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Chapter 257: Heavenly Fiend Secret Realm

“Chen Chen, this is the Heavenly Fiend Tribulation which will mess with your mind. If you let it take advantage, your soul will immediately be devoured by the Heavenly Fiend, and you will then be reduced to a walking corpse!”

Yu Qiong sent him a reminder using her divine senses.

Truth be told, it was the first time she heard of someone triggering the Heavenly Fiend Tribulation by plundering heavenly treasures.

Even some powerful giants of diabolism did not have the right to transcend it.

Yet, her disciple managed to do it!

“The things hidden in this rascal’s storage ring are probably very amazing!”

Yu Qiong muttered, filled with curiosity. She even could not help but think of something.

‘If this rascal dies in Heavenly Fiend Tribulation, won’t all the treasures he leaves behind belong to me?’

Yu Qiong immediately dispelled that thought when it popped up in her mind.

‘As a proper and upright woman, how can I hope for my disciple to die?’

‘This Heavenly Fiend Tribulation is really terrifying, even as a spectator, my mentality has been affected!’

Chen Chen looked at the fiends above his head. Even though he was nestled in a double protection barrier, he could not help but be worried.

‘These fiends look different.’

Some fiends were extremely hideous and seemed to be choosing their targets to devour, while some were extremely greedy and looked as if they wanted to take everything for themselves. Meanwhile, some were full of resentment towards Chen Chen, as if he had killed their families.

‘What is going on?’

“This damned Heaven is indeed so unethical, he cast such an evil tribulation! No wonder it is targeted at me, I guess I’m just too righteous.”

Chen Chen came to a realization and discovered the reason for the high intensity of his tribulation.

At the same time, his expression became more and more solemn.

He would never give in to evil.

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t resist the Heavenly Fiends with his righteousness!


A burst of strange laughter suddenly filled Chen Chen’s ears, and the scene in front of him changed drastically, then the Thunder Tribulation vanished without a trace. The sky immediately became clearer too.

Before Chen Chen could react, a familiar place appeared in front of him.

It was his hometown, Stone Village.

There was a cute and innocent boy jumping about at the door of his home and running towards the entrance of the village.

“Is that…me?”

Chen Chen was shocked.

Although he had never seen his dashing back, the boy’s aura was similar to his.

‘How many young children at this age can have such a mature bearing and aura?’

‘I’m afraid I’m the only one in this world.’

Hence, he knew at a glance that it was a scene from his childhood.

“I can sense and perceive the trauma of your childhood! Kekeke, tremble in the cycle of reincarnation! Go and remember the most sorrowful scene of your childhood!”

An evil and maniacal voice rang in his mind.

Chen Chen’s heart trembled vigorously.

He had once seen such a mental demon in some story he read in his previous life!

The protagonist of the story had encountered such a mental demon which filled his mind with the scene of his family being killed when he was a child. In the end, he was overwhelmed with great misery and pain, and thus, slipped onto the path of diabolism!

He didn’t expect that he would encounter such a mental demon today!

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s forehead was covered with a layer of cold sweat because he wouldn’t get to fall onto the path of diabolism. Once he failed to transcend, he would definitely die!

At this moment, the innocent and cute boy accidentally jumped up half a meter high, and next…

A copper coin fell to the ground.

However, the boy was clueless and continued to make his way to the back of the village happily.

With some faint melancholy in his heart, Chen Chen tried to call out to the boy to remind him, but he couldn’t hear Chen Chen at all.

A memory accompanied by this image appeared in Chen Chen’s mind.

That year… He was only eight years old, and there was a candied haw seller at the entrance of the village. With the copper coin that he had saved up, Chen Chen decided to go and buy some candied haw.

He didn’t expect to lose it on the way there.

When he arrived at the village entrance, he touched his pockets, only to feel a great sense of disappointment.

On the way home, he searched all the way but could not find his missing coin, and only after obtaining the system, did he manage to find the lost copper coin that he had dropped in front of his doorstep.

“This fiend…is really powerful. He managed to find that long-lost memory.”

Chen Chen sighed despondently, his expression gradually turning melancholic.

The scene continued until the innocent and adorable boy returned home in disappointment.


The scene changed again and Chen Chen’s adorable self reappeared. He jumped around again and lost the copper coin…

“Do you feel miserable? Hopeless? Are you in despair? Kekeke! How does it feel? If you let your inner self show and follow your heart, this scene will not appear again!”

A voice that was full of temptation appeared in his mind.

Chen Chen looked more and more sorrowful.

The scene replayed ten times in a row.

“Damn it! Have you had enough!?! It’s just a copper coin, isn’t it? You actually replayed it ten times! I’m almost going to fall asleep!”

Chen Chen looked at the familiar figure that reappeared in front of him and cursed furiously.

He had transmigrated to this world and had the mentality of a twenty-year-old as soon as he was born. He didn’t have a childhood at all.

‘I didn’t even have a childhood, how can I suffer from an emotional trauma?’

Besides, he had been obedient since he was a child, and his parents had never reprimanded or beat him. The other villagers were very kind and friendly to him too.

It was even more unlikely for him to get bullied by the other children.

With the mental age of a person in his twenties, he obviously wouldn’t let some kids bully him.

It was good enough that he didn’t bully others.

Amidst his furious cursing, a wailing sound filled his mind, and the world in front of him shattered while the pitch dark sky appeared in front of him again.

In the distance, Lao Hei and Yuan Qingtian were looking at him with worried expressions on their faces.

Chen Chen smiled at them in relief before closing his eyes.

The world in front of him changed again, and this time, it was extremely realistic.

Chen Chen appeared at the foot of a large mountain, and for a moment, he even forgot that he was going through tribulation.

“How did I get here? What is this?”

Chen Chen was bewildered and confused.

Before he could figure it out, a beautiful and graceful woman walked up to him with a coquettish smile.

“Chen Chen, I’ve finally seen you. Join my Divine Sect and this mountain will be yours.”

“Divine Sect? What kind of sect is that?” Chen Chen asked.

“The most powerful sect in the world, of course.”

As the woman spoke, she snapped her fingers, and the entire mountain suddenly changed as it began to emit an extremely rich spiritual power.

“This is a… Spirit Stone Mountain!”

Chen Chen was astonished!

The woman covered her mouth and chuckled. “Yes, this is Spirit Stone Mountain. As long as you give a nod of approval, this Spirit Stone Mountain will belong to you.”

Chen Chen fell silent and only after a long time did he say, “I don’t lack any Spirit Stones and this large thing will take up a lot of space in my storage ring. If you want me to join the Divine Sect, show me your sincerity.”

The woman was stunned and a moment later, she smiled. Immediately afterwards, arm-thick ginseng appeared in her hand.

“This ginseng is enough to increase your cultivation level by one realm. Once you enter the Divine Sec, you can have as many such treasures as you want! How does that sound!?!”

When Chen Chen saw the ginseng, he said with a trace of disdain in his eyes, “I don’t care for the ginseng that is less than 10,000 years old.”

Hearing this, the woman was slightly angered, and she again took out an umbrellsized ganoderma which she showed off proudly. “What do you think of this item?”

“It’s so-so, I don’t really consider it a gift.”

Chen Chen said with a solemn expression.

The woman was enraged, and she took out another treasure that was even more powerful. It was probably hundreds of thousands of years old.

Seeing that the woman was quite wealthy, Chen Chen felt a vague battle intent.

His expression suddenly changed when he casually checked the storage ring.

The reason being, there was nothing in the storage ring at all.

‘How is this possible?’

Just as that thought arose, a memory appeared in his mind.

Transcend the tribulation…

‘Oh, right, I’m transcending a tribulation now. This is yet another illusion!’

Chen Chen’s expression became calm again, but deep down, he was full of fury. With a thought, the Heavenly Great Spirit Ginseng appeared in his storage ring.

Without saying a word, Chen Chen took it out and said in a deep voice, “Girl, poverty has limited your imagination. Don’t bother trying to tempt others with such an item. Save it.”

“You… you!”

The woman staggered backwards by two steps when she saw the Spirit Ginseng. She was so frightened that she almost went off the rails.

Seeing how pale her face was, Chen Chen sneered.

‘This Heavenly Fiend’s standard is so low.’

‘She can’t even create a good item in her illusion, and she’s trying to tempt me with something like that. She can dream on.’

A long time passed.

The woman finally came back to her senses, and her expression was full of sorry.

“I didn’t expect that you’d be so wealthy. I was too ignorant, but there’s another benefit to joining the Divine Sect.”

After saying that, the woman clapped her hands, and a group of beautiful women in the distance strutted towards him in exaggerated postures. With extremely seductive expressions, they started dancing around him.

Chen Chen frowned, and before he could speak, the woman came closer. After gently blowing some air onto her face, she said, “Gentleman, once you join the Divine Sect, I and these beautiful women will belong to you.”

Seeing this, Chen Chen’s expression became rather mellow.

He had seen such a trick that was used all the time in certain places when he was entertaining clients in his previous life.

If these beautiful women existed in his previous life…their persuasion abilities would only be considered average.

Recalling the years, Chen Chen gradually began to seem fussy. He then leaned in and whispered into that woman’s ear, “Let me tell you a secret… these people are not as pretty as my Dao partner!”

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