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Chapter 258: Essence Soul Realm And The Adversity-Dispelling Seal


The woman’s expression changed, and her face was full of anger that developed from shame and embarrassment.

“You must die!”

After a furious roar, the woman stretched her hand out to choke Chen Chen, but she was blocked before she could reach him.

Chen Chen subconsciously took two steps backwards, and the scene in front of him changed. A fiend was hitting the Arcane Light Shield maniacally.

However, the mysterious light shield still didn’t budge.

Chen Chen smiled when he saw that.

Recalling the previous two illusions, he took a deep breath.

Although he didn’t achieve much in the first ten years of his life after coming to his world, and he also lived in poverty, he went along well with his family and led quite a blissful life.

In the year or so since he had entered the path of immortal cultivation, he gained too many things.

He had gained brothers whom he could go with through thick and thin, found a Dao partner whom he was truly in love with, and a few masters who could be considered alright.

In addition, he also gained countless Spirit Stones, a large number of treasures, opportunities, and broadened his horizons by getting the chance to see all kinds of treasures in this world.

His state of mind had been elevated to the point that he would no longer be enthralled by material possessions.

“Young man! Do you want to gain stronger power?! Do you want to advance in cultivation by leaps and bounds each day?!”

The fiend in the sky was still trying to tempt Chen Chen, but she could no longer put him in an illusion.

Chen Chen smiled indifferently and then pointed to the sky. “If it weren’t for your stupid Heavenly Tribulations, I would have ascended to immortality a long time ago! A massive daily enhancement in cultivation level means nothing to me!”

“Young man! Do you want…”

“I have that.”

“Young man!”

“That’s too low-level, I don’t care for it.”

A few moments later, a group of Heavenly Fiends was all defeated, and Chen Chen looked more and more relaxed.

The so-called Heavenly Fiends were just devils who were trying to arouse humans and make them develop desires so that they would lust for more.

“My mental state is flawless, and I have nothing to fear.”

Chen Chen closed his eyes silently and allowed the Heavenly Fiends to make a din.

Whatever he wanted, he could get it himself. He didn’t need the power of those Heavenly Fiends at all.

Be it in terms of mentality or material possessions, he was already very rich to a certain extent.

The items and conditions that the Heavenly Fiends proposed did not appeal to him at all.

Chen Chen felt very comfortable, and he decided that regardless of the gender of his and Xia Xishuang’s future children, he would provide them with the best living standards and give them the best resources that he could afford so that they could face the temptations of the outside world calmly.

As for whether he would end up spoiling his kids rotten, he wasn’t worried at all because he had faith in his and Xia Xishuang’s genes. He was sure that their children would be righteous people of integrity.

Even if they were led astray, he would definitely be able to influence them to develop in a better direction.

A long time passed.

There was finally peace, and the serenity of the world was restored. Everything turned into the most original Soul Power that surged into Chen Chen’s body.

Chen Chen felt like his body was metamorphosing rapidly, and a feeling of transcendence filled his entire body.

It was a feeling of becoming one with heaven and earth.

“This is the Essence Soul realm of the innate spirit body!”

Chen Chen clenched his fist. At this moment, he only felt that his sea of consciousness was expanding rapidly, and the power of his divine senses that was initially overflowing began to become dissatisfied.

However, even then, his divine senses were still several times stronger than before.

Apart from that, he had also finally clearly perceived the existence of his Essence Soul.

Before reaching the Essence Soul realm, the only thing a cultivator can really perceive is his physical condition.

Once one steps into the Essence Soul realm, one can acutely sense their own soul.

A qualitative change as such was also called Divine Transformation.

“My soul is as pure as I thought it would be.”

Chen Chen murmured as a smile of satisfaction appeared on his lips.

At the same time, his divine senses were fully activated, and the scene of everything within a five-meter radius was reflected in his mind.

Sensing the scene in his mind, Chen Chen felt that the power of his divine senses should probably be on par with Qinglin.

He had just reached the Essence Soul realm and already had divine senses that were close to the peak of the Essence Soul realm. From now on, he could easily kill Essence Soul realm cultivators using the Divine Condensation Pearl.

“Who else is there!?”

Chen Chen looked at the sky and exclaimed.

A few moments later, the sky gradually turned clear again, but at the moment of dawn, a ray of sunlight suddenly descended and seemed to be darting at Chen Chen!

Seeing this, Chen Chen’s expression changed drastically. There was no pressure in the light of dawn, but he was extremely flustered.

The unknown was the scariest thing in the world. Since the Heavenly Tribulation had given him such a thing at the end, he knew that it must be a great weapon of destruction!

It must be a great weapon of destruction that was even more powerful than the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder and the Heavenly Fiend Tribulation!

Before he could continue to think further, the light of dawn had already penetrated through the Arcane Light Shield and hit him.


With a gentle thud!

Chen Chen fell onto the ground.

At the same time, the skies were clear again.

A long time passed.

Chen Chen carefully got up from the ground and searched his entire body including his essence soul.

In the end, he didn’t discover any abnormalities.

‘I’m fine!’

Chen Chen was overjoyed and hurriedly bowed again to the sky above his head.

‘Heaven is quite reasonable after all. He merely cracked a joke with me at the critical juncture without really harming me.’

Chen Chen immediately decided that the first thing he would do each day would be to bow to Heaven and express his respect.

“Chen Chen, it seems that you managed to transcend the tribulation easily!”

In the distance, Lao Hei ran over, still looking as worried as ever.

Yuan Qingtian was also terrified. Clearly, he had been stunned by the scene just now. Unlike Lao Hei, it was also his first time watching Chen Chen transcend the tribulation.

“It’s not easy, it’s just that outsiders can’t understand the difficulties involved.”

Chen Chen waved his hand modestly.

At this moment, Lao Hei suddenly grabbed Chen Chen’s hand in surprise and pointed at it. “What’s this tattoo on your hand?”

Chen Chen frowned and looked at his palm, only to see that there was a special mark on his palm that appeared somewhere. It seemed to be some unknown arcane writing.

“What is this?”

Chen Chen vaguely felt that something was amiss.

“Watch this!”

A voice suddenly rang in his ears, and immediately afterwards, Yu Qiong grabbed Chen Chen’s hand.

Looking at the mark on Chen Chen’s hand, Yu Qiong’s expression changed drastically, and her gaze was extremely complicated.

“Master, what’s going on here? Did Heaven give me this tattoo?”

Chen Chen saw Yu Qiong’s expression and hurriedly asked in fright.

Yu Qiong was incompetent in other aspects, but she was advanced in age and had a superior status. Hence, she definitely knew more than he did.

Yu Qiong did not rush to speak. Instead, the spiritual power around her body trembled and blasted Yuan Qingtian and Lao Hei away by dozens of meters. Immediately afterwards, she took out a glove from her storage ring and made Chen Chen put it on.

Although the glove was black and Chen Chen didn’t know what material it was made of, he subconsciously used his divine senses to investigate, but he was completely hindered by the glove.

“Master, what is the meaning of this mark? Why are you isolating it?”

Seeing that Yu Qiong had actually taken the initiative to give him something, Chen Chen felt even more pressured.

‘If I hadn’t reached a critical moment where my life is at stake, Master would never be so nice.’

“If I’m not wrong, this seal should be the Adversity-Overcoming Seal, which has only appeared thrice in the past 100,000 years!”

Yu Qiong looked at Chen Chen and transmitted a message to him with her divine senses.

“Who did it appear on?” Chen Chen asked carefully.

“A diabolic expert whose abilities are at their peak. I’m sure you’ve seen that Imperishable Banner, which was initially called the Soul Devouring Banner. It belonged to an expert diabolic cultivator 9,000 years ago whose strength has reached the peak of the Void Refinement realm. He has killed millions, and both humans and demons are afraid of him.”

“The souls of the mortal cultivators and demons had all been devoured by him with the Soul Devouring Banner. With the Soul Devouring Banner, he became the top expert of both human and demon races.”

“He even survived after he failed to ascend to immortality, though his abilities degenerated to the early-stage of the Void Refinement realm. However, since that failure, he gained another mark on his body that’s similar to yours.”

At this point, Chen Chen’s forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

“This is called the Adversity-Overcoming Seal which represents a punishment that has descended from Heaven. If one kills those with those marks, Heaven will reward the person with merit…”

“Legend has it that with merit, one can be spared the suffering of the Thunder Tribulation and the Ascension Tribulation. Back then, the owner of that Soul Devouring Banner had gotten used to being arrogant and didn’t know how to hide. In the end, he was besieged by the top experts of both races to the point of dying.”

After listening to Yu Qiong’s explanation, Chen Chen’s face turned sullen.

‘I knew it! This damned Heaven just wants to kill me!’

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