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Chapter 249: Spiritual Void Hall

A day later.

Only then did the Divine Snow Demon Emperor learn about the news of the fall of the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor from the humans.

He felt extremely terrible as if he had consumed feces.

He had been tolerating it for such a long time because of that dimwit, and yet, the latter died without warning…

To be honest, he did hope for the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor to die, but only after the war between the two races was over!

Soon after he learned that news, the Demon God Hall issued a punishment for him. Although it was only a verbal reprimand, it still made him feel extremely upset.

“No matter what, I must keep the remaining Crimson Fox Demon Emperor alive!”

The Divine Snow Demon Emperor gritted his teeth and secretly made up his mind.

Compared to the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor was much easier to deal with.

As a result, a few moments later, the communication token belonging to the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor in the storage ring lit up too.

“Divine Snow Demon Emperor, I don’t want to waste time here anymore. Besides, my clan has been destroyed, and I have to make a trip back. Goodbye.”

The Divine Snow Demon Emperor saw the message and immediately gave him some advice, but there was no response.

After a long time, the Divine Snow Demon Emperor finally came back to his senses.

‘The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor is about to leave, what’s there to fight on the battlefield of Qi and Wei?’

‘Are we going to fight for this barren land?’

Thinking of this, the Divine Snow Demon Emperor gradually turned into a recluse.

On the contrary, it was rather cheery in the human campground.

The upper echelons of the human race had sent an emissary over to participate in the debate among the human cultivators regarding the rewards to be given. There were two storage rings full of treasures!

Even if they were given only a small number of treasures each, it would be enough to last them for a long time.

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord and Chen Chen were called to the side.

“Demon Lord, please keep this!”

As the emissary spoke, he handed a wooden box to the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord.

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord took the wooden box and opened it a little, after which, his expression immediately became extremely grave.

“No wonder they sent you to deliver this, it turns out to be the Creation Void-Breaking Elixir! I didn’t expect the Clan masters to be so generous!”

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord was somewhat hesitant. The emissary in front of him was also a top expert among the humans who was lauded as the fastest person under the Void Refinement realm.

When he first saw that man, he knew that he must have brought lots of precious treasures!

However, he never thought that it would be the extremely rare and precious Creation Void-Breaking Elixir!

There was only one Creation Void-Breaking Elixir left among the human race, and if he consumed it, he would be able to reach the Void Refinement realm and become the strongest of the two races!

There were only about twenty people in the entire human race who were strong enough to reach the Void Refinement realm!

With his merits, he was actually not qualified to take the elixir.

“Demon Lord, don’t hesitate. Now that we’re in the time of war, all resources have to be quickly converted into combat power. Among all the peak Essence Soul realm experts in the human race, you’re the one who’s the most qualified!”

Hearing these words, the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord did not say much and instead stored the elixir quietly.

He then subconsciously looked at Chen Chen, thinking to himself that he would never be able to get the Creation Void-Breaking Elixir without Chen Chen.

Unfortunately, he had lesser treasures than Chen Chen, so he really couldn’t think of a way to compensate him.

He could only bear it in mind.

“Chen Chen!”

The human emissary suddenly yelled and caused Chen Chen to snap out of his trance.

“What are you calling me for? Do I have treasures?”

Chen Chen’s tone seemed heartless, but he was feeling rather sour.

He had used the system just now to roughly estimate the value of the Creation Void-Breaking Elixir.

He reckoned that only the impressive million-year-old medicinal herbs that he had with him could contend with it. In fact, it could even be considered one of the strongest elixirs that can be refined in this world.

Unfortunately…it wasn’t for him, though the elixir wouldn’t be of much use for him now.

“Chen Chen, the few clan masters are aware of the credit that you deserve, and they won’t shortchange you, but you have to personally collect the reward when you go to the Western Border.”

“Collect personally? What? If they’re going to give me a Dao partner, that’s not necessary, I already have one.”

Chen Chen immediately smiled when he heard that he would be getting rewarded too.

However, when he heard that he had to collect it himself, he became wary again.

The emissary’s face turned sullen when he heard his words and chided with slight exasperation, “You’ll find out when you get there! The clan masters don’t have the time to find you a Dao partner!”

Chen Chen had been observing the emissary’s expression, and he discovered that there was a hint of envy and jealousy hidden deep in his eyes. Only then did he feel relieved.

Something that can make an Essence Soul realm expert envious must be awesome!

‘Could it be that some mighty figure is going to help me break through to the Essence Soul realm?’

“Are you going or not?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Chen Chen hurriedly answered.

He would be a fool not to accept the benefits that were given to him. He reckoned that the upper echelons of the human race probably wouldn’t harm him.

“Come with me then.”

After saying that, the emissary cupped his fists at the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord and flew towards the Western Border, seemingly in a rush.

Chen Chen hurriedly bade farewell to the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord and Zhang Ji before following closely.

Along the way, they didn’t say much to each other.

Afterward, the emissary felt that Chen Chen was flying too slowly and thus decided to take Chen Chen along with him.

It took less than half a day for the two to reach the land of the Western Border.

Looking at the shabby mountain peaks in front of him, Chen Chen was a little shocked.

“Senior, are there several clan masters here? This place seems too shabby.”

“Who said I’m going to bring you to see the few clan masters? I’m just taking you here to collect the treasure.”

The emissary smiled in contempt and brought Chen Chen deeper into the mountain. Soon, Chen Chen saw a slightly shabby and dilapidated entrance of the clan residence.

There were words written on the sign at the entrance—Void Spirit Clan.

When Chen Chen saw those words, he immediately understood where he was.

‘This should be the abode of the Void Spirit Clan.’

However, it had been raided by the demons, so it seemed to be in a tragic state.

‘Could it be a cultivation land that’s similar to the Haoran Sword Pool?’

Thinking of this, Chen Chen felt a little bitter.

With the treasures he had, he could now reach the peak Nascent Soul realm, and he didn’t need to cultivate in such a place.

However, since it was the goodwill of the upper echelons, he couldn’t refute it.

A few moments later, the emissary led him to a secret place, then took out a token and scratched it a few times. Next, a light door appeared in the void.

The emissary’s eyes were full of desire when he looked at the light door, and he suddenly said, “This place is called the Spiritual Void Hall, which is the sacred land of the Void Spirit Clan. Back then, Junior Brother Ding Yi cultivated here.”

Chen Chen did not say anything.

Ding Yi was a cultivator of the Void Spirit Clan who had an innate spirit body. However, he had been killed by the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor and the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor. After hearing the emissary’s tone, Chen Chen reckoned that he should also be a cultivator of the Void Spirit Clan who was close to Ding Yi

“The Spiritual Void Hall has a special environment. When an essence soul remains inside for a long time, it will eventually be completely transformed into the most original divine sense power, which can be directly absorbed by someone within proximity.”

“However, the amount that can be absorbed depends on a person’s tolerance and talent.”

“The clan master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan has fought for this opportunity for you, you must treasure it. If it wasn’t for the fact that you already have divine senses despite being only at the Nascent Soul realm, you wouldn’t be qualified to enter. Of course, the most important thing is not to force it. If it exceeds the tolerance of your sea of consciousness, it will result in a backlash.”

The emissary said solemnly.

Chen Chen was very surprised to hear his explanation. Although the Spiritual Void Hall was a cultivation land, it wasn’t meant for helping one increase their cultivation level but rather, it was for the enhancement of one’s divine senses!

He had witnessed clearly the benefits of strong divine senses from Qinglin’s performance!

“Okay, I won’t hold you back any longer. Go in, I’ll wait for you here.”

The emissary pointed at the light door.

Hearing this, Chen Chen cupped his fists and stepped in eagerly.

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