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Chapter 226: Lacking Only One Element

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen felt relieved.

Fortunately, it was still within this realm. However, he didn’t know how the treasure of that Void Refinement realm expert lost the treasure there.

If he went more than 150,000 kilometers east from the Eastern Border, he would reach the Boundless Sea.

As the name implied, the Boundless Sea was endless, and the countless areas of the sea were larger than the territories of the human race and demons.

There were few human cultivators in the land near the sea and some scattered islands. However, the further depths of the sea were the complete ocean.

It was the territory of the underwater demons.

Rumor had it that some extremely old demons had lived for tens of thousands of years and were massive in size. They would remain dormant and stationary for thousands of years. Once they moved, there would be tsunamis and destructive disasters that would make the earth crumble.

Chen Chen suspected that the delicious mussel was an old demon.

Those monsters had terrifying strength, and most cultivators normally wouldn’t dare to dive deep into the Boundless Sea.

Hence, the underwater demons had no interest in the mainland and would hibernate in the sea all year round, completely isolating themselves from those on land.

Chen Chen pondered quietly for a moment.

‘More than 150,000 kilometers to the east… That should be the deep waters of the sea.’

‘Since it’s deep in the sea, it means that the Divine Condensation Pearl hasn’t landed in the hands of a certain cultivator.’

Of course, if it was in the belly of some great underwater demon, or in a place where even Void Refinement realm cultivators could not escape, Chen Chen could forget about it too.

Regardless, however, he had to go take a look at the situation, or he would never be willing to accept it.

Yu Qiong chided in disdain. “Kid, what are you thinking about? Are you coveting these treasures? I suggest that you save and devote your energy to cultivation. If you had done so, you would have had a breakthrough by now.”

She seemed to have guessed what Chen Chen was thinking.

Chen Chen nodded distractedly without retorting.

However, in his opinion, treasure hunting was equivalent to cultivation.

‘What do these mortals know?’

Chen Chen returned to his residence and began planning a trip to the Boundless Sea.

The Boundless Sea was incredibly dangerous, and he couldn’t possibly lose his life for the sake of obtaining the Divine Condensation Pearl. No matter how precious it may be, his life was more precious.

“I just don’t know if there’s a treasure like the Water-Repelling Pearl.”

In his previous life, Chen Chen read many myths and legends, in which treasures that could allow one to move in the water like they were walking on land, such as the Water-Repelling Pearl, were often mentioned. Hence, he naturally thought about it.

Of course, he was just thinking about it. He spent most of his time checking the various books about the Boundless Sea, as well as some travelogues written by some predecessors who had gone to the Boundless Sea before.


He saw a piece of information that made his eyes light up with excitement.

It was a biography left behind by a senior of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan 800 years ago, in which a certain dangerous encounter was mentioned.

“That day, I encountered a vicious turtle which seemed to be of the Black Tortoise bloodline. It was superb at controlling water. My cultivation level is much higher than it, but it’s an overlord of the sea. It roared once and a group of sea demons was awakened. I had no choice but to flee quickly. It took me three days and nights to escape.”

It was just a short paragraph, but it was a complementing hint to Chen Chen.

The Northern Black Tortoise was one of the Four Great Divine Beasts and the strongest marine Divine Beast in the world. They were rumored to have been born in the sea of the Northern Underworld and possessed the best water-controlling abilities in the world.

‘It happens when I have Green Bean.’

Thinking of this, Chen Chen was almost moved to tears.

Although Green Bean was still small and looked similar to a tortoise, it was genuinely a Divine Beast.

Chen Chen used to secretly dislike Green Bean for not being as appealing as the Green Dragon, White Tiger, or Vermilion Bird, but he gradually changed his mind about Green Bean after learning that it can break arrays.


Green Bean beats the power utilities of the Green Dragon, White Tiger, or Vermilion Bird, his intelligence so deduced.

The subtle abilities that were latent beneath its naive and wimpy appearance were extremely suitable for Chen Chen.

With that thought, Chen Chen immediately notified Yuan Qingtian, who was still in the State of Jin, to bring Green Bean on his return from Lao Hei. He decided that he would leave Lao Hei under the protection of the Dark Guards for the time being.

He couldn’t bring the Dark Guards with him to the Boundless Sea.

The next day.

Yu Qiong personally asked Chen Chen to accompany her to the summit of the mountain, which wrought her other disciples green with envy.

Although Chen Chen had only joined the clan for a short period, he had elicited Yu Qiong’s favor.

In short, Yu Qiong had never brought any disciple to the peak with her before.

Seeing how envious his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters were, Chen Chen comforted them.

After all, they had been studying the Ancient Pill Formula in the past few days and helping him refine some elixirs.

He could understand why Yu Qiong chose not to take any of them with her.

It was because they were too gullible and embarrassing.

In terms of appearance, he was much more handsome than the eight of them. In terms of wit, they were probably inferior to him assuming eighty of them brainstormed together.

If Chen Chen was in Yu Qiong’s place and had taken in such disciples, he’d be too embarrassed to take them out.

“Once we reach the summit of the mountain, don’t show off your acting skills. Remember to use the Yin-Yang Jade, do you understand?”

Yu Qiong asked calmly along the way to the summit of the mountain.

“Don’t worry, Master, I know what to do,” Chen Chen said with a similarly calm expression.

It’s just a trivial matter that wasn’t worth getting worried about.

When they reached the summit, they saw Elder Dongfang and a few other old men who were beaming radiantly, including Elder Ouyang who had been defeated previously. Elder Ouyang seemed to be bent on getting back at Yu Qiong for what she had done previously.

“Disciple-Niece Yu, I heard that you and Senior Brother Dongfang are going to bet on treasures. You don’t mind taking us along, right?”

Elder Ouyang smiled and seemed to be extremely confident.

When Yu Qiong saw their expressions, she already had a rough idea in her heart and quietly turned her treasures into more precious ones. She then smiled and said, “Since you guys are interested, I naturally won’t refute, Uncle-Masters. However, I don’t have many treasures to offer, please be kind to me…”

“Hahaha! That’s for sure! How can we possibly bully those who are younger?”

The few old men smiled, but their expressions were cunning.

Two hours passed.

The smiles on their faces vanished, and their slyness turned into confusion and despair.

Yu Qiong still appeared as indifferent as usual.

Seeing that Elder Dongfang was removing his robe, which was a treasure, Yu Qiong stopped him. “Elder Dongfang, do you really have to do this? It’s just a bet, how about I give you those heavenly treasures you want?”

“No…you don’t have to.”

Elder Dongfang’s face was unusually flushed, which was strangely common among gamblers who had lost all their money.

He initially wanted to refine a cauldron of Divine Elixirs, but he fell wanting of a certain type of herb, which Yu Qiong happened to possess. Hence, he decided to bet with her.

However, now that he had already lost all the other medicinal herbs that he originally collected and saved, he no longer falls short of anything

“Disciple-Niece, why are you so lucky!?”

Elder Ouyang asked with some confusion.

“Hah, maybe it’s because of this disciple I’ve taken under my tutelage. He’s barely capable, but he’s lucky. He’s like my lucky charm when I bring him around.”

Yu Qiong explained.

‘Hey! You’re the incapable one!’

Chen Chen secretly cursed.

‘Lucky charm? That’s Zhang Ji’s job, not mine. What does it have to do with me? I’m your accomplice in cheating!’

“Uncle-Masters, you guys weren’t lucky enough today, you shouldn’t continue gambling, or else you might hurt your tendons. I’ll leave now. Goodbye.”

After saying that, Yu Qiong slowly brought Chen Chen down the mountain.

The few elders merely smiled awkwardly when they saw this.

They would have died!

On the way down the mountain, there were no outsiders, so Yu Qiong lowered her status and laughed in a carefree manner.

After laughing, she didn’t forget to give Chen Chen a warning.

“Remember not to breathe a word about me laughing.”

While Yu Qiong was still in a good mood, Chen Chen hurriedly said, “Master, I want to go to the Boundless Sea…”

“What for? Do you want to find that Divine Condensation Pearl?”

Yu Qiong’s laughter stopped abruptly, and her expression became dangerous too.

Chen Chen had a sincere expression on his face.

“Master, that last heavenly treasure that went missing should also be from the Boundless Sea, right? I want to go there and find it for you, only then can I repay your kindness to me, Master.”

“Do you think I believe you?” Yu Qiong said with a smirk. She seemed to be saying to Chen Chen: “You think I don’t know you well enough?”

Hearing her words, Chen Chen’s tone turned slightly conceited, and he spoke compellingly.

“I’m sure you know that I’m very sensitive to treasures. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have so many assets… Rumor has it that there are many treasures within the Boundless Sea, maybe I can find some for you. Remember, you’re missing one treasure for the refinement of your elixir!”

Hearing this, Yu Qiong grabbed Chen Chen’s hand with a gleaming gaze.

“Chen Chen, do you want to go to the Boundless Sea?”


“Okay, I’ll believe you just this once. Here’s a storage ring for you. Remember, don’t be too greedy, return immediately if you encounter any danger. Don’t put on a strong front.”

As Yu Qiong spoke, she placed the storage ring onto Chen Chen’s hand.

Chen Chen sensed it carefully and realized that it contained treasures that could be used in the Boundless Sea. There wasn’t any Water-Repelling Pearl, but there was a Water-Repelling Mask.

Yu Qiong had plans of delving into the Boundless Sea, but she hadn’t pushed through with her plan yet.

“Don’t worry, Master, I won’t escape with your items.”

Chen Chen chuckled and put away the storage ring.

Now, he just had to wait for Yuan Qingtian to bring Green Bean over, and he would be able to try delving into that unknown sea.

However, he wondered if he could successfully find that Divine Condensation Pearl, which had been lost for thousands of years.

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