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Chapter 237: Divine Senses Attack

Soon, Zhang Ji was carried in, dead and covered in blood. Even his Nascent Soul was gone.

Chen Chen was really shocked when he saw Zhang Ji’s corpse.

Although he had given Zhang Ji the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique, he didn’t understand the technique well. After all, he was cultivating the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique.

“This… This brother of mine has died twice in battle previously. Is that true?”

Chen Chen’s voice trembled a little. Zhang Ji looked very frightening now.

“The first time he died in battle was a little worse than this, but he somehow came back to life,” the Nascent Soul realm diabolic cultivator answered with a grave expression.

Chen Chen did not ask further questions, but he took out the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique manual from the corner of a certain storage ring. He then started revising it.

After cultivating this Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique, a cultivator below the Essence Soul realm would have a certain chance of being resurrected after dying.

Once he was successfully resurrected, his strength would increase rapidly.

Once a cultivator who cultivated the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique stepped into the Essence Soul realm, a type of immortal substance would emerge within his body. The immortal substance would allow one to condense a new body within a short period of time, or even develop an essence soul.

Hence, one would be able to resurrect with stability.

However, if the immortal substance was depleted, they would never be able to be resurrected after their death.

The mention of the immortal substance made Chen Chen think about the scene when he obtained the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique.

There was a golden downpour that rained down on him.

‘There’s a chance of revival after death? Isn’t that nonsense?’ Chen Chen secretly cursed.

The Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique was different from his Indestructible Body, which was extremely tough and had a strong recovery ability. With the Indestructible Body, it would be difficult for him to die, but the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique would not guarantee that he wouldn’t die!

Hence, Zhang Ji, who was in front of him, was indeed a corpse, and whether he could be resurrected depended on probability. Although Zhang Ji was extremely lucky, he had challenged God’s bottom-line time and time again. God might just punish him and make him die one day.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen had several changes in expression and he hurriedly took out a Spirit Ginseng from his storage ring before squeezing some ginseng juice into Zhang Ji’s mouth.

A dense vitality began to spread from Zhang Ji and even the injured diabolic cultivators nearby started recovering rapidly after absorbing it.

Noticing this scene, the crowd of diabolic cultivators were shocked.

They had never heard of such treasures before, let alone seen one!

‘Has the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan become so rich?’

At the same time, they could not help but be touched, because such treasures were few and rare. Yet, Chen Chen, the cultivator of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, took it out and gave it to Zhang Ji’s corpse without hesitation.

Their brotherhood made them extremely envious.

After about 15 minutes, a ray of golden light suddenly emerged from Zhang Ji’s body and rapidly repaired his injuries.

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Ji leaped up.

Immediately afterwards, his aura surged rapidly, and he reached the late Nascent Soul realm in the blink of an eye.

Chen Chen, who was behind him, suddenly teared up a little when he saw that.

Zhang Ji’s cultivation method was really incredible. Just like him, no one in the human race could replicate him.

It could be called a cultivation method that would drive him to his grave.

With Zhang Ji’s luck, he might be able to defeat the immortal fiend in the future.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen suspected that the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique was especially meant for Zhang Ji.

“Big Brother, when did you arrive? I didn’t get to receive you in time!”

Zhang Ji glanced around and noticed Chen Chen. Immediately afterwards, he looked overjoyed.

Chen Chen looked at him and answered, “I just arrived a while ago… Try not to do such a dangerous thing again in the future.”

Hearing this, Zhang Ji felt a little embarrassed and he shook his head before saying, “Big Brother, I didn’t want to die either, but the opponent was too impressive. I didn’t have the chance to escape and I got killed.”

Chen Chen had no choice but to remain silent. After a long time, he finally took a deep breath and calmed down.

‘Perhaps God gave Zhang Ji a chance to be resurrected because he didn’t try to die on purpose.’

Fate and destiny were too complicated, and Chen Chen didn’t want to study it in detail.

“What is the situation on the battlefield today?”

At the mention of the battlefield, Zhang Ji immediately had a change in expression as he said in a deep voice, “Big Brother, the situation ahead is very urgent now. I have to go help Master immediately.”

Seeing that Zhang Ji had turned around and was about to leave, Chen Chen followed him quietly.

“Big Brother… You…”

“I came to this battlefield to sharpen my skills,” Chen Chen said with a smile.

Zhang Ji did not say any more pretentious words because that would be too formal given how close they were.

Minutes passed.

Zhang Ji then brought Chen Chen to the front line of the battlefield.

It was a large mountain that was shrouded in miasma and there were aftershocks of a battle everywhere.

Chen Chen tried to detect it with his divine senses and roughly understood the situation of the battle.

The Seven Lethal Demon Clan was at a small disadvantage, but the demons were not necessarily going to win.

Such a situation was a test of willpower.

The majority of diabolic cultivators were ruthless and had strong willpower, but this time, their opponents were also extremely vicious. When they saw that the situation was amiss, they immediately killed themselves.

Such battle intent was far from what those random underlings of Lao Hei’s could compare to. They were very likely to be the elite descendants of the eight major demon clans.

Zhang Ji immediately fought with a Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator when he saw that.

On the other hand, Chen Chen secretly scanned the battlefield, soon seeing one of the weakest Core Formation realm demonic cultivators.

The Divine Condensation Pearl was rotating slightly in his head, and soon, divine senses darted out and blasted at the Core Formation realm demonic cultivator.

The Core Formation realm demonic cultivator suddenly stopped, and soon it fell from the sky quietly.

“He managed to kill the demons without getting discovered. That’s quite impressive,” Chen Chen exclaimed in shock and looked at another Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator.

Before he could attack with his divine senses, a demonic cultivator in the distance suddenly self-destructed and sent the Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator flying by several meters.

Looking at the intense scene going on in the battlefield, Chen Chen’s expression changed slightly, and he gritted his teeth while summoning Green Bean from the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Qinglin naturally followed behind Green Bean like a loyal servant.

Facing the tragic battlefield, she remained calm. All she cared about was Green Bean.

Chen Chen thought about it, but in the end, he still did not have the heart to ask her for help.

He was indeed displeased with how arrogant and snobbish she looked all the time. It would be too embarrassing for him to beg her.

After a moment of silence, Chen Chen deliberately said, “These demons… Have really strong divine senses.”

He then glared at a Core Formation realm demonic cultivator, causing it to die immediately.

After killing the Core Formation realm demonic cultivator, Chen Chen glared at Qinglin provocatively.

When Qinglin noticed Chen Chen’s eyes, the corners of her mouth curled into a smile that seemed derisive. Her green eyes then suddenly flickered.

Before the four Core Formation realm demonic cultivators could react, their heads exploded.

“Wow… Impressive!”

Chen Chen was shocked, but his expression was disdainful.

After a moment of hesitation, he looked at a Nascent Soul realm diabolic cultivator in the distance.

The Divine Condensation Pearl was a supreme treasure. If he still couldn’t kill a cultivator of the same level with that treasure, all his efforts in the past month or so would have gone to waste.

With that thought in mind, Chen Chen glared at the Nascent Soul realm cultivator.

The body of that Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator stiffened immediately as his gaze became dim before falling onto the ground.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen breathed a sigh of relief.

‘The Divine Condensation Pearl didn’t let me down after all!’

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Before he could continue to provoke Qinglin, a few Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivators died on the spot as their skulls exploded.


Chen Chen was not only shocked deep down, his emotions were written clearly on his face too.

At the same time, he also looked at Qinglin in disbelief, feeding her massive ego.

“Hmph! It’s because you haven’t seen much of this world.”

Qinglin humphed in disdain and emitted rays of light from her eyes. Various demonic cultivators of different cultivation levels began falling down from the sky.

The situation on the battlefield changed abruptly and the diabolic cultivators were dumbfounded because they couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“It was that woman who did it! She can attack with divine sense!” a demonic cultivator yelled furiously from afar. Immediately afterwards, an Essence Soul realm demonic cultivator flew towards Chen Chen whilst exuding a terrifying aura.

Seeing this, Chen Chen quietly carried Green Bean with him and hid while putting aside the matter of training.

Qinglin saw the Essence Soul realm demonic cultivator too. Her eyes lit up like a lamp.

The Essence Soul realm demonic cultivator had a look of agony, but he was still charging forward. By the time he was less than ten meters away from Qinglin, he gradually slowed down.

“Where did that wretched woman come from!?! Die!” Under severe pain, the Essence Soul realm diabolic cultivator roared ferociously and tried to claw at Qinglin. “Die!”

Looking at the claw that was about to reach her, Qinglin hollered without evading it.

The claw came to a screeching halt less than ten centimeters in front of her.

“Demons that live on land are so weak and fragile.”

Looking at the immobile Essence Soul realm demon in front of her, Qinglin humphed coldly and reached out to give it a gentle push, after which it collapsed and lay helplessly on the ground while its essence soul perished.

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