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Chapter 250: Haoran Sacred Light Method

As soon as Chen Chen stepped into the light door, he didn’t see the luxurious hall that he imagined, but instead, felt like he had stepped into a world of voidness.

In the distance, some light orbs were hovering around, and they began floating towards Chen Chen before he took the initiative to approach them.

An extremely pleasant sense of comfort spread through his body immediately.

It felt as if…he had finally done something that he had been looking forward to. He was on cloud nine!

However, the light orbs would only bring about a small enhancement in divine senses.

Chen Chen did not get immersed in the orbs, and instead, continued walking over.

Now, he was no longer a newbie in immortal cultivation who was fixated on searching for opportunities after entering a secret realm.

Instead, he would think about the reasons for the creation of the secret realm and the principle of its manifestation.

Only after understanding the fundamental principle of the secret realm can he clearly understand what the most valuable items in the realm were.

Chen Chen had entered three secret realms since he stepped onto the path of cultivating immortality.

The first was the secret realm of the State of Zhou Demon Clan where he obtained many legacies.

The second was the Haoran Sword Pool of the Haoran Sword Clan.

The third was the Spiritual Void Hall that he was currently in.

However, when Chen Chen thought about it, he felt that the secret realm of the State of Zhou Demon Clan was still the most arcane and enigmatic one. Not to mention that it was large, it even had a system of its own and a complete ecosystem.

On the contrary, although the Haoran Sword Pool and Spiritual Void Hall may seem fancy, the conditions for formation were not as strict and demanding as that of the State of Zhou Demon Clan’s secret realm.

The reason that this place was entirely white was not an indication of how mysterious and amazing it was, but rather, an indication that the formation of this realm was imperfect and did not become a true microcosm.

“When I return, I’ll give Old Zhou a blood coral, and try to convince him to give me another chance to enter that secret realm.”

Chen Chen made some plans.

He always felt that there were still secrets in that secret realm. After all, it was the place where he obtained the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique.

Even though he had come into contact with the four great cultivation clans of the human race, he hadn’t found anyone with a better cultivation method than the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique.

“System, how many more 50-kilometer tracking chances are there?”

Chen Chen didn’t know how large this secret realm was, but in his opinion, it was definitely worth a 50-kilometer tracking chance.


Hearing this answer, Chen Chen felt a little troubled.

Before he even realized it, he had already used eight of the ten chances he had, half of which were used for treasure hunting, the other half were used for an aiming device for the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder.

“I would like to use one 50-kilometer tracking chance to search for the most massive divine sense origin within a 50-kilometer range.”

After feeling the pinch, Chen Chen decided to use that tracking opportunity.

He simply ignored the emissary’s words.

‘Given the quality of my soul as a transmigrator, the aptitude of my divine senses is definitely going good! I must absorb the largest divine sense of origin.’

In his opinion, absorbing the origin was like eating a kilogram of meat as opposed to eating a kilogram of rice. Although both could keep him full, the quality was different.

Instead of absorbing these small orbs of light, it would be better to just absorb a large one.

“Tracking has begun. Host, you are in the middle of the largest origin.”

Chen Chen’s expression suddenly stiffened when he heard the answer.

“I’m within it? Does this mean that this secret realm itself is a massive origin of divine senses?”

After understanding what the system’s answer meant, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched slightly.

‘Which amazing mighty figure left this divine sense origin behind? It actually turned directly into a secret realm!’

‘No wonder other divine senses wouldn’t dissipate after entering this place because they are in a large divine sense origin in the first place.’

Although Chen Chen considered himself to be an outstanding talent, he wasn’t that conceited as to think that he could absorb the entire secret realm.

“I only have two tracking opportunities left and I used one for nothing!”

That thought made Chen Chen distressed.

It felt great to use them for accurate aiming and showing off previously, but now that he only had two chances left, he finally knew how precious the wide-range tracking chances were.

Besides… he had completely wasted one!

If he had used it in the depths of the Boundless Sea, he would have found plenty of treasures!

If he gave those treasures to Yu Qiong, she would probably be willing to wash his feet!

The more Chen Chen thought about it, the more his heart ached, and his eyes gradually reddened. His mentality had begun to change.

“I must not take a loss!”

After cursing softly, Chen Chen gritted his teeth and used up the last 50-kilometer tracking opportunity.

“System! Where is the most valuable thing within a 50-kilometer radius?”

“The Diabolic Emperor’s Memory 23 kilometers to the West.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s expression changed immediately.

‘The Diabolic Emperor’s Memory!’

‘What’s that? Based on his name, that emperor must be a diabolic cultivator.’

Chen Chen had always despised diabolic cultivators and did not have any plans of stepping on the path of diabolism.

However, now that the system said that it was the most precious thing, Chen Chen wondered if this divine sense secret realm belonged to the Diabolic Emperor.

“Let’s see, if it’s really related to diabolism, I just won’t get involved.”

While thinking about it, Chen Chen flew in the northwest direction. After flying past many light clusters along the way, he found three faint translucent light thumb-sized orbs in a corner, close to the ground of the secret realm.

The three light orbs did not enter Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness on their own, and instead, just remained floating quietly.

Looking at these three light orbs, Chen Chen stayed silent for a long time.

Finally, he asked the system a question.

“System, what are the opportunities that are present within a 50-kilometer radius?”

“The mass of Evil Emperor’s Memory in front of you, Host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen licked his lips.

The system had its definition of the word ‘opportunities’ and would not give Chen Chen anything dangerous.

For example, the system had once searched and found the tombs or bodies of experts.

If those things were traps laid by dead experts, Chen Chen would be schemed against or face soul replacement after taking them. Hence, such false opportunities wouldn’t appear in the system’s tracking results.

Since the system determined that it was an opportunity, Chen Chen took the initiative to get close.

The Divine Condensation Pearl rotated slightly in his mind, and the faint light orbs fused into Chen Chen’s mind.

A memory soon appeared in Chen Chen’s mind.

It was a secret manual called the God-Devouring Canon that could transform the power of divine senses of other cultivators into the most fundamental divine sense power and integrate it into one’s sea of consciousness that would continuously grow.

It not only contained a secret manual, but also the Diabolic Emperor’s passion for that cultivation method.

“Damn it! What a heretical cultivation method!”

Chen Chen’s face was extremely sullen.

Generally, the devouring of power, blood, souls, essence souls and golden cores of others would be considered diabolism.

Hence, the devouring of divine senses was naturally diabolical too.

It was extremely evil!

Because it devoured the power, blood souls, essence souls, and golden cores of others, they could be cultivated by killing some mortals and low-level cultivators.

However, things like divine senses were usually owned only by the experts who were above the Essence Soul realm. In other words, experts above the Essence Soul realm had to be killed in order for the God-Devouring Canon to be cultivated.

If those experts knew that he had cultivated such a method, they would probably kill him.

“Seems like this secret realm is formed by the Diabolic Emperor’s secret realm… How many experts has he devoured?”

Chen Chen could not help but shudder.

He didn’t know which era that the Diabolic Emperor belonged to, but in his opinion, even if he devoured all the experts above the Essence Soul realm of the human and demons, he wouldn’t be able to reach such a level.

He reckoned that this diabolic cultivator was of the same era as the Green Bean’s ancestor.

Thinking about it, the contents of the God-Devouring Canon kept appearing in his mind, and Chen Chen subconsciously reached his hand out. The light orbs in the distance immediately gushed into his sea of consciousness like a hundred rivers.

After absorbing thousands of light orbs, Chen Chen suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of fullness.

He knew that the amount he had absorbed today had already reached the limit, and in order to absorb more, he had to produce some kind of qualitative change.

“This cultivation method is really useful…”

Chen Chen’s expression kept changing, and he was feeling extremely conflicted. A moment later, a ray of sacred light suddenly bloomed on his face.

“I didn’t know beforehand that this was a diabolic cultivation method, the system lied to me and claimed that it’s an opportunity.”

“Now… the humans are facing a crisis and I have to quickly become stronger. Yes, it’s all for the sake of the human race to rise against the odds, and I swear that I will never devour any good people. Heaven, please just forgive me this time.”

After figuring it out, Chen Chen yelled, “Long live the human race!”

His eyes were full of relief.

He didn’t believe that a righteous and positive young man like him would be affected by a cultivation method.

“What God-Devouring Canon? That sounds awful. I shall call it the Haoran Sacred Light Method from now on.”

“The Haoran Sacred Light Method will never lead anyone astray.”

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