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Chapter 236: Cheated Me Out Of My Feelings

“How is the Boundless Sea?”

Upon returning to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, Chen Chen walked towards Yu Qiong who was smiling very gently for some reason.

Chen Chen secretly kept his guard up, thinking to himself that she probably wasn’t harboring any kindly intentions.

Thinking of this, he put a bitter smile on his face to make himself appear like he had experienced endless hardships and overcome many ordeals.

“The world is cold, and there are evil people everywhere. People like me who have not seen much of the world tend to lose out. Master, you have no idea how I almost got cheated by a few Foundation Establishment realm cultivators.”

Hearing his words, Yu Qiong soon smiled concernedly.

“Good that you’re back. Once bitten, twice shy. As long as you’re not dead, suffering more losses will do you good.”

Chen Chen nodded silently. ‘Yu Qiong is strangely understanding today. It’s getting overboard.’

“What did you gain during this trip?”

At the mention of this, Yu Qiong started staring at him.

Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Knowing that things had come to a critical point, his smile immediately became gentle.

“I did gain a little something.”

Of course, Chen Chen wouldn’t tell Yu Qiong that he had found the Divine Condensation Pearl too.

No matter what, he would have to use the treasure for a while before he could give it to her. Anyway, he was a disciple of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, and he would give back to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan anyway.

Hearing this, Yu Qiong immediately became extremely excited, and she began blushing a little too.

“Have you seen the Green Spirit Algae?”

She knew that Chen Chen could sense the treasures contained in the box that had isolated her divine senses previously. Hence, logically speaking, he should also be able to sense the treasures in the Boundless Sea.

Hence, she knew it wouldn’t be difficult for him to find the treasure that she wanted.

“I found it.” Chen Chen was straightforward, and his tone was somewhat ambiguous.

Without saying another word, Yu Qiong stuffed three storage rings into Chen Chen’s hand. She was just as generous as she was when Chen Chen asked her to save Zhang Ji back then.


Chen Chen was no longer the same as he used to be. He no longer coveted these treasures.

“Master, are you going to refine that elixir for the sake of transcending the Void Refinement tribulation?”

Chen Chen did not accept the three storage rings, and instead, began to ask about the elixir again.

Yu Qiong’s cultivation level was at the peak of the Essence Soul realm. Apart from the tribulation, Chen Chen couldn’t think of a better reason for Yu Qiong to pay such a huge price to refine that elixir.

Hearing this, Yu Qiong’s expression changed, and she nodded earnestly.

“With a sufficient amount of Green Spirit Algae, I’ll be able to refine three of those elixirs… If you can truly provide me with the Green Spirit Algae, I can give you one of the three elixirs when the time comes.”

Yu Qiong understood what Chen Chen meant, so she didn’t beat around the bush.

Chen Chen glanced at Yu Qiong suspiciously, but when he saw the sincerity in her eyes, he decided to trust her this once.

After a moment of hesitation, he took out a handful of shiny Green Spirit Algae.

According to the system identification, the Green Spirit Algae was 500,000 years old.

Of course, it was not the most precious Green Spirit Algae in his storage ring, but it was enough for Yu Qiong. When it comes to items with medicinal properties, one that was too old might not be compatible with other medicinal herbs.

As soon as Chen Chen took out the Green Spirit Algae, Yu Qiong grabbed it before he could react.

Looking at the Green Spirit Algae in her hand, Yu Qiong guffawed excitedly with no regard for her image.

Chen Chen was a little ashamed.

‘I’m too softhearted. Yu Qiong looks so crazily obsessed, I should be able to get something better from her.’

Unfortunately, he was such a soft-hearted person.

“Disciple, I’m going to go refine pills now, and I’ll be staying in a recluse for a month. You may go do whatever you want.”

After laughing, Yu Qiong’s expression became serious again. Chen Chen could not help but shudder when she called him ‘disciple’.

After saying this, Yu Qiong vanished before Chen Chen even answered.

‘Master is going to spend a month refining pills.’

Chen Chen naturally wouldn’t wait foolishly in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan for a month.

When Chen Chen returned to his residence, he saw that Yuan Qingtian was still cultivating in a recluse, so he decided not to disturb him and instead, took out a communication token to contact Zhang Ji.

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord had gone to the states of Qi and Wei for more than a month. Logically speaking, he should have already defeated the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor and Berserk Lion Demon Emperor.

If the war had been settled, there would be no need for him to go to Qi and Wei.

However, that was not the case.

Zhang Ji took a long time to reply.

“Big Brother, the demons will not sit back and watch the Crimson Fox Demon General and the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor fall. Half a month ago, the demons transferred my master’s old rival over from the Southern Border.”

Zhang Ji did not say anything else, but Chen Chen could imagine it.

A demon who could fight the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord had suddenly emerged, and given that it had the support of the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor and the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor, it was indeed very difficult for the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord to have survived till now.

Without saying any pretentious things, Chen Chen began to pack up.

Now, he still wasn’t strong enough to conquer the State of Jin yet. Hence, he thought that he might as well go to the battlefield at Qi and Wei to hone his skills.

By the time he arrived at Qi and Wei, he would have the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord to preside over the battle, so he wouldn’t need to rack his brains.

It was quite a good thing to be able to be a quiet fighter too. Besides, he hadn’t tried attacking using the Divine Condensation Pearl yet either. Hence, he had to find a place to try it, no matter what.

Before leaving, Chen Chen checked on Yuan Qingtian who had devoted all his time and energy to cultivating.

He sighed. ‘I wonder how the relationship between this kid and Senior Sister Zhou Shu is blossoming. But they seem to be doing well.’

‘As the saying goes, women are the best motivation for men. If their relationship is not progressing well, must he work so hard?’

‘Unfortunately, this kid lacks talent!’

After thinking about it, Chen Chen silently left the treasures behind and turned around to leave.

Just half a day after arriving at the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, Chen Chen left in a hurry.

The Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan did not react much to this. At the end of the day, his position in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan was still too low and almost nonexistent.

Compared to the Haoran Sword Clan, his status in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan was probably comparable to that of Xia Xishuang’s maid, Xiao He.

“The Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan lacks a discerning eye for discovering beauty.”

Chen Chen said with a rueful sigh then he flew.

Now that the battle between Qi and Wei was the focus of the two clans, he had to increase his fame and presence there.

However, after entering the territory of Qi and Wei, he dropped those messy thoughts.

The scenery on this territory was too tragic, especially the eerie bones and corpses that could be seen everywhere, which made his heart extremely heavy.

A few moments later…

Chen Chen found the Seven Lethal Demon Clan according to the hint that Zhang Ji had given him previously.

The entire camp was wrapped in an array, so the situation inside could not be seen clearly.

Seeing this, Chen Chen took out his identity token and said loudly, “I’m Chen Chen of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, and I’m here to help out in the battle.”

Soon after the voice spread, a small crevice appeared in the array.

Chen Chen hurriedly went inside.

The scene inside was quite tragic like there were injured demon cultivators everywhere.

The diabolic cultivators were just randomly sitting cross-legged on the land with ashen faces. They seemed to have suffered internal injuries and were meditating to recover.

Some had broken limbs and were bleeding profusely. Their blood spread across more than two meters. They were using some mortal methods to stop the bleeding because they had truly run out of elixirs.

Even so, the diabolic cultivators still seemed rather indifferent like they weren’t feeling any pain at all.

Compared to the State of Zhou Demon Clan, the diabolic cultivators of the Seven Lethal Demon Clan were even more ruthless.

When Chen Chen looked at them, a Nascent Soul realm cultivator slowly walked towards him.

“The Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan did not inform us that a cultivator would come to support us, what is the purpose of your coming here?”

The diabolic cultivator sounded hostile, seemingly a little wary.

However, Chen Chen didn’t care because he was seriously injured, and although he seemed to be fine, he was truly forcing himself to hang on.

If Chen Chen wasn’t alone, he probably wouldn’t have allowed Chen Chen to enter.

“Zhang Ji is my sworn brother, and I’m here to help as an individual. I’m not representing the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.”

Chen Chen said calmly.

Hearing this, the diabolic cultivator’s expression became much more mellow, and he said with a bitter smile, “Thank you, Your Excellency, it’s a pity that we no longer have any materials for refining elixirs. I doubt you can be of any help to us here.”

Chen Chen shook his head with a very serious expression. “I’m not here to refine elixirs, I’m here to fight.”

The surrounding diabolic cultivators who were healing subconsciously looked at Chen Chen with bewildered gazes.

It was rare for an alchemist from the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan to provide aid for them, especially since they were diabolic cultivators who were best at fighting.

‘Has the human race reached the point of needing alchemists to fight?’

Chen Chen ignored the strange gazes of the crowd and looked deeper into the camp ground. He asked, “Is Zhang Ji not here?”

“The Demon Lord and Senior Brother Zhang Ji are fighting with the demons at the front line…”

The Nascent Soul realm diabolic cultivator smiled sarcastically as if he was ashamed to be staying in the camp.

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud hollering from outside the camp ground.

“Quickly, let me in! Senior Brother Zhang has died in battle!”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen turned pale. His body trembled vigorously while feeling a vague pain in his heart. His tears flowed down his cheeks uncontrollably.

At the same, an unparalleled sense of self-reproach surged in his head!

‘Brother, I’m late…’

The surrounding diabolic cultivators didn’t have much of an expression, and it was like they didn’t care.

That made Chen Chen feel more and more miserable.

“Senior Brother Zhang has died in the battle again…”

“How many times has it been?”

“About three?”

The few diabolic cultivators at the side began whispering while Chen Chen’s miserable expression stiffened.

‘Damn it, he cheated me out of my feelings!’

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