were running out of space.

“That kind-hearted alchemist is here again!”

Accompanied with a low cry, many of them instantly looked at Chen Chen piously with tears of misery in their eyes.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen sneered and silently asked the system in his mind.

“System, who has the best character within a 500-meter radius, besides me?”

“The man 120 meters southwest of the host.”

Hearing the system’s prompt, Chen Chen walked towards the southwest direction.

Since he stepped into the Essence Soul realm, the system’s fixed tracking range was increased from 100 to 150 meters.

In addition to that, there were three more 50,000-kilometer tracking opportunities.

However, Chen Chen was not planning to use it now.

After learning that his tribulation was related to the fact that he had collected too many treasures, he didn’t track treasures using the system.

Of course…

Most importantly, he had already taken a lot of treasures during his trip to the Boundless Sea, and the treasures in his storage ring now were enough for him to ascend several times.

A few moments later…

He slowly walked towards a middle-aged male cultivator who was kneeling on the ground with his head hung low. His face couldn’t be seen clearly either.

“What do you want?”

Chen Chen asked indifferently.

“My daughter…has gotten injured by a diabolic cultivator, and her soul is weakening day by day. Lord, please give me an elixir that can heal the soul! I’ll be eternally grateful to you! I’ll be willing to spend the rest of my life as your slave!”

The middle-aged cultivator kowtowed and said sobbingly.

Even if he was a Nascent Soul realm cultivator, he might not be able to get a Soul Recovery Elixir, even if he sold his body.

However, as soon as he said that, a 10,000-year-old Soul Nurturing Herb was placed in front of him.

“You don’t need an elixir. This spirit herb is enough to heal your daughter, but the condition is that she can’t be a top expert who’s above the Essence Soul realm.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the middle-aged cultivator’s tears dripped directly onto the ground.

“Thank you so much, Lord! I’m willing to follow you for the rest of my life and never betray you!”

The middle-aged cultivator’s cultivation level had reached the late Nascent Soul realm, but he sounded extremely humble and meek, which made Chen Chen feel a little sad.

After a long time, he sighed and said, “If you really want to repay me, go to the Shop 1005 of Jade Tripod City, and find someone called Yuan Qingtian.”

“I understand! I’ll go right now!”

The middle-aged cultivator answered, stood up, and turned around to leave.

Chen Chen didn’t send anyone to tag along and instead, just let things be.

He had been using the system to track those people, and none of them left right after taking the items from him.

There were hundreds of people kneeling there, and since that person could be ranked the best in character, he was naturally trustworthy.

However, as soon as the middle-aged man left, two Nascent Soul realm cultivators who were kneeling on the ground stood up quietly and followed him. He almost couldn’t conceal the greed in his eyes.

Staring at their backs, Chen Chen sneered.

At the same time, the Divine Condensation Pearl in his head rotated twice, and the bodies of the two people stopped walking. Afterwards, they fell to the ground and stopped breathing!

The group of cultivators who were kneeling were shocked and looked at Chen Chen in awe.

Chen Chen looked around and then said coldly, “It’s now the time of crisis for the human race, I don’t know why you have become itinerant cultivators, but I won’t force you to fight the demons.”

After all, it was human nature to avoid suffering disadvantages.

“However, if you want to commit unscrupulous acts like murder and theft, don’t blame me for being ruthless. In addition, for those who want to take advantage while I’m in a good mood, I advise you to give up right now. I have a good sense of judgment, and I won’t let you get away with it!”

After saying these words, Chen Chen’s powerful divine sense of pressure spread out.

The cultivators who were kneeling on the ground had all turned pale, especially those who were intending to get away by fluke. They broke out in cold sweat and started trembling.

Chen Chen stood in the same place for 15 minutes before going up the mountain again.

As soon as he left, many cultivators stood up and left the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan’s mountain in a hurry.

After Chen Chen observed this scene through his divine sense, a smile appeared on his face.

During this time, he hadn’t been idling about since he entered the Essence Soul realm.

For example, he had learned about recruiting followers from this group of people at the foot of the mountain, from his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters.

Of course, a few of them had also taught him how to judge people, but Chen Chen automatically ignored it.

He could just rely on the system.

Over this period, he had recruited more than thirty Nascent Soul realm followers using the system.

Since Heaven wouldn’t let him use the system to search for treasures, he would use it to recruit others.

However, he was not doing it for no reason.

After stepping into the Essence Soul realm, Yu Qiong told him that the tribulation he will face when he steps into the Void Refinement realm in the future might be of an unprecedentedly high level.

When that time comes, no one in the entire human race can help him.

He would more likely than not, end up dying.

Chen Chen also understood the truth, so now, he was trying to find ways to make up for it.

It was indeed impressive to defy heavens, but he had to minimize the risks.

No matter what, he couldn’t let Xia Xishuang become a widow! He couldn’t let his child become fatherless!

“Do kind deeds… do more good.”

Chen Chen secretly thought to himself. He then looked at the turquoise sky with a profound gaze.

“Damned Heaven, if I can quell the turmoil of the two races and save countless living creatures from being killed, how about you let me survive?”

As soon as he said that, the clouds and the winds in the sky suddenly changed, as if they were trying to give Chen Chen a response.

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